Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals that had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together….

Author Unknown

If it Should Be…

If it should be that I grow frail and weak, And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then you must do what must be done – For this last battle can’t be won.
You will be sad, I understand; Don’t let your grief then stay your hand.
For this day more than all the rest, Your love and friendship stand the test.
We’ve had so many happy years, What is to come can hold no fears.
Would you want me to suffer so? When the time comes, let me go!
Take me where my needs they’ll tend. Only stay with me until the end.
And hold me firm and speak to me, until my eyes no longer see.
I know in time that you will see it is a kindness that you do for me.
Although my tail its last has waved, From pain and suffering I’ve been saved.
Do not grieve. It has to be you who must decide this thing to do.
We’ve been so close, we two, these years. Don’t let your heart hold any tears.
Author unknown



We adopted Casey from y’all in Jan 2007. We had to say goodbye on Sept 1, 2021. She was a best friend and greatly loved member of our family foe over 13 years. We miss her terribly. She had a great life with us and could not have been more loved. These are some pics of Casey growing up with my son.



A week ago today, we were forced to make the decision so many dog families dread and say goodbye to our beloved Charles.

This proud and handsome man came into our lives as a senior rescue from Labrador Friends of the South, Inc.. Having just completed Dot’s adoption, with a long awaited medical release, we were not necessarily seeking another addition ….,until his profile was posted. Done Deal!

When we arrived with current pups to meet our new canine son, Charles came forward with a posture of ‘ it is about time you came. Let’s go!’
Behind his blind eye was a decade of wisdom to go with the scars on his face and the buckshot embedded in his chest. This canine had stories to tell we would never hear and only surmise.
In his heart was a purity that required no need to learn how to love like humans do. Charles was hard wired for loving.

The disclosed vices of his character were manageable and endearing personality traits to us. YES. Charles would wander. His sense of smell was his super sense, and once he locked in on a scent of interest, Charles forgot his name.  AFFIRMATIVE. Charles insisted on company. Canine brother Maverick and feline sister, Sako were his most devoted siblings who had to share the same space as him. To my benefit, Charles was typically on my arm’s reach throughout the day, following me from barn chores to home office and every car ride he could charm his way on. We could take our boy everywhere with confidence, and we included him on as many trips and excursions we could.

When Charles was not in the mood to go for a walk and would not leave the driveway, we ‘duped’ HIM by taking him in the car to a park or school . He could be a stubborn stinker.
Our terms of endearment for Charles were personal: Mike would refer to him as ‘The Old Sergeant Major.’  To Jamie, he was ‘Bubba.’   For me, simply ‘My love.’
The privilege of loving an older dog makes every day special. Life offers no guarantees. Quality of time matters so much.
Two years, eight months together on earth was not nearly enough. Would we do it again? ABSOLUTELY! The love is worth it.
It was our highest honor to be Charles’ family. We know God loves us, because he designed Charles for us.

Fly high, sweet man.




Our Baby Girl, Mylie, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  We hit the jackpot when we adopted her at age 5 from Labrador Friends of the South. We could never figure out how anyone could give up such a good natured, sweet, loving dog.  She celebrated her 14th birthday on June 1st.  A life well lived.  To call her a dog hardly seems to do her justice.



She lived up to her name in both appearance and personality. Beauty was so stunning, and the sweetest dog I have ever known. I never once heard her bark. Unlike most Labs, she was not obsessed with food. She would go outside to do her business and wander around the yard for a few minutes. When she came back inside she would stop by my desk for a few scratches behind the ears, then return to her favorite spot. The pictures show her in her natural habitat.  Beauty loved to curl up on a blanket or a dog bed. As long as there was a soft, warm place to rest she was totally at peace. She would sleep most of the day. She had an almost regal bearing, as if she was above the chaos that sometimes erupts in a house full of dogs. The others could wrestle over toys and treats, Beauty was going to take a nap. She lost a toe to cancer, but she never complained.  I loved watching her sleep, so quiet and content. Her life with me was far too short, just over three years. I am grateful for ever day we had together.  Goodbye Beauty, you were the best.
Mark Brennan

(2006 – 2021)

 Well sad news as I just had to put Zoey down and basically from a long life. She was adopted 11/04/06 and was about a year old when she adopted us. She lived a long and healthy life with her siblings Maggie, Pumpkin who are waiting on her at the Rainbow  and Elle who is the last of the foursome and doing well.



We adopted “Pops” who we then named Kirby, back in November of 2017. At the time he had been rescued from an Alabama shelter and had been treated for cancer and heart worms. Our vet estimated him to be about ten years old then. We figured we would give him a loving home for a year or two.. boy did he prove us wrong! Kirby loved the retirement life! He spent his last year or so with my parents a few houses away when the noise and rambunctiousness of our younger dogs became too much for him. Kirby and their senior dog were instant pals and kept each other company sharing toys beds and treats.
This afternoon at his yearly checkup it was decided that the growth on his spleen was terminal and he was suffering from congestive heart failure. Rather than make him suffer and take the chance on a painful rupture, Kirby crossed over peacefully and with all of his kids with him and those that loved him most.
Thank you LFS for rescuing the dogs you do and giving them second , third or more chances for a good life. Kirby definitely lived the good life.
I’ve included a picture on the day we adopted him and one this afternoon as we took the last walk to the pasture where he was buried. 
PS-We never noticed that the white on his face grew in the shape of a heart. 🤍


To our sweet, beautiful, baby girl Reagan. Oh how you will be missed. I’ll never forget. It was July 2013. I was scrolling on FB and there you were, newly rescued by Labrador Friends of the South. The yellow lab I had always wanted. You were stunning. How in the world did you end up with a rescue? I showed you to Scott and told him I neeeeded you. He said ok of course. So I put in an app and hundreds of others did too. I was 4th in line and they said they would call if by some
miracle the other apps fell through.  Well the miracle happened. One by one they fell through, and we got the call that we could adopt you. I drove to Atlanta with Bella to come get you. At the time, Bella was our only dog! Can you even imagine only one dog in this house?  Ha! We got there and while waiting they told us  you had just been pulled from a high-kill shelter where you stayed for 6 months. How you survived there, let alone were never adopted,  we will never know. We loved you from hello. Brought you home, opened the car door, and there you went…started trotting right on down the street without me. I was like…well this is great. I lose you before I can even get you in the house. So Bella and I started following slowly and then you cowered. We saw it. A fear you were never able to completely let go of.  Something happened in your past life that totally traumatized you. Every sudden move, every loud noise, every unfamiliar face terrified you for the rest of your life. But we walked you back to the house where you spent the next 8 years.  No fear within the walls of our home. You could finally be the happy, carefree dog you were born to be.  From then until now, you have brought us nothing but joy. You happily accepted Mr Wiggles and then Hooch into the pack. We started fostering dogs for the next few years, and you were ok with that. All 25 of them, and they were all drawn to you. Perhaps because they shared the same fears and uncertainty you once did. You tolerated them all, playing a role in teaching them how to “dog.” Although yours was to mainly let them crawl all over you. Then your body started to fail you. Arthritis is tough on a big girl like yourself but you pushed through, insisting on walks and rushing across the backyard when the occasional deer or cat or rooster was taking a stroll on the other side of the fence.
But you can barely do that now. You need help with the stairs, your body gives out quickly and the “quality” of life is now behind you. Scott and I know it’s not fair to keep you here with us. Being your stubborn little self, you are making us make the decision to let you go. Sweet girl, goodbye for now. You will be free to run fast and long and without fear. We love you so very, very much.





We adopted Uma around 5 years ago from LFS when she was about 5 years old. We are sorry to say that she just crossed the rainbow bridge. She was greatly loved by me, my wife, and our two daughters. She never met a stranger, she loved head scratchins’ and belly rubs. She suffered from kidney disease and it finally caught up with her. She passed peacefully and in our arms.

We were planning to move to New Zealand. We should have left June 2020 but the Covid pandemic got in the way. We’re sorry that she won’t be able to make that trip with us as planned. As bad as Covid has been, she spent her last year with her whole family at home all the time to love on her and take her on walks.

Thank you for sharing Uma with us. She was a fantastic family dog.



Coco (formerly Coco W) left us after only 2 short months in our home. She was 15 when we adopted her so we knew that our time together would not be forever. Still, the pain we feel at losing her cuts deeply.

However, we know that Coco felt loved and spoiled during her time with our family. We watched as her personality and confidence blossomed. She discovered the joys of afternoon naps on the sofa, sniffing all the sniffs (deer, wild turkeys and bear, oh my!) on our daily walks here in the North Georgia mountains and pup cups from the local Dairy Queen – although she never did understand why she couldn’t eat the ice cream AND the cup!

Thank you, LFS, for bringing sweet Coco into our lives. She left us too soon but she will be forever in our hearts.


Miss Valley

After four years and eight months I had to say goodbye to my special girl. She was abandoned overnight in the rain in a crate left outside a vet’s office. There was a note that said, “take care of her because I can’t.” She wasn’t a Lab, but she was a very sweet dog that deserved a better life than she had. The vet speculated she had been hit by a car at some point. I couldn’t fix the past, but what I could do was make sure she spent the latter years of her life fed, warm, safe, dry, and most importantly, loved. Valley never asked for much. She didn’t wrestle or play with the other dogs. She was happy just to be included. She really enjoyed a good scratch behind the ears. Valley loved to stretch out on a dog bed in front of the fireplace in the colder months, and enjoyed the sun on the back deck in the spring and summer. She never complained about anything. Her tail would wag at top speed whenever she saw me start to open the food bucket. Eventually her legs could not carry her anymore, and the decision we all dread had to be made. I cannot express how lucky I am that I was able to provide her with the kind of life she deserved. You will be missed Valley, you did far more for me than I could ever do for you. Mark 





Crawdad, formerly Houston, passed away June 23 2020 just a couple weeks before his 13th birthday. We adopted him in September 2007.  


My sweet Savannah, an LFS alumni adopted January 2007. She was the most wonderful dog I’ve ever known and my heart is broken to lose her. I’m so fortunate to have been her mom for 14 years. The pictures I’ve attached are varied and include her at home with her sister, Lola, and at work with Happy Tails Pet Therapy. Thank you for the opportunity to adopt and love her. She was nothing short of spectacular.




Digby and I lost Gryphon exactly one year ago today and it has taken me that long to be able to write this about him…  

Digby and Gryphon (formerly Venerdi and Sabato) adopted me on July 18th, 2008. My beloved Labrador, Gobelin, had been gone for over a year and I was ready for another dog…and I thought getting two would be a good idea so that they could keep each other company while I was away at work. So, all of a sudden, these two little black furballs – 12 weeks old and 17 pounds each – entered my world, and it was irrevocably changed for the better. They came to live with me in my 850 square foot condo (with no yard) so we spent an awful lot of time walking around the neighborhood and for the first year, it felt like it was always in the middle of the night and in the pouring rain. We took a lot of trips to friend’s and family’s houses with yards – and went to the beach as many times as possible. When they were 5 years old, Mom and I even drove them to Maine for a wonderful week with family, where they got in the ocean every day and really got in touch with their Labrador roots. 

Gryphon was not so much a swimmer as he was a wader. He was always a little skittish at the ocean but he LOVED to roll in the sand. Actually, he just loved to roll in anything – in the grass, in the snow, in my bed, wherever – he just liked to scratch his back and turn his belly up to the sky and possibly get a tummy scratch in the process. He seemed to be a very serious dog in the beginning and he was surprisingly able to sit very, very still for long periods of time. He would sit and watch the birds forever, never making a sound or moving a muscle. He was just a quiet observer, and would often perch himself on the bench by my bed, prop his chin on the windowsill and watch over Candler Park. His stillness lent itself to stalking Digby, much to her delight. He would sit and wait and watch while she danced back and forth in front of him like a lunatic, delighted and terrified – and then he’d spring into action and the chase would be on.  

As he grew older, he grew into more and more of a goofy clown – you could tell he loved to make you laugh. He would always bring me a present to greet me at the door, most often it would be a shoe, but if I had someone with me, he was just as likely to go into the dirty laundry basket and bring an article of clothing out for display (usually underwear). His shoe fetish was legendary – and in my family, if Gryph picked YOUR shoe to bring to the door, it was a badge of honor and a sincere declaration of his love. However, he never put the shoes back so there were plenty of times I was late to work because I’d have to go hunting for Gryphon’s last shoe “gift”. He also had a menacing “love growl” that would sometimes come out when he was very comfortable. He so loved to be loved on that sometimes when you’d hug him really tightly, he’d let out a low, gravelly growl that sounded like he was about to take your head off, but was only his way of purring and/or singing your praises. 

