Parent and Pup Bling Fling for Heartworm positive dogs

Most dogs in shelters in Georgia face a double sword: not only most of our animal control are high kill, but heartworm disease is also very common. Dogs that test positive for heartworms are adopted and rescued much less because, while this is a curable disease, treating a dog is expensive.  This is your chance to save a dog by helping paying for treatment while at the same time playing your chances to an awesome price. For only $5 you can buy one ticket to our Parent and Pup Bling Fling Raffle. The winner of the raffle will win a silver sterling lab shaped necklace homemade in Israel, and up to two personalized awesome dog tags. You do not need to be local to win: items will be shipped anywhere in the world. Donate between now and September 1st for your chance to win. $5 per ticket or 4 tickets for every $15 you donate.

Parent and Pup Bling Fling Raffle

Play your chance to this wonderful lab necklace and a new tag for your dogs ( up to two). $5 gets you one ticket to the raffle, for $15 (and any multiple of $15) you get and extra ticket. The retail value of this raffle is $180-$200. The necklace is silver sterling, handmade in Israel. The dog tags will be handmade in the US and personalized for the winner of the raffle. All the money raised with the raffle will go toward the cost of vetting for dogs saved from kill shelters.
$ 139.41 raised.

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