BIB2 – A National Adoption Event for Black Dogs & Cats

Labrador Friends of the South is changing the future for homeless pets in black during national ‘Back in Black 2’ adoption promotion  Supported by Best Friends Animal Society® (Southeast USA)(MAY 1, 2012) ─  Who are they? They are the dogs and cats in black. What is their mission? To find their forever home. Black cats and

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[VIDEO]Unparalleled Loyalty – The Black Lab that would not leave.

It is not hard to question the loyalty of dogs. As Lab owners, it is not hard to recognize the unparalleled loyalty of Labrador Retrievers. Loyal Black Lab Braves Traffic to Stay By Fatally Wounded Friend’s Side  After her canine companion was run over by a car on Hacienda Boulevard in La Puente, California, a 2-year-old black Lab braved oncoming

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One + One = Four

What did I learn this month?  That sometime 1+1 does not equal 2.  Rita is a great one year old lab who is sweet and just need to learn some manner.  She was my foster.  Kiara is a 10 months old who is working on her training.  Neither one is submissive nor dominant.   On

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Listen, Learn, Snuggle

As part of our mission we like to go around town to educate kids about ethical treatment of animals and safety around dogs.   The helper this year was Rex, adopted from LFS a few years ago. The mission was to impress the students at Heards Ferry Elementary School during Career Day (it is not easy

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All About Fostering

This will be a regular session of this blog in which our fosters will share their experience. If you have fostered for us and would like to let people know your experience send me an email. This is to thank you all of you who are fostering for us: without you we will not exist.

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[ARTICLE] Benefits of Owning or Working with Animals

If you have missed the NPR story on the benefits of owning or working with animals, here you have another chance. We all know already but it is good to have science give us a reason to snuggle some more with our labs! You can read more here: Benefits of Owning or Working with Animals

Cold but Warm

It was very windy on Saturday and we were all freezing, but when the right couple comes around and falls in love with a great dog, your heart gets warm no matter how cold it is! Come to adoption with an open heart, search for the right personality rather than the right look, leave any

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Adoption Day – Saturday, February 25th

Everyone is welcome to come and hang out. The LFS Labbies would love it if you would  come and spend a few hours with them.  They promise to give plenty of lab kisses and  some puppy love from one of the cereal puppies! CLICK ON LINK FOR MORE DETAILS

Valentines Day Love with the Cereal Puppies

Give something special and sweet for Valentine to someone you love. Sponsor one of the cereal puppies for them. Pick a puppy, donate $25 to sponsor your puppy and tell us who to send the note stating that a sweet puppy is being sponsored in their name for Valentine’s day. This present will be a

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Sit, Stay.

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has decided to change sponsor because Pedigree’s commercials about shelter dogs are too serious for their broadcast.  What I like about the Pedigree ads is that they don’t portray shelter dogs as victims, but as unique individuals. Their tag line, “Don’t pity a shelter dog. Adopt one” is one

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