He was named after the gryphon in the book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland….a creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. It was fitting. He was a supermodel of a dog and would pose and give you his smoldering look if he caught you taking his photo. He was such a beautiful dog. But most of all, he was Digby’s best friend and my sweet Mama’s Boy…and so very proud of it. It’s a shame he missed the Stay-at-Home Covid lockdown that happened right after he passed because nothing could have pleased him more than to have had us both at home with him all day long.  

Digby and I still miss him terribly; I know this because when she and I are out walking, if we see a black dog on the other side of the street, she will stop and stare and dig in her stubborn old-lady heels and I will not be able to budge her until that dog is out of sight. She will turn 13 at the end of April, so I know she will not be with me forever. But my worry about her impending departure is lessened by the knowledge that Gryphon is sitting very still somewhere, watching and waiting for her to join him in a game of chase.



I searched rescues to find a sibling for our dog Charlie and fell in love with a picture of Millie. She had this hilarious expression and looked like an absolute goofball. We adopted her in February 2008 from LFS. She was a handful. Barked at everyone and every dog we saw. I think most people that came over were scared of her. We tried training, but WE failed. She was loud, goofy and amazingly intelligent. I had someone tell me once that her dog was her heart dog and even though I had never heard the phrase, I knew what she meant. Millie was my heart dog. My husband loved her and she loved him, but she was my heart. 
 She would have been 14 this year and despite her bad knees, she had an amazing life. She was my shadow, my protector and I will miss her more than anything but find peace in knowing she is no longer in pain and is running circles around her sister again




May 2012 – January 2021
We lost our sweet angel Sam, Sammy Boy, our buddy, on January 12, 2021 from cancer. We adopted Sam in June 2017 from LFS when he was about 5 years old. He had the sweetest disposition, so laid back and calm while his adopted sibling Sadie from LFS was rambunctious. He followed my husband everywhere and was a true best friend and loyal boy to our whole family, including our kitty Sasha.We only had him with us 3 1/2 years, but every day was special with Sam. We already miss him so much and know we will see him and give him our hugs and kisses at the Rainbow  Bridge when it’s our time.


2014 – 2020

We lost our sweet girl Tess (formerly Lime) to lymphoma. She was such a fighter and hung on to see a Christmas with her forever family. 10 months wasn’t long enough with her, but we know it was her best 10 months. Rescuing a dog and watching them evolve into their personality is so rewarding. Despite there being a pandemic, Tess got to experience so many wonderful adventures from the beach, to camping, to boating, to jeeping, to hiking and more. Her happiness was contagious, and her tail wagging was nonstop. Tess will be missed dearly by all, but we know she was welcomed into heaven by her sweet sister Chaco




Jax was part of the 2010 batch that we got when the breeder contacted us to come and get the dogs or he would put them down.  Jax and his brother Hawk, now Buddy), were about 6 months old when we fostered them. It was our son Ray actually adopted him and I’m sure glad he did.  Jax traveled everywhere with Ray; to College in Idaho, back to Georgia, ending up spending his last 5 years in Bellingham, WA. He loved the outdoors, the water, hiking in the mountain and riding around in the car.  He was such a good boy and we will miss him terribly.

Charlie  (Arnold)

On Tuesday, we said goodbye to our sweet boy Charlie (previously known as Arnold). Although he was only with us for 5 months he touched all of our hearts in a big way. He had the sweetest eyes and smile and loved to snuggle. He was a true southern gentleman and always allowed the ladies to pass through the door before him. He loved his acupuncture treatments and physical therapy. His vets and technicians took such great care of him and helped him with his pain. We were thankful that he could enjoy the summer months and play in the yard, go on walks and visit the dog park. He is now free and running over the rainbow bridge. He will be missed by his 2 and 4 legged sisters and I’ll miss him sleeping next to my bed or in my closet. Until we meet again sweet boy ..


Allie Hurdelbrink  (2005-2020)

On a Saturday afternoon in April, 2005, we added a new member to our family, a beautiful, frisky 4 month old lab puppy named ALLIE.  And for the next 14 1/2 years, she was the center of our attention.  From her “bright lab smile” and boundless energy, Allie kept us on our toes.  We loved every moment of having her in our lives.  She knew every person and dog in our neighborhood from her dad’s long walks.  She was a favorite as well.

Allie was a strong, healthy girl her entire life until Summer of 2019, when she developed a melanoma.  With her determination and medication, her cancer was cured!  Her doctor gave her a special bandana that read  Allie “Kicked Cancer’s TAIL..”   Blush  Our sigh of relief came to an end in the Winter of 2019 when she starting developing back and leg problems. They progressed, slowly at first, and then in late September 2020, they took a turn for the worst.  We even tried acupuncture which did help for a while. In early October 2020, Allie began a faster decline, and as any sick member of the family, we continued feeding her her very favorite food, her dad’s grilled chicken. That’s all she wanted.

Allie then preferred to make our laundry room, which is heated and air-conditioned, as per “personal space” rather than staying in the house, so she could come as go as she pleased. She also enjoyed the company of a small fan, which became her “friend”.

Sadly, on October 19, she took a massive downturn.  After hours of contemplation, we had to accept it was her time to go across the “Rainbow Bridge.”  We were at her side in her transition.

While we know she is at peace and without restrictions or pain, we are brokenhearted and miss her every day.  We were so lucky to have her in our lives for so long!!!



Harley (2005-2020)

We have some very sad news on Mr Harley.  He only came to us two months ago and we could tell he had a very hard life before LFS. Foster dad Mark just gave him love, belly rubs probably what he has been missing most of his life.  At least we know the last two months of his life he got experience love and Happiness. (7/10/2005-9/9/2020)


Chloe (2010-2020)


We got some sad news on our LFS Miss Chloe who was Miss Patsy (2010-2020) has gone to the rainbow bridge. We were forced to say goodbye to our dearest Chloe last month, gone too soon. Our first rescue and quite possibly the best dog ever.Of course we are in deep sadness, mourning and missing her everyday. Memories are bittersweet because we recall what is missed, but we must also recall what was gained and can never be taken away. She knew our moods, she brightened our lives, she made us better humans.

It also helps to know she crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is back to what she loved – protecting the neighborhood from squirrels, relaxing under the piano listening to our daughter play, checking the trail ahead on hikes, or just lounging on the couch after flipping the cushions off because she liked it firm.

Chloe lived an action-packed life, full of love and companionship. She played her part perfectly and is now an angel for it. We look forward to nestling up to her again when we cross the Bridge ourselves.

We love you , Chloe. Your spirit lives within us.

Peter and Julie


For every single one of the 2339 days since April 10th 2014 Charlie was my best friend. When I went to meet him for the first time he walked in the door, came directly to over to me, turned around to face the way I was facing, and sat on my foot. We were meant to be together. I needed him and he needed me. Through thick and thin there was never a day where he didn’t give me his very best.  Charlie had the most pure soul I have ever known. He had deep scars on his legs from previous abuses, but never once did he show aggression toward a person or other animal. He knew that he was safe and loved, and that knowledge was enough for him. He never looked back. He loved his BeautyRest bed, carrots, his ball, and his best dog friend Taco, but he adored going on walks at the Biltmore Estate with his best friend Frank and to have his ears rubbed by his other best friend Mary. 
On September 4th Charlie peacefully crossed the Rainbow bridge surrounded by his family. The hole he has left in our hearts could only be filled by a soul like his. He was perfect and our entire family will miss him more than could ever be expressed. 



Henry was a light in our life, a huge part of our family, and with so much personality. Having to let him go before he reached his elder years makes it even more difficult to work through, yet we know we all had a life of mutual love, fun and free of a painful ending. Through his many specialists and quirks we would not have done it any differently. Thank you Lab Friends, we are fortunate to have found you and Henry on Feb 25, 2012. We had 8+ wonderful years and forever thankful for saving Henry and the love we received in return. Andrea & Steve


Tootie (aka Tonks)

Tootie aka Tonks crossed the rainbow bridge on June 11th. She was my third foster failure. She came home with me after all her puppies got adopted and I knew pretty quickly that she was home forever. She loved everyone and everything. She was a great mama to many foster pups. She loved to swim and was always velcro’ed to my leg. She loved nothing better than snacks and ear rubs. She was my sunshine and I will forever miss her smile.   




Sophia Martin (2002-2020)

Here are some pictures of our beloved Lady Sophia Martin. We had to say goodbye June 28, 2020 because it was the most loving thing to do but it hurt us terribly to say goodbye.  Needless to say, we are having a very difficult time right now with Sophie’s loss. Heaven gained another angel. Thankful  to Labrador Friends of the South for bringing her to our family August 12, 2006 and giving more love and joy than we could have ever imagined. She loved us all so much. Even tolerated Charlie who was rescued as a puppy and was always on top of her, even trying to nurse. He drove her nuts but she loved him too. We knew from the first moment we laid eyes on her she was calling for us to come. And we did. And we will be eternally grateful.

Praying desperately we see her again in Heaven with the rest of our furbabies. 


Woodrow Caldwell (2002-2020)

Woodrow “Woody” Caldwell has passed away today at the age of 18-19 years old. We adopted Woody in 2015 at the age of 13-14 est from Labrador Friends of the South. He was rescued literally from the side of the road in Alabama by a good Samaritan and nursed back to health.We took him in and helped him to gain weight and recover. He lived the next 5 years with many good times. First, he was friends with Sandy, who unfortunately passed away within a couple of years of Woodrow coming to live with us. We thought he was about out of gas after that, but then he got puppies last summer! Chloe and Lexi helped with his anxiety and stress. He forgot about his fears and consumed his day correcting puppies. He lived a full satisfying extra year playing, teaching, swimming and having a good time. He ate well and slept well with good friends. This summer he has played with his pups, gone swimming, and ate whatever he wanted, Today he passed on in his sleep after a very good day of walking around the house, eating tuna, and chewing bones with the girls. He had heart! He never gave up. He just wanted to be loved. He managed to live a full life in the 5 years he had with us. After a rough time, I am so glad we could provide that for him. here are some of his highlights. He is now pain free from all of his body aches and arthritis and anxiety. 



Dear Labfriends of the South
Little did we know that fateful day on 15 December 2007 that we would come home with our beautiful Cerys. My daughter said I should try to help by exercising some dogs. We came along to the event to find out about just that. 
You had just had the reindeer puppies and Cerys was the smallest and sweetest of them all. As I looked at her and my husband I felt tears in my eyes. Today I felt those same tears letting her go. She has been the sweetest and cleverest little dog and a wonderful companion. 
She developed Degenerative Myelopathy over a year ago and it got steadily worse. She could no longer go on the much loved walks ( twice a day normally)and  if Phil didn’t get ready at 4 pm after her dinner she would sit right in front of him and tell him off.
The last few weeks she has only managed a few little walks and spent a lot of time asleep, but we tried to make her last weeks as good as possible giving lots of TLC. We then realized it was time for her to go.
Thank you for all you do for all the dogs you rescue. Goldie is still with us and has been very quiet today, so we hope she will not miss Cerys too much.



Forever in our hearts sweet Clarkey boy. We will miss you.



We got a few more weeks then we expected, but it’s never enough time. Our Marvie was a part of our family and there is huge hole in our house right now.  His body gave out and we knew it was time. He had an enormous passion for tennis balls, sunbathing, and swimming! He Loved us all, but honestly, loved our son Drew from the start! They bonded from day one. That’s why I knew we couldn’t give him up after fostering him. We will all miss him so terribly. He was goofy and fun, always making us laugh! We were very lucky to have had him while we did. It is never enough time for us, but for rescues it is life changing! Foster, adopt, donate if you can.  The reward is truly priceless. Rest well sweet boy, thank you for all the memories.With us from 2013-early 2020.


We’ve Lost Our Buddy

In November 2006 Labrador Friends entrusted us with a gimpy 2-year old yellow lab named Buddy.  Buddy left us on January 27, 2020.  Buddy has been gone a month.  We still grieve, but at least I can write a few words about Buddy without being overcome again by his absence.  And maybe jotting down a few thoughts about Buddy will help the grieving at some important level

We adopted Buddy about a month after suddenly losing a beloved 11-year old yellow, Samantha. That was too soon for me, but Buddy needed a home and my wife was drawn to him.  The Buddy that we took in was recovering from an injured hind leg.  Our first weeks with him were dominated by care for his leg and by Buddy’s general malaise.  Clearly upset by yet another new turn to his life, he didn’t bark, whine, wag his tail, or show any sort of overt emotion.  He shed massive amounts of fur.

