Vince – Adopted 10/11/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Vince!

MEET VINCE. Vince is an 8 month old boy who is timid and sweet. He must have had a rough start to life since he came to us covered in fleas and ticks and full of worms. He’s slowly learning to live the good life and we’re making sure to spoil him with lots of love and treats. We’re already seeing this sweet guy gain confidence, and we can’t wait to watch him find his forever home where he can continue to blossom.

More info to come soon.

Watch Vince here: VInce1

Foster update 09/24: We have been fostering Vince for several days now and we are pleased to report he is doing well! When we picked him up, he was very nervous and didn’t even want to move. Now Vince is coming out of his shell and starting to show us his true personality. He is super sweet and loves other dogs! He enjoys chasing them and being chased around the yard and never passes up a good game of tug. He was hesitant at first when we tried to show him affection but now loves it. He also loves to nap  He has only had one accident in the house and although he doesn’t love going in the crate, he does very well in it.