01/06/13-8/10/22 – Today Lab Friends and our loving veterinary team had to say goodbye to our special girl, Miss Coco. Coco had been battling arthritis for the last 2 years, and given that she is 3 legged, it progressed much faster than we expected. Sadly, in the last couple of weeks, Coco’s mobility declined greatly despite treatment, and she was no longer able to get around very well. Thus, today we made the very difficult decision to end her pain and allow her to be at peace. Coco was definitely an eccentric girl, but despite her quirks, she touched the lives of all who had the pleasure to know her. All she wanted was to be by your side, keep you company, enjoy a bone, and get some lovin. She loved snacks, and we made sure she got to enjoy a juicy steak and some chocolate before she left us. Please say a prayer and keep the volunteers of LFS and the staff at Sugar Hill AH in your thoughts as we grieve the loss of our beloved girl.
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