With time- perhaps two or three months- Buddy healed, adapted to us, and we to him. Inexperienced as dog/lab owners, we expected the younger Buddy to be a ball chasing, river swimming, ride loving, sociable bon vivant in the manner of Samantha and most labs we observed.  That never happened. 

It’s fair to say that there was ‘never a dull moment’ in most of Samantha’s life.  Buddy’s life was nothing but dull moments.  We installed an Invisible Fence that was never challenged. He didn’t chase balls, didn’t yearn for a jump in the river, didn’t seek car rides, and was just fine without other dogs to play with.  I regularly took him to the dog park, took off his leash, then sat with him while we watched the dogs play. When it was time to go home, Buddy was more than ready. 

But there was one thing about Buddy that never changed:  he loved being with us.  His most emotive moments?  When he heard his name called he would immediately stop what he was doing, turn to the sound, smile, and come loping over.  Both my wife and I felt he was saying something on the order of, “Me? Really? I’ll be right there!”  He loved to be called, loved to be wanted.

And that is the essence of Buddy’s story:  he was our dog and we were his family.  He wanted to be with us and we wanted to be with him.  We were happy just to be together, smiling.  That was the grand, loving adventure we shared for most of 13 wonderful years.

John and Frances


Chandler was not really a” Labby something” but Lab. Friends rescued him anyway.  I offered to foster Chandler because  he was on “the list” April 9, 2014.  He was an adult, we were not really sure of his age.  He acted so youthful.  Chandler had Demodex mange and kennel cough coming out of shelter.  He had other medical issues show up later. It took about 2 ½ years to get him to get him to a stable place regarding health issues. It never stopped from playing and loving life.  He always remained the same sweet, goofy boy up until the very end. He loved his sisters and they loved him.  November 2019 another medical issue showed up and we couldn’t overcome it.   His body gave out yesterday, March 4, 2020 and we had to let him go.  He had an extra 2153 days of this earth.  We know he lived his best life in those 2153 days.  He will be forever in our hearts.  Thank you LFS! 




After an amazing 11 years with our four legged son, we had goodbye to Jax yesterday!!!
He really was the best dog anyone could ask for. He was with us thru a lot; some good & not so good times.
He loved everything and everyone. It’s hard to imagine life without him. We will miss him terribly.



Beginning the year 2002, I watched you from afar for over a years time. You liked to go up and down the driveway, and peek out from under the truck. You were curious about me, as I was curious about you. I grew concerned when you were gone for months at a time, as I missed seeing you each day. Eventually you returned, and my curiosity deepened. Yearning for a chance to meet you, the day finally came. I was warned you were a tough one to handle, but from the moment we met, an incredible, unbreakable bond was formed. I saw such need in those eyes of yours, and I knew I was the right person chosen. Your circumstances so dire, presenting so much work to be done. Yet we faced  it together, doing all we could in the short periods of time we had each day. Yes, I would be your care person, as others would not. You were so misunderstood, they did not know or understand your needs. Yet it was so very simple, you just needed love. A love unconditional, like you gave to all.  

Years went by, and I watched your frustration and desperation grow. A baby step of progress would be dissolved with no warning. Every mistake had serious consequence. In frustration, I tried to walk away. But no matter how bad things got, I could never leave you. My efforts to add you to my furry family were rejected. Time went on, we stuck together. At least I could make your life better for a little while each day we had. Your need and frustration grew, and you justifiably became angry.  I prayed “Dear Lord, please find a way to give Jett the better life he deserves and needs before its too late.”  And the Lord answered my prayer with the best gift ever. He said “You, my Child, will give Jett the life he needs and deserves”.  And so the miracle happened. You joined my furry family, and settled in with an ease that even I did not expect. But there were a few more obstacles to overcome in our new life together. Your avid love for tennis balls, and your hard core energy, resulted in injury. Aftermath of surgery, resulted in near death. I prayed, “Dear Lord, Jett and I are just beginning our new life together. Please heal him and give us many happy years ahead.” And the Lord answered my prayer, and gave us TWELVE more years together. They were happy ones, filled with love, and no expectations or conditions. You had brothers and sisters to love, yummy treats, lots of tennis balls, and your chosen person to love you unconditional. You greeted each day with tail wagging, nudging me with your nose to wake, and a strong minded will like no other.  As years went by, accepting the declines that come with age, yet blessed with no illness. You far exceeded expectations, and continued to fight the battle of age with determination, and strong will. We met each challenge together as always, and I will not give up on you without a fight. There would have to be no choice if I had to let you go. And my mind cannot even grasp life without you. But my dear Jett,  your struggles became too much to bear, and the day came to part. Never had a decision been so hard, because unlike the others, we went through those difficult years together. Others came into my life as babies, or after the difficult years in their lives. We fought together to get to our happy place, and it created a bond like no other. There was nothing we couldn’t do, as long as we were together. Now I am alone, and trying to find the strength to survive. I live with faith that I will be reunited with you and all the furry kids my life has been so blessed with. The peace I must find is that you are in a better place, where you can play ball, and where your eyes can see. I miss you with all of my heart, and know you took it with you to Heaven.  You will see Forrest, Faith, Skyler, Buttons, and Gus, for they will be there to walk you up the stairway to Heaven. And the Lord will take care of you until we are reunited at last. I will find true Joy in the day the Lord calls me Home, and I see your happy eyes and wagging tail once again,  



Born: May 19, 2002
Adopted: December 16, 2013
Earned Angel’s Wings: January 12, 2020

Dear Abby,

I first fell in love with you when I found your photos on the LFS web site. When I met you in person on that rainy December day at the adoption event, you quickly decided that you liked me and asked me to rub your belly. And when your foster parents brought you to my apartment 2 days later, you walked into the place as if you had lived there for a while. I caught you sleeping on your back a few days later.

You were always very gentle and sweet even when your adopted sister wiped her wet face on you after coming back from short walks on rainy days. You were cute and silly when you woke up early in a different room and came to check on me, but then turned around and went back to sleep when you thought I was still sleeping. You were a great travel companion when we drove all the way to Texas to see my friend. You were a good sport and remained calm when I wanted to cry at the airport in San Francisco because our move to Japan became such an ordeal. You were strong and bounced back quickly after the life-saving surgery to correct your twisted stomach. You are so special that your foster parents and my friends came to see you in Japan all the way from Atlanta, Texas, and Virginia!

I know I wouldn’t have made this many friends and been accepted in this old closed community in Japan if you weren’t by my side. I miss looking into your soulful eyes. I miss hearing your bark that was rather a bit high-pitched for your body size. I miss smelling your wet fur and your ears. I miss holding you tight. I miss you, Abby. I miss everything about you although my house is still sprinkled with lots of your fibers of happiness (also known as dog hair). But I also know you are in my heart and will always be.

I always joked that you must have been born on a very windy day because of your unruly hair on the back. Well, it was unusually windy here right after you passed. Maybe the angel’s wings you earned are also curly.

Abby, thank you for coming into this world. Thank you for accepting me to be your forever mom. Thank you for moving to Japan with me. Thank you for being you. Be a good girl like you always have been, until I see you again.

With lots of love,

– Naomi, your forever mom



Mr. Bodie has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We began fostering Bodie in 2013 after a LFS adoption did not succeed. Of course we were a foster failure and adopted Bodie that same year through LFS. Bodie was born on 4/28/2006, and died on 1/17/2020. He was a large, loyal boy who loved long neighborhood walks, chasing balls, trips to the dog
park, and romps on the beach. Totally blind in his later years, Bodie enjoyed sleeping by the fireplace. Much gratitude  to Dr. Catherine McGinnis and American Heritage Hospital for helping Bodie with his many medical challenges, and with providing a peaceful, dignified ending to a great life. Bodie’s ashes will be scattered on the Georgia coast and in his favorite parks. Thanks to LFS for providing us the privilege of spending seven great years with this special, loving creature who never left our side. His presence will be with us forever.


 This is the day two months ago that Sam departed. It has taken me this long to process what happened. It was a fast moving sarcoma that stole blood flow away from his legs and paralyzed him. It wrapped around his spine and damaged his liver. His life was complete and full of joy for the years we knew him.

We met Sam on his third birthday through Labrador Friends. Finding out through his chip online that we had him come into our lives on that day seemed fated. My mother was delighted and said ” Foster fail. He is our boy!”

He was by every definition a Gentle Giant. Large of stature made him hard to adopt, but I always had large dogs in my life, so Sam was a perfect fit. His grace was palpable. He showed kindness to other animals that were less than thrilled with his presence, including a Doxie dubiously nicknamed the Mayor of Smyrna. Everywhere Sam went, he met people who seemed to need his presence, whether it was a handicapped child at the Renaissance Festival, a Veteran at an event, a family in the park, or a woman at an outdoor restaurant who really needed a dog hug, Sam was there for them and for us.

He was the last being in this world my mother spoke to. He was a calming presence at her funeral. People remarked that he was the best behaved dog they had seen. Indeed, with a few tweaks here and there, he was extremely well mannered.

He loved holidays. Trick or Treat was his favorite activity. He loved going house to house with his buddies in the neighborhood. Christmas, Birthdays, Veteran’s Day…any time he could be with others.Sam had epic birthdays: A ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ themed party with no electronics where Jenga, Jacks, Marbles, and dog games were featured. One year, we went to a place for a yard and pool party, although water was not a big Sam favorite, the wading pool was just fine. His last birthday celebration was surrounded by dogs and cats and a chicken livers dinner for all with 4 legs. He was very happy. His last holiday was my birthday in November. We had a quiet but celebratory day with music and a beautiful walk.

I was there for his last sigh, as was a friend and my daughter was on Facetime. We spoke to him, praised him, thanked him, sang to him. He seemed relaxed and pleasant. I looked him in the eyes as he departed. He seemed to know it was time.

He was one of the most beautiful beings I have ever had the pleasure to know. It was my honor to have him in our presence and I thankLabrador Friends profusely for giving us the opportunity to know Sam.

Yours sincerely,
Stephanie N. Simmons and Family


Gracie (originally Melissa) crossed the rainbow bridge on Saturday, January 4th after an amazing 11 and a half years with us. There was no lap too small for her, nor a couch or a bed she didn’t love to curl up on.  She was a beautiful soul and our lives are better for having her in it.
Stacey & Tim Brown


It is with heartbreak and sadness to say that Flynn passed away yesterday at the young age of 4.  In the past several months he developed a tumor on his pituitary gland and lower 1/3 of his brain. We explored all options possible with the folks at Blue Pearl, but with the aggressive nature of the tumor, plus he had become unstable and quite aggressive the decision was made it was time.

Flynn filled our hearts with unconditional love, joy and happiness for almost 3 years.  He was our “bud bud”, happy and precocious who lovednothing more than to sit outside with the breeze, sunshine and his ball.  We told him on his car ride home from adoption in January of 2017 that we would do everything we could to give him the best life, and he gave us that and more.

Thank you for the opportunity to bring him in to our lives, and thank you for the work your organization does.



Our tribute to Bo; One in a million!!  Adopted 10/6/18, gave us one of the best years ever. On 10/27/19, with sad hearts we had to say good bye for now and will see you again at rainbow bridge.

While our time together was too short, I could never have imagined how much you were going to impact our lives this past year.  The day we met, you fit into our family like you were always meant to be with us. Cody, Caley and evening Jake welcomed you to our pack.  It has been amazing to watch how everyone who met you fell in love
with you immediately.

Thank you for your love, the laughs and the cuddles. Wish we could have had more time. We all love you and miss you.  KC and Ruth Perin 


 Cowetta was adopted 2010. He was a side of the road box of puppies that were brought in. When I picked him out he was the mutt. His name was quickly changed to Coors because after all he was a college dog. Coors throughout the years guided me into my first two years off of school as I tried to endure what I wanted to do. He then traveled with me to Ga Southern where we spent 4.5 years. He loved game days as much as me.  He had several roomdogs ( Derby and Lilly) as well as spent countless hours at the farm chasing me around as I exercised anywhere from 3-10horses a day. We both graduated from Ga Southern ( I say both because it was a team effort). He was with me to encounter my first year teaching, to buying our first house, obtaining my Master’s degree, and of course many heartbreaks because they don’t make men like Coors. Our last weekend of normalness Coors, his brother Nacho, me, and my best friend and her two dogs ( Brillo, and Clover) all went up to Hiawassee to the cabin. The dogs ran, played, and had a grand time! It was when we got back things seemed not normal. Food wasn’t appealing to him and his hind end began to slip out from under him. After a quick escalation it was determined that Coors had a tumor somewhere on his brain and or spine. He went home to many that he knows and loves on October 4th, 2019. He is greatly missed, but his memories live on furever! Coors made my world a better place and I am forever grateful for the 10 years of his love!! 


