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Cowboy – Adopted 3/29/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Cowboy!! Update on Cowboy – just back from a weekend in the mountains, Cowboy has come a long way towards being the perfect family dog. He’s learning to walk on a leash and run with the big dogs. Definitely will do well with other dogs in the house and kids. Very friendly

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Crocket – Adopted 3/24/2012

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, CROCKET!! Update from Crocket’s Foster Mom: Crockett continues to be one of the sweetest dogs I have ever fostered. He absolutely loves to snuggle with his person. This photo illustrates his cuddle time position. His health has improved and his coat looks better by the day. He is so well behaved that he

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Betsy Bell – Adopted 3/21/2012

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, BETSY!! Update from Betsy’s new Forever Home:  Betsy Bell is doing Awesome. She has sniffed every square inch of the house and yard and is so funny! She has gone around the house and yard and found every tennis ball and baseball I think that we own. She puts them in a

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All About Fostering

This will be a regular session of this blog in which our fosters will share their experience. If you have fostered for us and would like to let people know your experience send me an email. This is to thank you all of you who are fostering for us: without you we will not exist.

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Odie – Adopted 3/17/2012

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, ODIE!! Meet Odie. Odie was found roaming the country side and he is only 11 weeks old.  Odie was found with a rubber-band on his tail (someone was probably trying to shorten his tail or make a bad joke). His tail was so infect that it had to be cut off.  So Odie is

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Gracie – Adopted 3/17/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Gracie!! Update:  Gracie is living with a trainer and learning a lot. She is great dog and she is so good that she could be considered to be a therapy dog. Do not let the pictures turn you off. Her coat is very beautiful but hard to take pictures of.  We think

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Wren (Birdie’s Puppy) – Adopted 3/17/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Wren!! Meet Wren. Wren is one of Birdie’s beautiful daughters. She is a sweet and loving puppy. She is very adventurous and fearless. She has an outgoing personality and she already knows what she wants She likes to play tug war with the big guys. Wren is active and loves to explore

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Sudz – Adopted 3/11/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Sudz!! Miss Sudz is a 13 weeks months puppy full of personality. She is fats, happy, playful, stubborn… she is a lab puppy! She is adorable and she would be a great addition for an active family. She basically potty trained, rides well in the car and loves to play with other

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Robin (Miss Birdie’s Puppy) – Adopted 3/10/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Robin!! Update From Robin’s Forever Home:  We are finally home with Robin. She is so stinking cute, playful, and cuddly. That was a long haul back to the Mobile, AL area. But well worth it. What a precious life! All the kids really love her. She will never go bored. Thank you!

Tony – Adopted 3/10/12

Happy Gotcha Day, Tony!! Meet Tony. He is a big handsome boy. He is 5 and half years old and 108 pounds… Did we say he is big?! Tony was turned in to us by his owner who, after having him since puppy, could not take him along to his seniors facility home. We promised

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[ARTICLE] Benefits of Owning or Working with Animals

If you have missed the NPR story on the benefits of owning or working with animals, here you have another chance. We all know already but it is good to have science give us a reason to snuggle some more with our labs! You can read more here: Benefits of Owning or Working with Animals

Key – Adopted 3/4/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Key!!   Update from Key’s Foster Mom:  Key is doing so great! Potty trained and crate trained and just loves to play. He is an active puppy and loves his chewy bones and he is a sweet boy that just loves to give kisses, play with the kids and our other dogs

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Dora (The Explorer) – Adopted 3/4/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Dora!! Update from foster mom: I would just like to add that Dora is such a good girl. She is so friendly! We took her to the ball park and it took me a while to get to my son’s practice because people kept stopping us to pet Dora. Everybody loved her

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Cold but Warm

It was very windy on Saturday and we were all freezing, but when the right couple comes around and falls in love with a great dog, your heart gets warm no matter how cold it is! Come to adoption with an open heart, search for the right personality rather than the right look, leave any

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