Larry – Adopted 10/24/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Larry!



MEET LARRY! Larry was rescue with his brother Moe and they are probably around a year old.  More info to come soon.  Thanks to Miss Taylor for giving them their freedom ride

Dear LFS,

Larry checking in for the week. I’ve been busy training my hoomans to get into the fall spirit.  The crisp air has me prancing on walks- it gets the hoomans to go faster.

So about these costumes I was telling you about. I’ve surrendered to the idea of dressing up- Mainly because my colleagues Max and Ruby are still enduring this ridiculousness, and their costumes are far more humiliating. Look at those derpy faces. I think they like it. Gosh, I hope no one from my days on the run recognizes me. Please DO NOT let Moe know about this.

Anyways, which do you think suits me better? A roaring handsome king? Or a one-shot killer scorpion? Foster Mom squeezed me into a Care Bear baby outfit (keep this pic for the files).  How humiliating.

Also, I’ve made progress on making new friends. I needed get away and find some time away from my colleagues. I went to the local park for happy hour. It was great to take a break from all my worries. Turns out there was another Larry and a hooman Larry.  A bunch of girls showed up and it turned into yappy hour, but they were really glad that I came. It was great to go where everybody knows my name.



Larry sit and High five .  Proud of this boy. He’s a good listener.



Dear LFS,

Your boy Larry checking in.

Weekend shenanigans all up in this house. This is one busy family you have me caring for. 
1) Boy did I get taken for a ride Friday night. I was told we’d go someplace fun. They took me to this big indoor place with all the smells good and not so flavorful.  They call this PetSmart. It had cookies, it had toys, it had birds and humans and fish. It was magical until foster mom found dress up clothes…for me.  She dressed me as a clown, a scorpion, a bear. (Pictures forthcoming. I’d like to report this for my files).
2)Then Saturday foster family watched and yelled at had this picture on the wall with small moving humans zigzagging like  Chihuahuas on a leash. Foster family barked  a lot. I think they’re becoming dogs- maybe you can help them too. 
3) My foster family keeps me busy with what feels like a fools errand.  They throw this  round bouncy thing that feels like slobber and tastes like mouth. I fetch this thing they keep calling a “Larry get the ball”  but it never ends. It. Never. Ends. 
I taught them to stop by walking away and laying down with it. If I pretend like I’m sleeping they don’t bother me, but 99% of the time I actually fall asleep. 
All in all I’m having a good time. I walk the humans, I take them outside for fresh air when I need to do my business, and when I eat they eat.

Foster update 10/09/2021: Mr Larry listening to his foster dad whistling.We think he is trying to figure out what song he is whistling. 


Larry update from foster for the right family: He could go either way with having another animal in the house or being solo. He likes his solo snuggle time. And he plays well with the other dogs. We took him to the dog park and he’s a social butterfly. He mingles really well. He has gotten more jumpy in his greeting with us. We’re teaching him not to do that. Definitely a lab!  He probably wouldn’t be good with toddlers and babies right now, but definitely could do well with school age kids who could play with him. He’s not had an accident in the house. He is doing well in the crate. Sleeps through the night. All the benefits of not being a young puppy.