Erk (Tebow)

 We adopted Tebow on October 6, 2007.  As soon as we got him home, we renamed him “Erk” after the famous Georgia Southern head coach.  Erk grew up with his older Maltese “big” brother named Leo.  They both truly were our fur babies. They were spoiled and a great source ofcomfort and companionship for me and my husband.  Leo passed November 12, 2018 at the age of 18. Poor Erk mourned his big brother, so we adopted a new little sister (a lab mix) named Jezzy Bell in February of 2019.  Erk loved Jezzy Bell, but he was never the same after Leo’sdeath. Earlier this year, Erica  developed a large mass in his gall bladder and he breathed his last breath on August 10th.  Here are somememories of our precious Erk…


Max (Semper Fi)

LFS Alumni – Adopted June 2014 


You came into my world in what seemed by accident in late June of 2014, but now what I can only believe was by design. I had been nagging, my then partner, for a dog. In retrospect, this was probably because I needed to fill a void in myself, us, and in what who else knows. I received call- please foster a dog- we need help. I said okay, just give me something low-key and calm. I was in graduate school and working, so a puppy was out of the question. I arrived, you walked in. You were dirty and matted. They introduced me to you and told me you were a chocolate lab. In my mind, I’d had a chocolate lab growing up, and that you were not him. I turned to the volunteer asking, do you have anything else/ She took me outside. The shelter was bursting to the seams. We walked past crate after crate sitting outside in a parking lot because the indoor kennel was full. They were all young, energetic, barking, and bursting to get out of their crates. I walked back in and that shaggy, dirty, and frankly sad character looked at me. I said, I guess he is the one we should take. Not because I loved you yet, but because I could imagine dealing with any of the dogs I had seen outside.  This was temporary, anyway, right? How could I have ever imagined in that moment how appropriate that name on your plastic collar, “Semper Fi,” could have been.

I couldn’t see myself yelling Semper Fi in the back yard, so Max you became. Even though I knew I was a foster parent fail in the making, we kept talking about how we would find you a good home. I brought you home, bathed you and shed you. Underneath that milk chocolate frumpy shag you were dark brown and beautiful. I tried to play with you and you didn’t know what a toy was. I tried to feed you and you didn’t understand that dog food was for you. My heart broke in two and I knew then you weren’t going anywhere. The first days we just co-existed. You didn’t seek our attention and you were content just to sit and feel the beginnings of what it meant to be safe. We came home one day and you were limping, which quickly progressed to your back legs not working. We rushed you to the vet. They took x-rays. Something or someone hurt you a long time ago. My heart broke again. I was now completely yours. The vet said there was nothing we could do except watch, wait, keep you still, and hope the medicine would work and the swelling in your spine would go down.

We called the shelter, they said bring you in. We pulled up in our car. I went in and showed the vet your x-ray. I asked what will you do and she said, the only thing we can. I walked out to the car and we drove away and never looked back. I had started to see a glimpse of what you would become. You were patient. We carried you up and down the steps of our second floor apartment for eight weeks. At first I was afraid to be hopeful, but then slowly and surely you started taking more and more steps on your own. And then you ran, albeit, with an endearing bunny hop in your back legs. I was smitten and completely yours. One day you went from sleeping by yourself in the living room, to sleeping in the bedroom, and then suddenly you were in the bed. Your love was slow and steady, just like you. It didn’t come on suddenly, but over time you gave a little bit more and more of yourself. There was never a sudden moment of realization, but over time I needed you just as much as you needed me.

You were there for my best and the worst. You were with me through the journey of my PhD and when two relationships ended and another began. We lived in my first condo together and bought my first house together. I was starting to truly understand what Semper Fi meant. Six months later our house flooded. I was overwhelmed. We started getting ready for a complete renovation that meant we had to move out. A few days later we woke up and your leg’s weren’t working again. I was devastated. My mom and I carried you on a blanket to the vet. They said we are so sorry, but there is nothing we can do. I wasn’t ready. I told them I needed a few more hours. We carried you outside, you insisted upon getting off the blanket and walking yourself to the car. You were Semper Fi, you knew I needed you still.

I begged and prayed that I would get to bring you home. I was convinced you would not make it through the eight week renovation. Eight weeks turned into five months of home renovation. It was early Spring, we were finally home and I started to breathe again. You made it for me, you were Semper Fi. One week moved into the next. Each day I looked at you and you said, not yet. Trepedatiously and after much convincing, that summer we went on vacation. When I came home, you ran towards me for the last time when I walked in the door. You looked at me and said, not yet. You were Semper Fi. August began to move towards September, summer slowly gravitating towards fall. Each day I looked at you, and you said, not yet. I started to realize you were different. Just like I had never given up on you, you would never give up on me. You would always tell me, not yet. On September 9, 2019, I made one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I told it was okay to go, I would be okay. You waited until I was ready, because you were Semper Fi.


LFS Alumni 4/28/2006 – 9/2/2019

Very sad news we heard tonight about Joey passing away today  Tonight we said goodbye to our Joey. The sweetest, most.sensitive one. Luke’s favorite. My shadow. Joey came to us in 2011 as a foster- scared of everything and seemingly never having been in a house. It was a month before we heard her bark. She was adopted a few months later to a home that was doggy paradise (complete with acreage and a lake), but we soon got a call saying that she had gotten out, and wouldn’t come back to her new owners. Reese, Mason and I made the trek to Ellijay to help and she came running to us immediately. The rest is history. She chose me. She became my shadow, and later Luke’s buddy. She’s come get me when he’s cry and tolerated all kids of dress up and cuddles as he grew. We were devastated when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, but were so lucky to have had almost three more good years with her. We will all miss our Joey Jo.


LFS Alumni 9/18/2006 – 8/28/2019

Our sweet Ginger crossed over the rainbow bridge on August 28th. My heart feels like it has broken into a million pieces. I cannot put into words how much we loved her. We adopted her from LFS on December 31, 2006. She fit perfectly into our family. She always greeted you with a wagging tail and her sweet smile. She has been Mark’s perfect office buddy for the past two years. She loved being alongside the girls even when it included a dress up session. She absolutely loved opening up presents and was known to open gifts other than her own. She was always happy as long as she was by our side. We moved to North Carolina last November. Shortly after our move she was diagnosed with cancer. It was devastating news. We tried to dedicate ourselves to helping her live her best life showered with love. She enjoyed spending time on the dock and the beach watching the sun set over the water. She remained my “brown shadow “ until the very end. Both girls drove home to be by her side as we said goodbye for now. I feel so lucky we were able to have more than 12 wonderful years with her sweet soul. I am glad you are free of pain. I will always love you Pookie ♥️


On September 5, 2019 Molly passed away of lung cancer. She was adopted in 2006 and she was a great member of the family! She was the sweetest kindest dog I ever known and she loves car ride and hanging out with  her family having cookouts watching the Bulldogs ect. I was not one person she did not like and she tolerated dressing up and she was a great sister for my two children! Every day she had a wag and  smile  happy to be alive .In April we adopted her baby sister Spring from same rescue group. She taught her how to be a great dog. We will miss her every day! We love your sweet Molly! Hope to see you again!!!


Hello, I adopted a dog from you named Debby, renamed Shadow back in December 2008. She had a birthdate of December 2007 and passed away last Friday, July 26. I saw your website had an obituary section and thought I’d send along something I shared earlier on my Facebook page.

Our dog Shadow in one of her favorite spots along the Chattahoochee River trail. I’m so glad she got the chance to go there before we lost her. It was a long well fought struggle for her with IMHA. For over 10 years she’s been by my side as a single man to being married with three children aged 6, 4, and 2. Home doesn’t feel the same now but I cherish the memories we’ve made together. Shadow loved to play with her rubber Kong disc in the back yard. She loved eating biscuits and pizza crust. She loved pets and belly rubs. She had a quirky personality and was always competing with the kids for attention by howling, jumping up and snorting like she was a bull. I used to call her a little ball of muscle because she had so much energy and spunk.

She sure will be missed. We love you Shadow. Thanks so much for allowing me to adopt and take care of such a sweet pup.

David Harvey


Tank is survived by his fur sister Lucy, English mastiff that we got last July, Chipper his peekapoo brother of 12 years, his two legged sister Madison, his two legged brother Hayden, that he watched grow up from birth to 9 years old. Of course his mom, whom cooked him real food for the last month because he wouldn’t eat expensive dog food, made him comfy and treated him like a prince. Last but not least me his dad. He was the best one I’ve had yet. He was very very low maintenance. He only went to the vet twice outside of health checks. Once for what we were dealing with at the end. Then when we moved in to our current house he developed happy tail, he wagged it so hard it busted open and made our walls look like a murder scene. He didn’t let that slow the wagging down and it took about 6 weeks of going to the vet every third day to replace bandages. He would stay outside my basement door while I was building something for work, only to come in to check on me and show me his ball that he was so proud of and loved. We gave him a great life and he gave us the greatest love. He will be forever missed and never forgotten. We pick up his ashes next week which we will place with the ashes of the three fur babies that passed before him.

Best wishes,

Forrest Spain
The one lucky enough to be called dad by Tank and many others.



Born 12/23/05  – Adopted him 9/8/12 – Departed 6/5/19

Koda this past Easter holiday! The best dog ever and my heart is broken and aches so much. Koda and I rescued one another.  Just so regal, sweet, and laidback.  Koda gave me 7 years of unconditional love and so much fun.  He went through many ordeals with me and helped me thru them all.I wouldn’t have wanted any other than Koda for the Journey we walked.  Just the best pup ever!  Thank you for giving Koda a second chance and allowing me to take over as his fur mama.  He is missed terribly! I love him dearly and will always be in my heart.
Denise Dempsey



Our sweet Bear “Mater to LFS” crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this past Saturday 5/18/19. My parents adopted Bear on 2/27/2008. He was the best boy. Had the sweetest disposition and loved unconditionally. Bear was such a huge part of our whole family and will be missed so much. Thank you LFS for saving him and letting us love him.



Good Morning LFS family!! Please keep Summer’s $100 spay deposit as a donation in memory of Midnight (our Lab we lost in February) and in honor of Summer (now Luna) and her three sisters, who wouldn’t still be here if it weren’t for your amazing organization.


I just wanted to share an update with you that Marnie, whom I adopted from Labrador Friends of the South in September 2011, crossed the rainbow bridge in February of this year.  She was the best dog I could have asked for.  While I miss her terribly, I am left with a lifetime of wonderful memories from all of the times we shared together.  While the last year of her life was a bit slower (less fetch) than the previous years – she still lived in true Labrador fashion, enjoying walks (that became wagon rides), swimming (in the shallow end), being outdoors and eating good food – attached are a few pictures to enjoy.
Thank you so much to all of you for all that you do for our precious Labrador friends! 
Many blessings,
Betsy Howe


Winston, crumb vacuum extraordinaire, sawer of great logs, master of the peanut butter jar. Sweet, gentle, and full of mischief with disproportionate dinosaur paws. What a gift you were to us, even for a short time.
I adopted Winnie in December 2017 . Earlier this month, he was diagnosed with a primary lung tumor and pleural effusion that was affecting his ability to breathe and enjoy life. On the day we said goodbye, he rolled around in the yard like he used to and jumped into my car without a boost. We wanted it to be a good day. A.J. said he went out on top.

‘Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased. It is no small gift.’

-Mary Oliver



On Dec 23, 2018 our sweet, exuberant Scout crossed the rainbow bridge.  We are broken hearted.  He loved hiking with us and playing with his “siblings”. His favorite was “empty peanut butter jar” day! When it came time to eat, he was the first in line jumping up and down on all fours!  He craved ear scratches and belly rubs!  He had been with us only 2 short years but we treasure each day we got to care for him.  He was a devoted and faithful friend. We miss you sweet  buddy.
You will always be in our hearts.



Our wonderful lab, Dixie (formerly Pawley), passed away on January 7. We adopted her from LFS in October 2008. She passed away from liver disease complications. We have loved having her in our family and being a part of our kids’ lives. We miss her greatly.



Jan 1, 2019 –Dear lab friends. We lost out sweet boy Onyx on New Year’s Eve. You gave us the best 6 years of our lives when we adopted him. While our hearts are broken, we hope some day they will be joyful with all of the great times we had with him. Thanks for all you do.





