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Valentinos – Honey’s pup – Adopted 03/25/2017

Happy Gotcha Day Valentinos! MEET VALENTINOS!! Valentinos is one of Honey’s Valentine Pups. He is 5 weeks old now and will be ready to go to his forever home soon! Doesn’t that face just make your heart melt? Stay tuned as we introduce the rest of the litter shortly! If you are interested in adopting one of Honey’s

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Koda – Adopted 12/28/2016

Happy Gotcha Day Koda! MEET KODA!! This absolutely gorgeous boy is an 8 month old purebred chocolate lab. He has the most beautiful dark chocolate coat color and bright golden eyes. Koda was an owner surrender to LFS after his previous family unfortunately could no longer care for him. Koda is a happy-go-lucky boy with

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Red Hal – Adopted 05/14/2016

Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Hal! HAL UPDATE 04/25: Handsome Hal is ready for his forever home. He did great at adoption and loved being out in the sun and being loved on by everyone who stopped by to see him. He’s doing well but starting to deteriorate in boarding. He is kennel trained, but we’re

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Big Cocoa – Adopted 06/15/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Big Cocoa! Meet BIG COCOA! This sweet 14 month old boy is super sweet and has basic obedience training. He is great with other dogs but is large and may knock over small children without meaning to. He is such a sweetie! Great with other dogs.  

Ajax – Adopted 2/9/2013

Happy Gotcha Day Ajax.   Meet Ajax. He is 18 months old and was found roaming the streets alone. He is fun, gets along great with other dogs and he even likes cats. He was probably never in a home so he need to learn some house manners but they usually learn quickly at this

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Lady & the Holiday Movie Puppies – All adopted 12/26/2012

    Happy New Beginning Miss Lady. You were a great mom to all your puppies and now you finally have a quite home to call your own. Continue to read to learn more about Lady and her puppies.   Lady and all her puppies have been adopted. We are still collecting money for Lady’s

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Christmas Puppies: Snowflake Adopted 11/30/2012

Happy Gotcha Day!! Meet Snowflake. Snowflake along with her 3 other siblings were tossed aside and left to fend for themselves. They wandered into the yard of one of our Labrador Friends of the South Alumni and from then on out have been in good hands. Snowflake and her siblings appear to be pure Labrador.

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Hootie Adopted 11/11/2012

Happy Gotcha Day!! Meet Mr Hootie. He is a gorgeous 2 years old black black. Hootie’s family circumstances have changed and they need to find a new home for him where he can get the attention he deserves. Hootie is super sweet with people and kids. He is a big boy: he is 100 pounds

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