LFS Sea Bags – Tote Bag with Labs & LFS Logo


A genuine Sea Bag with the LFS logo.  Premium quality and craftsmanship using recycled authentic sails result in a timeless and durable tote.

Every Sea Bags item is stamped with the registered Sea Bags logo and comes with an authentic hangtag made from our recycled sail.

The key to every Sea Bags item is the sail material used to make them, collected from sailing communities found all over the world. The bags are manufactured with real sails that have been sailed. Because of this, these items may show signs of hard-sailing in the form of rust, salt, or stains. This results in every Sea Bags item being unique with a lot of character.

Because real sails are used, no two bags will be exactly the same. To preserve the character of the sail, appliqués are rarely perfectly centered and individual bags may vary an inch or so in dimension.  Strict quality guidelines are used.

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