Jan 7, 2019 – We adopted Maggie (was Pippa) from y’all in 2011. I’m so sad and heartbroken to say that we lost our sweet and beautiful pup, Monday to an aggressive cancer.  She was the sweetest, most gentle, happy dog anyone could possibly meet. Maggie was not just some family dog, she was a huge part of our family, and she made each one of us feel like she was ours. She experienced some of our largest milestones in life (bringing two children into the world) and we were so happy Maggie was a part of it too.  We are so blessed and fortunate that we had her as a part of our lives, even if it was cut short. Maggie Moo was truly the best dog anyone could ever ask for and she will be missed dearly. I’m telling you this to say thank you for giving us such a wonderful pup and I want everyone to know how truly amazing and loving she was to our family.


Oct 28, 2018 – I adopted Gracie from you in 2006 (I was a foster flunky).  I am heartbroken as Gracie crossed the rainbow bridge last Saturday (she was 14 or 15 years old).  This was Gracie on left, Mahalo middle and Halia (sweet pea) on right.

Luke & Abby

Abby was adopted in 2007 with her brother (Ray) our Luke. Luke passed 6 years ago to cancer.   Abby’s cushions disease finally required us to let her go a few weeks ago.  They were inseparable and brought so much into our lives. When Luke passed,  Abby never was really the same. She loved life but was more reserved. The loved each other, did get into trouble at times but always as a team . They loved boating as you can see. Luke would be so excited if I moved the boat to the street for a few hours,  that I would have to let him play in the boat or he would not calm down. We did donate to Dot this morning from Luke and Abby to help her be her best.



We said good-bye to Daphne on June 9, 2018.  She brought joy to our lives everyday with her sweet & loving personality.  Some of our favorite memories are traveling with her to the Smoky Mountains and hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  One of her favorite daily activities was going to the neighborhood park everyday to meet her boy after school. She enjoyed being around kids and other dogs.  Daphne also loved being a LFS foster sister, especially when puppies came to stay with us because they were super cuddly.  Our nickname for her was Doodle Bug and she was the best brown dog there ever was.



It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing Sophie (AKA Lightening, Kiko) today. She was a great dog and faithful companion and we loved her dearly.




In January 2007, we met the skinny, shy, insecure, not very sociable Tonka. He sniffed me once, went away, sniffed me twice, and he then adopted me to be his mom. What an honor! We brought him home and my son named him Tebow. Tebow, with love, patience, and care, turned into the best dog we could have ever asked for. He filled our lives and hearts with unconditional love, loyalty, protection, companionship, and with so many happy and fun memories for a little over 11 years. He crossed the rainbow bridge last night, and, though we are devastated, we are also at peace he was surrounded by love and many kisses until his very last breath. We will miss him and love him forever. RIP, our beautiful Tebow! With infinite love, mom, Cristian, and Pongo.



Mr Pumpkin

Mr Pumpkin on the right, the worlds greatest foster brother crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today and took a big part of my heart. He was my first foster fail in 2008 and let me know that was ok.  The little furkid on the left is my second foster fail, Elle. Pumpkin taught many fosters how to navigate the doggie door, which food dish was theirs and which side of the bed to sleep on and to always potty outside. The last four years of his life were spent in Tulsa, Ok with his siblings Zoey,  Maggie and Elle. He will always be greatly missed by all of us.




JoJo was a bright light amidst the darkness of this world. No matter what the universe threw his way, he managed to keep his happy spirit, even till the end. He made so many people smile, and so many fell in love with him. He was so silly, always sticking his tongue out at the camera. I’d have given him all the donuts in the world if I could, just to see the sparkle in his eyes and his wagging tail one more time. Now he can run free over the rainbow bridge, where nothing else will ever hurt him.”

Rest easy, JoJo.We will never forget you.


Old Man

10/25/2006 – 3/14/2018

Old Man came into Jenny’s life unexpectedly a year and a half ago. No one knew then just how special he would become.

Abandoned in the middle of nowhere, Old Man was in rough shape when he was first found. Of course he went straight to the vet to be taken care of, and there his journey with Jenny began. The vet estimated him to be around 10 years old, and when they put that into the computer, lo and behold, Old Man had the same birthday as Jenny’s beloved Tazzie and her brother Fred. A sign from above that they were watching over Jenny? I think so.

Old Man became Jenny’s foster and started to learn how good life could really be. He was totally blind and deaf, but he maneuvered around her house like he had been there all his life (I’m sure Taz and Fred helped him out with that). He had one of the most sensitive noses of any dog I’ve ever met. He could be dead asleep, get a whiff of Jenny coming home from across the house, and he would be there in an instant to say hello. No doubt he knew who saved him. He fit in with the gang so well, and he took on the role of teaching younger fosters without missing a step. Chew and Eastwood really loved him. On multiple occasions, I watched them play together, only to always come in and check where Old Man was. It was then I knew that he was home. Soon Jenny made him an official member of the family, and I think her home gained a new light that day.

Old Man lived his best life with Jenny. He never missed a meal, always had a warm place to sleep, plenty of friends to cuddle up with, and a momma that would do anything for him. He accepted JP like his own son and played like a puppy again. He celebrated a birthday, and got to experience a real Christmas.

He lived a lot longer than the vets thought he would; I know it’s because of everything Jenny did for him. And as if it was another sign from above, Old Man said goodbye on the anniversary of Jakerman’s passing 6 years ago. I’m sure Jake, Taz, Fred, Homer, and Cloe were all there to help show Old Man the way over the rainbow bridge. He was an incredibly special dog who will be dearly missed, and I only wish Jenny could have had some more time with him.

Rest easy buddy. Say hey to the crew for us <3

–A friend


“Hi Labrador Friends, I just wanted to let you know that my Lab Mix, Reece, who I fostered for you when he was 4 months old for about 4 days before I adopted him (haha, first and only foster failure), passed away last night. He would have been 11 in April. He had 4 severe seizures in about 3 and 1/2 hours, so we put him down. The doctor said it could have been a number of different things that may have caused them, given his age. We lost a close friend last night. A furry family member. He was a loyal and sweet dog, sometimes a little bit of a dumbie, and a good friend to all. He will be missed. Chase those rabbits all you want, Reecy Dog!”




Here is Finnigan spending this last Christmas  at the beach. Never could we have imagined that one week later we were told he at best might have 3 weeks left.  Finnigan was the last of our 3 musketeers that we adopted from Labrador Friends’s of the South.  He was such a mommas boy and so devoted to me. He was always watching what I was doing. Finnigan just like my other dogs broke my heart when they passed. They truly gave us some much love and enriched our family. Gone but certainly not forgotten…




I never thought I’d adopt a senior dog until Chesney rolled into my life as a foster.  He was already 13 or 14, deaf, had arthritis and heartworm, and his eye sight was failing.  I could say that I adopted him because no one else would adopt an old dog, but really I couldn’t imagine letting anyone take him from me.  He still had a bounce in his step and his ears flopped as he walked.  You could tell he was mischievous in his younger days which still appeared like when he stole some pumpkin pie.  I’ll miss everything about him, even his “boof boof” barks in the morning to tell me it’s time to eat.  We only had 15 months with him, but I wouldn’t give them up for anything.




Dear Jenny,

It is with much sadness to inform you that our big boy Captain has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. My wife, Debra, and I had only been married for a year when we wanted to add to the family. I knew about LF from a co-worker who was a foster parent. After watching the site for several weeks “Shawnee” showed up and he was an awesome looking dog. That Saturday, Nov 4, 2006, we brought him home, named him Captain, and that was it. Captain became our big boy and for the next 11 years he was by our side through it all. He welcomed his “little brother” Kerney and in 2010 our daughter Megan. During difficult times he would sit by our side to comfort us.It was like he was saying “don’t worry I’m here for you”. He was the most amazing dog we had ever had. Captain was a big boy. He came in little over 100 lbs and had a large frame. A very intimidating Labrador at first site, but he was the  biggest teddy bear you could find. He enjoyed having his belly rubbed for hours! He enjoyed chasing squires, birds, and possums and he even caught a few at times. I had to remove 4 possums from the house throughout the years!!! He became the guardian of the house. Barking at everyone who walked by or came to the door. I never worried about the girls being home alone with Captain there. You had to think twice before walking in but little anyone knew one pat on the head and he would flop down to have his belly rubbed, such a big baby he was. Captain’s last check up was in April. He was as strong as a horse and healthy. By late August I noticed he was getting a little weak in the back legs.

By mid November he had lost 25lbs and stopped eating. It was lymphoma.On November 20th, exactly 11 years to the month we adopted him we madethe difficult decision to said good bye. We feel so grateful to have had him for so many years. Captain wasclose to 13. We’re so glad we got to give him a wonderful 11 years. He lived a good life. Debra, Megan, and I want to thank you for bringing this amazing dog into our lives. He truly was one of a kind and we miss him very much and always will.

While Megan is ready for a puppy I am not. Maybe by Spring I’ll start watching the site for the next special rescue to bring happiness, security, and friendship to our lives, but for know I’m thinking about our “big boy” and all the sandwiches he is stealing off the counter on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Robert, Debra, Megan and our “little boy” Kerney





Dear Elena & Mark & Linda,

All of you played such an important part in Willow’s life, that I wanted to let you know she went to The Bridge this past Wednesday (08/09/17).  We adopted her from LFS in July of 2012 and all of us guessed her age to be about 9 at that time.  If we were right, it means she lived to be 14 years old.  I don’t know about her first 9 years, but her last 5 with us have been wonderful years for her and for us.

I have known and loved many dogs, but there was something very special about Willow.  When you looked into her eyes, you would see the most gentle soul ever created.  She was happy with us and would let us know by tossing her head around and barking with glee.  Her hip dysplasia was one of the worst cases our vet had ever seen, but she didn’t let it stop her from enjoying life.  This past year, though, it was becoming more difficult for her and in addition to Dasuquin with MSM,we added in meloxicam for pain these last 6 months.  There was a place on the inside of her mouth that looked very much like melanoma, but we didn’t want to put her through any surgery at her advanced age.  She was such a stoic girl, but we didn’t let her get to a suffering point. This past weekend she was very uncomfortable and by Monday, stopped eating.  She was just too tired to move around any more than was necessary.  Her breathing was becoming labored and she was losing her balance because her legs just wouldn’t support her anymore.  By Tuesday afternoon, I knew she was just too tired to go on and probably had something serious going on (possibly organ failure or maybe melanoma cancer that had metastasized) that would have led to a pain crisis if we waited much longer. Our vet euthanized her at 11:30 a.m.on Wednesday.

We gave her a life of ease and comfort and above all, loved her completely.  There will not be a day from this one forward, that we won’t miss her.  It has been heartbreaking to lose her, but I believe I will see her again one day and that is what I told her as she passed away from us.

Thank you all for what you did for Willow and for all the other dogs you help every day.
Nikki & Phil Maton


This week we said goodbye to this sweet buddy. Jake joined my crew from a rescue group in 2008 after I had a break-in at my house. He was good at making noise, but terrible as a guard. Anyone that came in the house only risked getting licked into submission. And as much as I loved having this sweet, playful guy around, from the moment they met, Jake‘s Person was Jim. 100%. You never saw a dog so excited to see someone come home every. single. day. And you never saw a guy more committed to a dog, whether it was making sure his buddy always got some 1-on-1 time, or managing his medication, or getting up with him 2-3 times a night if he needed it. Jake would chase a ball all day, every day, in any weather, for as long as possible. He didn’t care if you had a good arm or the range of an 18 month old; if you wanted to play with him, he wanted to play with you. We will miss his kind eyes, his bark (okay, his bay), his soft ears, and his happy waggle in our lives. Most of all, we will miss the sweet patience and tolerance he demonstrated – even while not feeling his best – as a plaything  (and food target) for our two rambunctious little boys who love dogs entirely because he was so gentle and loving to them. Jakers, i have no doubt that pet heaven is full of baby carrots and watermelon and tennis balls and big, comfy sofas. Give Leroy a hug from us. We’ll see you again, sweet boy.



Its taken 6 months for me to be able to compose this email.  We adopted Beaux on May 8, 2013, when he was 8.  We saw him at an LFS adoption event and knew INSTANTLY he was meant to be with us.  Everyone thought I was nuts – I had two other labs, one a puppy.  It didn’t matter, I couldn’t get this beautiful dog out of my heart.  So, we adopted Beaux and he was THE BEST DOG I’ve ever had – and I’ve had dogs my entire life. He had impecable manners, was a social butterfly and my constant, tail-wagging companion.  His nickname was sweet, sweet Beaux, and he was.  He left us in November and took a chunk of our hearts with him.  A sweeter soul will never be found.  If you ever doubt adopting a senior dog, please don’t.  The love and overwhelming joy he brought to us is hard to express in words.



