Do you spay/neuter your dogs?

Yes, we do spay/neuter our dogs. Pet overpopulation is a big problem. There are nearly 150,000 Labradors registered with the AKC each year, which is the number one breed in the country. The second most popular breed doesn’t even come close to this number. With thousands of Labs in shelters and in need of rescue, we believe very strongly that breeding should be done solely for the long term endurance and improvement of the wonderful breed of the Labrador. Breeding should be done by knowledgeable professionals who work to maintain the breed standard for health, temperament, and form.

Breeding should not be done because you want to show your family the miracle of birth, or because you, your friends or your family want a dog just like your own dear, wonderful pet dog, and most importantly, breeding should NEVER be done to make money.

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