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Baylor – Adopted 02/12/2017

Happy Gotcha Day Baylor! MEET BAYLOR!!! Baylor arrived last week from one of our rescue partners in south GA. Sadly, he had been tied outside and unattended for quite a long time. Even though he hasn’t been treated very well, he is an absolute sweetheart that just wants some attention and love. Baylor is about

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Izzie – Adopted 11/24/2013

Happy Gotcha Day sweet Izzie –   We would like to introduce you to Izzie a 4 year old female lab who lives up to her breed. She is good with other dogs and loves to play ball. She is well mannered around the home, house trained and quiet. She is a smart girl and knows how to

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What’s Small, Sugar Free, & Deadly to your Lab?

Yesterday I received some very sad news that prompted me to remind everyone of the dangers hiding in our own home. Most everyone knows not to give chocolate, raisins, or grapes to their pets, but do you know that a common ingredient in sugar free gum can be deadly too?! , a common ingredient in

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Maui – Adopted 5/30/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Maui!! Update: Maui keeps making great improvements. This morning I wanted to take Maui to Settles Bridge Park, which has some large dog pens Maui was *great* socializing with the other dogs and people;   Maui is getting better and better and she is doing great on her socializing.  We went to the dog

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[VIDEO]Unparalleled Loyalty – The Black Lab that would not leave.

It is not hard to question the loyalty of dogs. As Lab owners, it is not hard to recognize the unparalleled loyalty of Labrador Retrievers. Loyal Black Lab Braves Traffic to Stay By Fatally Wounded Friend’s Side  After her canine companion was run over by a car on Hacienda Boulevard in La Puente, California, a 2-year-old black Lab braved oncoming

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Listen, Learn, Snuggle

As part of our mission we like to go around town to educate kids about ethical treatment of animals and safety around dogs.   The helper this year was Rex, adopted from LFS a few years ago. The mission was to impress the students at Heards Ferry Elementary School during Career Day (it is not easy

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[ARTICLE] Benefits of Owning or Working with Animals

If you have missed the NPR story on the benefits of owning or working with animals, here you have another chance. We all know already but it is good to have science give us a reason to snuggle some more with our labs! You can read more here: Benefits of Owning or Working with Animals