Taylor came to us in 2009.  She loved life and was always happy, except during thunderstorms!  Her favorite activity, other than sleeping on the bed, was chasing lizards.  She was happy to move to Arkansas and become a “country dog” – but she still enjoyed the creature comforts of a warm bed!  In May she was diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma and after 5 chemo treatments we had to let her go in December.  Through it all she remained happy and we had the chance to show her how very much we loved her.  Thank you LFS for sharing this special girl with us.

Taylor tracking lizards




We had to say good-bye to Remi in late November after doing our best to treat him for intestinal lymphoma.  He was an absolutely wonderful boy and truly a member of our family.  We were all heartbroken to learn of his illness in October and devastated when the chemo treatments were not effective.  With no symptoms until the cancer had reached stage 5, it was very hard to lose him so quickly.  We are forever grateful to have had him for 4 years but miss him terribly.  Thought you would want to know that he brought just as much joy to us as we may have brought to him.  This is one of our favorite shots of him with one of his favorite bones.  He was rarely seen without a toy in his mouth or close by.



lfs_rainbowbridgesid111611S.i.d. (Super Intelligent Dog)

Just after we were married, my husband and I stumbled upon a Labrador Friends of the South Adoption where we met our baby Sid. We loved him from the moment we met him and we were so lucky when we went back later in the day that no one had adopted him yet. At that time, his name was Knox but after he was in our home for a week we realized he was smarter than both of us so we renamed him, Sid, our Super Intelligent Dog. Sid was a once in a lifetime dog and friend. Sid loved to go swimming and hang out with his family.  He passed suddenly from cancer and even in his last moments never let on that life was anything less than wonderful. We miss Sid everyday.





From her momma:  “Makes me so sad that I had to say goodbye to my very first rescue baby My Miss Cloe.  I can remember that first day I met my girl.   Back almost 13,  Tazzie had cancer and the vets told me she didn’t have long and Fred was so attached to Tazzie I knew I needed to adopt.  I found a rescue and they had a litter of choc lab pups. There was 8 of them 6 boys and 2 girls.  They rescue family told me I was the second family to pick.  So we all go into the house and there 8 choc babies running everywhere.   So I just sat on the floor and started to play with the puppies while the other family was picking.  Then one pup came over and climb in my lap and went to sleep.  The other family wanted a girl. After they played with them all they were looking for the other girl and I checked the girl climbed into my lap and was sleeping.  The husband from the family said I think she has picked you.  He told his wife to pick from other girl and the boys.  She picked the other girl.  That’s when I knew that Cloe rescued us.  Cloe followed Tazzie and Fred everywhere like they where her parents.  Tazzie trained her so well.  Cloe was so smart and has taught many of mine and my fosters.  She took a piece of my heart just like rest that have passed over the years. She gave me so much love and god I miss her so much already.  All my hairy kids have given me so much.  Each one is so different,  each one I have learned so much from.   I will miss my Cloe hat.  I miss you so much my girl.  I know you aren’t in any pain any more and running and playing with Tazzie, Fred, Jake and Homer.  ?????”

“Miss Cloe. Clo Clo. Mama’s Girl. I kind of thought of her as miss independent most of the time, doing her own thing and keeping her brothers in check, but when it came to Jenny, she was her girl through and through. While she still showed love to other people, you could just tell by the way she looked at Jenny that they had a special connection that no one else was going to come between. She would follow Jenny around like a shadow, and I’m sure they had plenty of special “girl” moments when the boys weren’t watching. Cloe had such a zest for life; one of those dogs that you just can’t help but be in awe of when you’re around them. The way she would bound around the yard without a care in the world or do a happy dance for a treat in the kitchen just put a smile on your face no matter what. Even when I could tell she didn’t feel her best, Cloe could still be found prancing around the yard, making sure no silly creatures were trying to get in. She was also so patient with all the foster pups, and she helped teach so many of them how to enjoy life. I like to think that Cloe helped Jenny find one of her greatest callings: rescuing dogs and helping them find better lives. For that, I am forever grateful for Cloe, and I’m so glad that she chose Jenny those 13 years ago. I know she will be watching over her as her guardian angel forever, along with the rest of Jenny’s original crew, Homer, Jake, Fred, and Tazzie.

Rest easy sweet girl.-A friend”




March 15, 2008 forever changed our lives. That was the day that Miss Lisa became our fur daughter.

After reading her story I just new she had to be ours. She was so full of life and so happy. She loved her fur brothers Gunny, Tucker and human Connor.  Every time Lisa heard the keys, she was ready to ride.  She loved it.  She also loved the snow (when we got it), sitting in the water, bathing our cat Garfield and our youngest fur child Tucker.  She was my assistant in the kitchen….nothing got passed her.  Every time I pulled the carrots from the fridge she was right there asking for one.   She never wanted to miss a meal.  Lisawas our Hoover when it came to food.  Lisa loved traveling to Alabama with us and being a country dog. She would never miss a ride on the gator or sitting on the stairs that lead into the pool.  Last year (2015) during one of our Alabama trips she became unable to use her front legs.  We soon found out she would need surgery to regain the possible use of those legs.   To everyone’s delight she pulled through the surgery and long rehabilitation.  We were blessed with this past year of the most lovable and licking dog anyone could ask for.  She loved stuffed toys or the stuffing at least.   She would treat them like her babies, unless there was a squeaker.  After that, all bets were off.    She treated everyone like you were hers.  She even saved my husbands mother one night by staying by her side.  But the most memorable thing about her was she couldn’t control her licker…lol.   Then on August 16, 2016 I noticed she was not acting like herself.  She did not come running for breakfast.  Anyone with a lab knows something is up when this happens. We thought she might have an upset stomach.  The situation did not improve. Then on Monday August 22, 2016 we took her to the vet.  We found out she had a mass on her spleen.  We scheduled her for surgery.  They said everything went ok.  The mass had taken some blood from her system.  The doctor was hoping she was ok.  She seemed to be alert and happy to see everyone when we went to visit. During the night she crossed over the rainbow bridge.  The only thing we can think is that the whole episode was too much for her. We all miss her so very much and think about her every second.  We can say with certainty, she is in a better place. Lisa is now running and chasing tennis balls with no pain. Her and Homer (Jenny’s dog) are loving on each other and watching over us all






It was Christmas Eve and we had gotten a call from Jenny Joyce of Lab Friends of the South that we were going to rescue a lab that was scheduled to be put down after the holidays. Little did Diane and I know that this Lab would end up rescuing us! Keli Calvert Greenwood from Lab Friends of the South and officer Short opened the shelter, all wanting to save this special spirit. When he rounded the corner, we saw a massive 100 lb lab and he immediately became Bear. When I looked into his huge brown eyes I saw such sadness, his tortured human had committed suicide. We immediately bonded; we were both had fallen down a great hole of emotional despair! Yet I could tell Bear’s was full of such powerful energy and spirit! Bear and I rapidly became trail running buddies, every day after work it was a mad rush to get into my trail clothes and we were off to the woods. Bear was so full of unbridled energy that he would cry all the way to Tribble Mill Park! As we ran through the woods I could only hold on for dear life. His long legs would stretch into a full gallop, the muscles on his giant back would ripple, nostrils flaring, snot gushing slobber up into my face, we were flying! There was such an emotional attunement between us; I could actually feel his massive heart pumping in his barrel chest as he roared through the wooded trials! However, this mighty bear charge would often terrify the dogs and their humans as we descended down on them. Often there was growling and screaming. But Bear would just continue with his nonreactive mind, ignoring all the chaos. I would bow my head to the Buddha (enlighten one), totally indifferent to the dark side! Similarly, Bear finally learned how to swim when two golden retrievers (we called them the blondes) were jumping into the water after a tennis ball. I heard a cry as Bear went in after the blondes, his emotional (limbic) brain was flooded and he intuitively became amphibious! His paws widened and his unused webs became flippers, snout and tail became rudders. He actually swam across the lake after the blondes. Now he was going on trips to the ocean with us. He would swim all day and at night he would sit and meditates with us, looking out at the moon over the ocean! Similarly, Bear would always sit in the back yard and meditate with us! Our 10 years with Bear always took us away from sadness, to place of great peace!  Bear was pure joy and his spirit still touches my heart!  – Lederman Family




Drake  loved to hike with us and  play in the water.  He loved goingto CHOA and visiting with the children.  He always brought a smile to their face.At feeding time he jumped up and down on all fours because he was so excited!  Drake was by my side all the time. He made every step I made. He loved to cuddle. He was just the best dog you could ever want.
 We miss him everyday.

Dylan 3

Dylan (aka Scooby)

7/1/2005 – 6/6/2016

Dylan crossed the Rainbow Bridge today after a very, very short and sudden illness. We had adopted him from you all in August 2006 right after we got married and he has been the perfect addition to our family. Since then we’ve added other animals and a daughter, and through it all he remained the most fun-loving, good-natured (bouncy!) boy we could have ever hoped for. We had a wonderful almost-10 years with him.Really expected we’d get at least a few more, but he didn’t suffer. Everything just suddenly shut down on him. Anyway, we wanted to let you know and tell you thank you for finding him for us. Here are a few pics of him through the years – he lived a good, full life!

Dylan 4
Dylan 2 Dylan 1



8/22/2005 – 4/11/2016
Homer was (and will always be) a one of a kind labrador. While he may not have been a “purebred,” what he lacked in pedigree, he made up for in heart.I’ve never met a dog with more heart than Homer, and he just seemed to know how to make your day better with that silly smile. Homer never denied a good snuggle on the couch, and anyone who would give him a pat on the head was immediately his friend. With his wonderful character, he helped welcome countless fosters to rescue without protest,
even when the most annoying of puppies were crawling all over him. Even toward the end, with such a great spirit,
most days you wouldn’t have even known he was sick. I could tell he was trying to stay strong for Jenny, but the cancer started to take its toll.

 Without a doubt, Homer lived the good life with Jenny and her crew. She saved him as a baby after he was thrown away by horrible people and made sure he never experienced cruelty like that again, and I think he knew that. You could just tell by the way he looked at Jenny how much he loved her and how thankful he was, and I know he’s watching over her from the Rainbow Bridge. He will always and forever live on in our memory, but I know he’s hanging out up there with Tazzie, Fred, and Jakerman.

Homie, we hate saying goodbye, so we’ll just leave it at see ya later.





Our friend Duke went to heaven today. He was the warmest and kindest animal. He provided dog therapy to Sandy, his best friend. He loved his boy and his family and cat.  We will miss him dearly. He was our best friend. It was our privilege to spend the past 10 years with him. What a great part of the family.


Our beloved Buddy, who we adopted from just last year, passed away. He became very sick and multiple vets and tests couldn’t figure out the problem. His quality of life deteriorated rapidly and he died.We are heartbroken at losing Buddy. As his name suggests, he was a good buddy; loving, lovable, and extremely mellow. But we are so grateful for the short time we had with him and extend our sincere appreciation to LFS for rescuing and fostering him until we adopted him.


Winston  was such a sweetie! We started out fostering him but i quickly knew he belonged with us and “the crew”.  He fit right in.   He loved to be in the yard with his fur-friends and eat blueberries right from the bush then come in and lie down on the cool kitchen floor.  He was even a good sport with the Christmas antlers!  He was never far from my side and we will miss him terribly.  Your hips won’t hurt anymore big boy.  Wait for us on the other side…we’ll be together again.


When my son was 9 he said all I want for Christmas is a dog. He wrote a list of all the things he wanted in a dog. David wanted a dog who he could play with and who would sleep next to him at night, in short a best friend. David and Beth picked Beauty out on the LFS website. We went and met the nice people who fostered her and they told us that Beauty was a calm, good natured dog. She was all of that and more. If someone was upset she went to comfort them, if she coldn’t decide to be in my office or the den where the family was she would find a space in the middle to be close to  all of us, and she sleep under the covers every night with David. Words fail me but Love was her defining characteristic. I believe with all my heart that we will see Beauty again, that her paw will once again come up and say I need to be petted or are you okay. Thank you LFS for finding her for us and for helping all the dogs that you save each year.


We got Ivory on November 2, 2011.  She was the most joyful and sweetest dog we have ever known.  She loved to play ball and snuggle more than anything. That sweet soul left us today, May 17, 2015. She will be greatly missed – there will never be another Ivory.  Thank you Labrador Friends for leading us to this gift.


