Meet Coco!

This beautiful chocolate girl is around 8 years old (she will be 9 on January 6th). Coco was rescued from a shelter after she was found in the woods with her left front leg damaged beyond repair. It was causing her a great deal of pain, so we chose to amputate it and give Coco the best possible quality of life. Since then, Coco has done fantastic on 3 legs, and it’s like she doesn’t even miss it!

Coco is ready to find her new forever home. She was adopted in January but due to COVID, Coco’s home situation changed and sadly they were no longer able to keep her.  She needs to be in a home with only adults.

She loves meeting new people and getting belly rubs. Due to her age and arthritis, sometimes pets can be too much so minimal pets from strangers is best.

Coco would do best in a home where she can just lay around on the couch, bed or a big comfy doggie bed all day. She loves hanging out in our volunteers office while she works sleeping and chewing on bones. She would do best in a 1 story home, where daily stairs wouldn’t be an issue. She is on arthritis meds and will need to continue those the rest of her life to help her joints move as the should.

Coco MUST be the only animal in the household. She does not like to share her space or her humans with other animals. She does not like to socialize with other animals either. Just humans at all times for Ms. Coco!

This smiley, tail wagging, 3 legged girl can get around just like any other dog. She would also do best with an owner that has time to invest in her and lets her know the rules, and she will return the love forever. She loves to snuggle and just be with her human all day long no matter what you are doing. Coco is amazingly smart and will do anything for praise, love or treats.


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Happy 9th Birthday to our Coco!

She celebrated another birthday waiting for a foster or forever home. Coco doesn’t understand why no one has stepped up to foster or adopt her, and we don’t either!  Coco just wants to be the only animal in your life! She wants all of the attention on her, always.

She came to us January 2019 after roaming Athens for months. When Lab Friends saw her sweet sad face, we knew we had to help her! Her front leg was broken beyond repair at one point so we made the decision to amputate her leg to help relieve her from the pain.
Coco was adopted prior to COVID, but her mom needed to move in with another dogs, and that just doesn’t work for Ms. Coco.

Coco is a silly girl who loves attention from adults and just wants to hang out with you always. Whether that be watching you work, watching TV together or running errands.

Coco does not like any other dogs, cats or small animals. She NEEDS to remain the only one in your life. We don’t know what she went though being abandoned in the woods for so long, so we make sure we respect her boundaries.

She loves walks, but short ones due to her age, and 3 legs. She LOVES treats and looking adorable begging for any food you may drop.

Her Birthday wish this year is to finally find her forever home and not have to be returned to LFS for circumstances beyond her control.

It is our 2022 mission to get this amazing girl into a foster home or forever home!

Foster update 11/17/21

Our volunteers that can’t foster help out in different ways.  Like with Miss Coco.  Miss Coco has to be an only dog.  So volunteer Jessica had her hang out in her office yesterday.  Hanging out with my in my office all day. Loving Life.

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Miss Coco’s day out.

Thank you to volunteer Ms Jessica for giving Miss Coco a day trip out. She loved sniffing everything and was very concerned when baby Brayden started crying.


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#Crazy4Coco #labradorfriends #labradorfriendscoco




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