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Lisa is our miracle puppy. We rescued Lisa in 2007 from a puppy mill. As soon as I arrived home I knew something was wrong. She was skin and bones, she could barely walk, she had diarrhea and every time I tried to feed her she was regurgitating all her food. For two days she slept with her head on my chest. She was very sick but we decided to do what we could to save her. She was diagnosed with giardia, pneumonia, megaesophagus, and some major orthopedic problem that prevented her from walking properly. How can a 10 weeks puppy have all this at once?! All this was due to bad breeding, lack of exercise, bad food, malnutrition due to the megaesophagus, and a very small and dark cage. We were not sure she would make it but, as you can see from her puppy pictures, she was quite convincing so we decided to give it a try. And so it started: Antibiotics, an operation to fix the megaesophagus (not easy), knee surgery… with every operation she got stronger and better. She was with Jenny with a few months where we learned that under these green eyes there was a high energy lab. We found an amazing family for her but we knew there will probably be more surgeries on her future (7 so far) so we decided that the family and LFS would co-own Lisa so we could help with the cost of surgeries. Despite the rough start, Lisa has lived a very happy life in a house with lots of land, and four and two legged friends who adore her craziness. Unfortunately we got a call a few days ago that Lisa could not walk anymore. We brought her to our but we are not sure yet of what is going on. We are running tests and she is not responding to the current treatment so we need to do an MRI to find out if there is something pushing on her spine. And here is where we are today. We are broke but we are not willing to give up on Lisa, not yet. The smile in her face and her wagging tail, tell us she is not ready to give up either. She is our miracle puppy so we are not giving up! Can you help us cover the cost of a specialist visit, and MRI and whatever is coming next?

If you think you can help please use the link below to make a donation. The money you donate will do directly to Lisa’s fund.  As usual, no amount is too small. We have more than 10,000 followers, all we need is a little bit from everyone!

Helping Lisa

We are raising money to try to see if we can make Lisa walk again. Help us pay her vet bill. Any amount is appreciated.
$ 2,437.17 raised.

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