Hamish,I hope that you are looking down on us knowing that you were loved and are missed. As our foster, you were understandably uncertain, but so ready to cuddle with and love us. You were not with us for long, but I hope that in that time, you knew happiness. You deserved it. Your life before us and LFS was so tragic, and not what any dog deserves. I hope that you are up there running like crazy with our Remmie and Lexi and that some day we will all be together again. You were, and will always be a part of our family. Thanks to Jenny your urn sits here in the home where you will always be remembered. Love and miss you sweet boy. Thank you for the love you gave all of us.
Dad, Mom, Kennedy, Cole, Drew, Marvin, Libby, Bongo, and Boomer

Little Baby Girl

You and us tried hard to make you live a little longer but your body just was not strong enough. Your mom tried all she could to keep you alive but the hard life she had to endure while pregnant just was too hard. Be free across the rainbow bridge little girl. You have many older LFS brothers and sisters to show you the way

Angus (Doc)

Our family adopted Angus (Doc) from LFS in August 2012 when he was 4 months old. He immediately fit right in with our family of 3 kids and 1 other dog, Jax. He was an old, gentle soul at a his very young age, and I guess looking back on that, it all makes sense now. Angus was one of those special dogs that only comes along once in your life. I’ve loved all of my dogs beyond what words can express, but the bond I had with Angus was truly indescribable. If it’s possible to have a soul mate with a dog, he was mine. Everywhere I went, he was right behind me – he never left my side – he was my constant companion. We lost him suddenly when he was only 15 months old from intestinal torsion. We were all heartbroken and devastated. Though it has been over a year, I think about and miss him tremendously him every day. I know there will never be another Angus, but I feel so fortunate that he chose us to spend his short life with. He is forever my sweet boy.


Sweet Asiago, you were with us for a very short time but I hope you got to experience love. We tried to help you fight but your body was too weak to fight this horrible case of Parvo. Run free and painless Asiago, the rest of the LFS dogs we lost so far will show you the way across the rainbow bridge.


Paisley was the happiest dog I have ever met. I rescued her from Walton County Animal Control in the summer of 2013, where I was told she was about 8 months old. She lived the most amazing life between the farm, where her big sister (my thoroughbred horse) lives, and going any and everywhere with me. She wanted to be everyone’s friend and everyone loved her. December of 2014, she was diagnosed with what at the time showed, her second bladder infection of the year. A week later, she stopped eating and then was admitted to the emergency hospital where she stayed 4 nights, 5 days. Their efforts were exhausted, and we found out she was in Stage 4 renal failure, most likely congenital but was jump started by a pain medication. We brought her home and did everything we could for 2 weeks. On her last day, I knew it was time. We chose to do Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice care to make the process peaceful for her. There will never be another Paisley.I found LFS just a few days prior to Paisley‘s passing. I now know that when I am ready, I hope to find my next love through LFS. Rest easy big girl, you are so loved.

Riley (Opie)

It’s taken me several months to be able to put this into words. The pain of losing my boy so suddenly to a very aggressive form of cancer has been difficult to bear. There are no words to convey how much Riley meant to me. The unconditional love that he provided to me for 8+ years can never be duplicated. I know he’s in a better place and I wouldn’t have him back with me right now if it meant he was suffering. I still look at his picture in my room every morning and tell him how much I love him. Play hard with your cousins, Samson and Zachary, and I know we’ll be together again some day. I love you my sweet boy.



Our dearest Remmie, It is impossible to put into words how we felt and will always feel about you. You were the definition of the perfect dog in every way. You and your sister were our first precious babies and you remained so loyal and loving through quite a few big life changes. Your sister passed away at a very young age, we added triplets into our lives, we added two other crazy dogs 🙂 and very frequently, a foster dog. You never flinched for a second. You were still our sweet Rem Rem at all times and in every way. You were not a dog that was adopted through LFS, but you were there to warmly welcome many LFS fosters. You did it with grace and we will never forget it, or you. Every dog that comes into our home in order to make its way to its forever home, is now in your honor. We miss you so terribly you incredibly giving, sweet, loving, handsome boy! With all our love until we get to see and snuggle with you again, Dad, Mom, Kennedy, Cole, Drew, Bongo and Libby

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Frannie 1


She was my foster, and a wonderful one she was. I want you to know she was spoiled and treated like a princess the 21 days we had her. She enjoyed walks around the park, belly rubs, being brushed (she almost purred as I brushed her), treats, ice-cubes and just the companionship of living in a house with people and other dogs that adored her.. Run free Franni and say hi for us to all the LFS dogs running with you across the rainbow bridge.

Labrador Friends of the South - tribute Brit


Britt crossed the bridge last night but his spirit & his love are forever with us. He was such a happy & handsome fella. We are grateful to all of you @ LFS for saving his life & taking wonderful care of him (especially Loretta, foster mom). Our time with him was 3 short years but our memories last forever. I will send picture shortly. Our hearts are so broken…

Labrador Friends of the South Charlie Tribute


This morning Charlie took a turn for the worse and we had to say goodbye. She was a lovely girl and we fought with her and for her until there was nothing else we could do…She came to us still young and we did all we could to make her feel better. She is now running free with all the other LFS dogs we lost over the years. LFS would like thank you everyone who donated for her: the extra money allowed us to giver her chance. We also would like to thank our wonderful fosters who are always ready to be amazing, even when that means rushing to the vet to be near a foster while she crossed the rainbow bridge. It is a sad day for LFS…

Labrador Friends of the South Sam rainbow Bridge


SAM Sam I am, Sam-a-lamb, Samster, Samtana, Samboni, Saminator, Sammy Sosa, SAM. Two weeks after losing Farley, my first LFS adoptee to cancer, I saw “Champ’s” picture on the LFSwebsite. Puppy love at first site. He’d been found wandering Cobb County, was between 4-5 years old, and heart worm positive. Jenny arranged a meeting for us on March 24, 2007 at the vet where he was recovering. Sam and I went home together that day, the beginning of our nearly seven year companionship. Our bond was not instant, as it had been with Farley. He was a bit aloof and never one to offer unsolicited affection, but patient and tolerant of mine. After several months of fetch, hiking, camping trips and a vacation to the beach, he eventually found his way on to the couch, head in my lap. I’m a graphic designer by trade, and when Jenny asked if I would be interested in developing a logo for LFS, I jumped at the chance to have a small role with a group of folks I am forever indebted to and in awe of. It seemed only fitting that Sam be my muse. The hat he wears in the design is mine and he wore it well. A cool way to be remembered. How will I remember Sam? I’ll remember how high he could get off the ground leaping for a tennis ball. His unwavering tolerance of the constant humping from his cousin Buddy, my sister’s Boston. How he liked to ride in the front seat of my jeep, no matter how uncomfortable he looked. The ear infections, the skin infections, his patience during hundreds of medicated shampoo baths, sometimes thrice weekly. I’ll remember when the dog that never offered unsolicited affection, came into my father’s room as he lay dying, licked his hand and went and sat in the corner. How he loved popcorn, apples and carrots and watermelon and especially cantaloupe. The sound of those paws clumping down the stairs to get in bed with me so that he, nor I would sleep alone. The way he waded into the surf at the beach and just flopped down like it was his own private spa. The way he sat up with excitement when he saw my suitcase or the ramp that got him in and out of the car when he could no longer make the jump. That was how he acted on our last trip to Sarasota, last trip heading for the beach. Lethargic and not too interested in food anymore, he saw that suitcase and those big brown eyes looked at me like “let’s go”. I didn’t know that morning when we left, that upon arrival in Sarasota, I would be the one letting go. Sam’s age caught up with him on December 14, 2013. He was a stoic dog, a reflection of my moods and a gauge of my humanity and I miss him so much. I am ever grateful to LFS and to Jenny for enriching it with the gift of Sam.

Labrador friends of the south rainbow bridge tanner


Unfortunately his visit at my house was sweet by very short. Tanner left us this afternoon. He had the best 24 hours full of loving messages from all of you, a great fall day with lots of smells, roast beef and Parmigian cheese smuggled directly from Italy, lots of flirting from a little red girly lab, a gigantic soft bed, and lots, lots of love and rubbing. I think he left happy. I choose this picture to show how happy he was! It was hard but I would do it all over again!



He was patient with me while I wrote a PhD dissertation, he drove across country with me, he helped me settle in a new city, make new friends, succeed at my job, and go through a “divorce”. He never left my side when I had no short term memory. He is one of the founders of my dog rescue and the best foster brother. He never had a bad day in 14 and half years. He could smell water a mile away and would jump in no matter how cold it was. He was always ready for a “car wash”…He was my best friend! I hope where he is now he has Nala, a creek, yummy food, and a comfy bed with a blanket. I miss you!



Honey went to be with Macky at 3:02 pm yesterday. She passed away peacefully in our home, surrounded by her family. Over the past three weeks, her polyneuropathy disease progressed so as to deplete her body’s ability to use her legs even with a wheelchair or perform other vital bodily functions without help. For the first time, we could see that she was ready to go. We feared she could end up in a condition such as that what happened to Macky (sepsis) in March of this year, or that she could develop aspiration pneumonia, and we could not chance her suffering. This is the worst time of my entire life. As y’all know, she was my soulmate. And, yes, I absolutely cherish every minisecond we had together from 2/19/2005 to yesterday. I know we loved like I never thought I could love. I know God’s purpose was fulfilled through our time on Earth together. I know she held out for our wedding, which we purposefully pulled together in four weeks to ensure she was part of the ceremony. I know she knows and felt the love I had – and Tommy, her Nanny (my mama), my Daddy, Uncle Richard, Aunt Julie, Aunt Jen, Aunt Kim, Aunt Grace – and many of you had for her. I do recognize all of this. But right now, I’m simply so so so sad. Thank you for valuing and understanding the infinite and immeasurable love I have for her. Thank you too for praying that we humans have the opportunity to be with our pups again in someplace beyond earth. And I hope our love maybe touched your lives in the way that seemed to be Honey’s purpose, even if you never had the privilege of stroking her ears or getting a kiss on your cheek from my best girl. As you can seetfrom the photos attached, and as many of you have personally experienced, Honey’s mere presence lifted all those around her. I exaggerate not when I say that Honey had something incalculably special. In these photos she is whole and happy in the way we hope she is again now. One photo was taken on 2/19/2005, her adoption day. The one of her jumping and barking was taken after I asked her “Do you want a treatie?” Her response was always a double ‘jump jump’ sometimes paired with a one shot ‘woof.’ The one of her with me in cocktail attire was taken in 2/2006 at the “No More Homeless Dogs” benefit, where she strutted around and actually stood in the food line to get served. Honey went everywhere with me. Even if I was just heading to CVS, she always jumped in the car. She quacked her duck all the time, and she loved getting dressed up. She adored both of her brothers, Macky and Sawyer, and her surrogate brother Buddy. She fought valiantly and without a minute’s self-pity through being “backyard bred” for the first six years of her life, dangerous and highly difficult heartworm disease and treatment, an immeasurable fear of thunderstorms, polyneuropathy and its accompanying tests-tests-tests-procedures-and-more-tests, five strokes, resulting deafness, laryngeal paralysis, chronic UTIs, drug allergies, muscular atrophy and loss of muscular ability (due to polyneuropathy) and lameness. (We are so very very fortunate that, until the last few weeks, she experienced little to no pain.) I would be completely remiss if I did not say that she lived and breathed [almost] as much for her daddy, Tommy, as she did for me – and that her daddy’s world, like mine, revolved around her. How very very blessed we were to find Tommy, who loves her like he loves his own departed soulmate, Emmitt. I hope Honey and Emmitt – and Macky – can become a little pack in heaven and wait for their mommy and daddy to join them one day. Thank you for letting us share some memories of her. Go love on your fur baby/ies. Love, Kel


Labrador Friends of the South - tribute


My Dear Sweet Forrest Gump: you came into my life five and a half years ago quite unexpectedly. I knew from the moment I saw you that you were a survivor, and I was going to do everything I could to heal your broken body and give you that much deserved second chance for a good life. I fell so in love with you, that despite the reality I wasn’t looking to adopt another doggie, I could not possibly give you up. You immediately fit right into my family and you became my shadow boy. We got through some tough times, never once did you complain. I truly have been inspired by your courage, your love, and your ability to fight the battles you were faced with. Once past the tough part, we were able to relax and enjoy life together. Every one you met, you won their hearts. So thank you my sweet boy for allowing me to be your mom, for loving me unconditionally, and for blessing me each and every day we had together. You will be so missed by not only me and my family, but by everyone who ever met you. Your passing has left another hole in my heart, but I know we will see each other again. Give my best to your sisters, Raven and Rivers and your brother, Rocky. They will all be with you in doggie/kitty heaven. I pray that our reunion comes sooner than later. Love always and forever, Your Mom

Fred, aka Mr.Chubba

10/25/1999 to 11/12/2012 – Mr. Fred was the head of Jenny’s pack for years. He helped teach all of her fosters the joys of being in a loving home and what it truly meant to be a happy Labrador.

Not only that, but he was Jenny’s baby boy. She loved him dearly and I know he loved her back. Fred and Jenny were always near each other in some way, whether he was following her around the house or he was sleeping under her chair as she worked. His love was unconditional and Fred had one of the best personalities you could ever find in a dog; he was always smiling, always thankful to get a pat on the head, and never turned down some lovin. A big boy, he was just a gentle giant of sorts. I’ll definitely miss that big goof ball.

Fred was a great dog and he fought until the very end. While we all wish he could still be with us, we know he’s pain free in doggie heaven, running over the rainbow bridge with his sister Tazzie Girl and Mr. Jakerman.

Rest easy, old man. Until we meet again someday at the pearly gates of heaven, say hello for us and tell the rest of the crew that we love them. Love you, Fred.


Raven Henderson

Oct. 10, 1997 to Sept. 27, 2012

Raven came into my life as a pup only 7 weeks old and my first and only “small dog”. From the time I laid eyes on her, I knew she belonged with me. If anyone asked me about Raven I would simply reply “I adore her”. And I did. She was my baby girl and she gave me the best hugs and the most tender sweet kisses. We could snuggle and cuddle forever and she was always by my side. Raven didn’t let her small size ever be intimidated by the large dogs she grew up with. In fact , she was my little alpha dog and the rest of the pack knew and respected that she was the boss. She was so beautiful, smart and my very best friend. She was and acted like a princess and you could just look at her and tell that. Raven lived a long life, but it would never have been long enough for me. Losing her has devastated my life. My life will never be the same without my little girl, and I will count the days until I see her again. I know she is with her sisters and brothers in Heaven and that she is no longer sick. I prayed for the Angels to be there and hold her as she entered her new life. I didn’t want her to be afraid. And I prayed that her sister Rivers be there to assure her all was well. I know Raven is in a better place, but I miss her so. Raven, if you are reading this, Mommy loves you so very much and can’t wait to be with you again. You were the best little girl I could have ever hoped for. Thank you for fifteen wonderful years. Love forever and ever, your mom, Sheila

Hershey, the Therapy Dog

IT IS COMMON TO SEE HERSHEY around the Sherwood neighborhood of Del Webb’sSpruce Creek Country Club. The chocolate· colored Labrador retriever often struts happily alongside Scott Brown’s golf cart or sits calmly beside him in the passenger seat, taking in thesights and scents. Brown usually stops the cart several times along his way to allow eager friends 10 visit with his joyfully receptive canine. He says that “Hersh” is an extraordinarily friendly and well-mannered dog. It is a gift he comes by through both his gentle and loving nature and years of training. A toothy SO pound dog could be an intimidating sight, but Hershey’s thumping tail, happy demeanor and polite ways seem to attract all who see him. It is what he does.

Hershey, so named by Brown for his rich chocolate coloring, leads a life tbat is heartwarming and not without drama. Once, be sat on death row – abandoned in a shelter and slated to be put down the next day. Then. along came Brown. who, saddened by the recent loss of a pet, was looking for a new companion. He said Hershey came running right over to him, nudged at his
hand and looked up with big brown eyes. The two bonded and have been inseparable since. Hershey is a graduate of three obedience training classes, of the American Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Training and of 18 months of therapy dog training. It was a trainer at obeclience school who first remarked to Brown that Hershey had a perfect disposition for a therapy dog – he was calm and patient.
Brown pursued the idea and enrolled the Labrador in therapy training.”It became evident,” Brown said, “that Hersh would rather be with people than with other dogs.”
Del Webb’s Spruce Creek Country Club resident Scott Brown and Hershey the therapy dog volunteer at Munroe Regional Medical C~nter about once a week.
Certification classes teach dogs not to take food~ not to kiss on the face and 10 watch out for wires and tubes. They are taught to “visit” (put paws on the bed) and to “visit nice,” (put paws on bed and sit). They are exposed 10 banging bed pans and other such stimuli to ensure they remain calm in a hospital enviroryment. The main pre-requisite is that the animal be friendly, patient, calm and receptive to people. Cartoonist Charles Shulz said that “Happiness is a warm puppy,” and author/artist Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy has written that “Dogs are miracles with paws!” Seeing Hershey in action lends credence to both . •
Adorned in an orange vest that reads “Pet me, I’m friendly” on one side and “Therapy Dog” on the other, Hersh makes round with Brown once or twice a week at Munroe Regional Medical Center. A picture ill tag gives him the official status of a volunteer.The first stop is signing in at the volunteer office and a brief visit with chaplainThomas Carson. Hershey is trained not to accept food from strangers but makes an exception for the chaplain, who reaches into his desk drawer and offers a biscuit. Then it’s on to his rounds. A hospital can be a grim place. People are not there for fun – they are dealing with nerves, crises and, literally, life and death. The unexpected sight of this happy, friendly dog ~ tail thumping – brings instant joy. Nurses, taking relief from the rigors of their duties, drop to their knees, throw their anns around its head and kiss away. Hershey visits patients by request and invitation. Some of their pain and fear is briefly forgotten as the bed-ridden reach olll and find comfort and new energy. One man stroked Hershey tearfully from his bed saying, “, miss my dog so much. Thank you for this!” In the oppressive annospheres of the waiting rooms, his entrance is like a spark of light. An entire room can find respite from their worries by watching a small child hug and wrestle with her new canine friend.
Brown tells a story about his experience at a rehab facility. A woman invited Hershey to visit her mother, who really loved dogs but was in a coma. Hershey put his paws on the bed and placed his nose near her hand. The woman’s fingers began to move, stroking Hershey’s face. Petting him. she awoke from her coma and greeted her tearful daughter.- Gary Green

Hank Hall

Hank might have been the best lab ever.(at least as far as I am concerned!!) He found me on a volunteer Saturday two weeks before Christmas. As the owner of two other dogs,three cats and three horses at the time I had no intention of getting another dog. Apollo, as he was formerly known as, had been picked up by animal control in Gwinnett County. They kept him for two weeks thinking his family would come and then another two weeks because they liked him so much. Luckily they then called Labrador Friends of the South. Apollo was a big lad, over 110 lbs with a big bucket head and huge bear paws. As if these were not distinguishing enough features, he also had a three foot vertical jump and could get all four paws off the ground straight up!! A family from Florida was coming to look at him and one other dog–they chose the other one. As our adoption session was coming to a close, Apollo and I had bonded and I could not imagine sending him to the kennel for Christmas !! So I said I would foster him. As soon as he got in the car I knew I had flunked the Foster test!! I never made it out of the parking lot!! I took him home and it was if he had always been part of our family! I called my daughter Meredith and told her I had gotten her something black and furry for Christmas and it was  NOT a fur coat!!

 With his new name, Hank or Hank the Tank as we affectionately called him the saga began. Laid back from the beginning, Hank became a constant companion. He loved to go in the car, to horse shows to Home Depot anyplace that was dog friendly. In the Spring of 2009, I moved to North Georgia and Hank became a mountain dog. I accepted a job as the Director of a preschool and Hank got to come to school. Nestled in the mountains near Sautee, Hank became the favorite of 30 children who showered him with love!! His primary job was that of in house Hoover picking up every dropped snack or treat!! As you can imagine the perfect job for a Labrador!! A gentle giant he endured lots of love, hugs, tail tugging and general kid love, always with a smile on his face. After a year in preschool, we graduated and went to work at VIP Travel in Helen. Hank became a Disney expert and welcomed our customers with a great big tail wag !!

 In the Spring of 2011, I was offered a great career opportunity in Dallas, TX. One of the stipulations of my offer was that I could bring Hank to work!! Hank and I made the journey and he settled into his new role as VP Canine Communications at Brightwing! Over the course of the last year, Hank became a fixture in our building, everyone knew and loved that big guy! Our colleagues on the first floor would ask if he could come hang out with them for the morning. Our floor neighbors would come visit on a regular basis to see him. He created friendships that had never existed and built camaraderie in the building. In our neighborhood he did the same thing. We live in a very dog centric neighborhood. You may not know someone’s name but you know their dog!! Since we are in the city there are a  lot of little “snack” type dogs that always took pleasure in barking at big old Hank ~ he just gave them a glance and a wag and kept walking !!

 Sadly, Hank was diagnosed with a fast growing, malignant tumor in his mouth the end of July and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 7th. You all know the heartache so I won’t go there. What you may not have ever experienced is the out pouring of love I have received from so many people. To a person almost everyone in my building came to say good-bye and to thank him for being such a great dog and how much they all loved him. I comforted more crying grown-ups than I can count!! My colleagues in Michigan, who had mainly met him via video were all devastated!! Via Facebook the parents of my students all sent messages. One parent commented that her daughter will be so sad because she planned on moving to Texas to be “with Miss Karen and Hank.” So in the end, in his short time with me he left a lasting impression!! While there will never be another Hank, I feel certain there is a “Hank, Jr” waiting to find me.


Toby with all of his “special needs” was a hilarious and wonderful addition to our family. Over the three years we shared with him, he gave us lots of laughs and only a few tears.
He jumped fences — so he was never out of our site outside.  He was terrified of thunder storms — so we became storm trackers and either my husband or my self would leave work to run home to give Toby his meds if it was going to rain. After he took the chain link kennel door off his kennel two times in a row, he was quite literally kicked out of the boarding facility — we were in Florida and had to have him picked up by a family member. So many “Toby stories”…

 Everyone who met him loved him. He was so gentle and truly a companion. He was happiest at a person’s side — anyone’s really, although we like to think we were at the top of the list.

 The recovery from the amputation was the most difficult part of his life with cancer. For 6 months he was back to his old self — but in June he suddenly went down hill in a matter of days. He passed away on June 20th — his “Gotcha Day.” He gave us exactly three years of love and lessons on patience and joy.

 He is deeply missed.

 Best, Megan and Ned


One of the joys of working here at the range is that we get to meet many strangers and turn them into friends and family. This joy also means that we share the import things and special relationships in our lives. With this sharing we create solid emotional connections with our customers. We shared the life of Magnum, our range dog, and now we have to share his passing.

Magnum was a beloved part in our lives here at the range and at home. Magnum had many people in his life that brought him treats, rolled around on the ground with him, or just gave him a good pet and hug. To these customers I am sorry for your loss. Feel free and we encourage all of you to share any stories of Magnum on our Facebook page or in an email. online@bullseyemarksman.com



April 2012 to July 2012
A sweet girl that was so full of life but cut short due to illness. Sweet Curry is at Rainbow Bridge waiting to be reunited with her loving family.


We lost Kingston a few weeks ago, and it has been very hard. We adopted Kingston from Labrador Friends in 2007 I believe. He was a shy boy who did not really trust anyone at the time. After awhile he opened up and was the greatest dog ever. He loved being outside and going for rides. This past year he started having some health problems with the discs in his back. He was put on medication which seemed to be helping, so his sudden death was a shock. We know hes in a better place and hes not hurting anymore. He will always be missed and loved by us. The world lost a perfect dog when Kingston left! ~AsHleE~


2001 (rescued) to January 2010
Kudzu was the sweetest dog I ever knew. He had a bad start to life, he was 2 days from being euthanized in a high kill shelter when the rescue organization spotted him. He was heart worm +, had a bad skin condition and his coat looked terrible. I had not intended to ever get another lab after my yellow girl dies, I missed her too much…

One day in June 2001, I went to Petsmart to buy cat food… There was a rescue group outside. I made the fatal “error” of making eye contact with a somewhat raggedy, smelly dirty chocolate Lab who had the softest eyes. I steeled myself and went inside, but I could not resist another quick peek. To my surprise, his eyes were still following me, he ignored everyone else. I bought my cat food and when I peeked around the aisle.. he was STILL looking for me… you can guess what happened next… my cats were not amused… but he was gentle to them.

He was so grateful, loving and loving and I could trust him with anyone. A friend of mine was terrified of dogs after she was attacked as a child… well I have a photo of her hugging Kudzu.. he won her over and cured her fear of dogs. The whole neighborhood morned him when I had to let him go peacefully and gracefully. Even the vet shed a tear.

I miss him for his grace and presence and for being my best friend



May 2000 – March 17, 2012

There is a reason why they say a dog is a man’s best friend.
She was a good dog, the best really. When she was around I never felt alone or afraid. We were together. Nothing could hurt either of us. It would not be tolerated. We hung out. Went shopping. Did the things that friends do. I know she had a good life. She walked and ran and chased and ate…ate WELL. It was one of her favorite things. She had other friends, both human and dog, but I was her favorite and she was mine. I am forever changed by her presence in my life.
Goodbye Babydog. You will be missed.
Love, Mom
Syrita Jackson


May 11, 2005 – March 14, 2012

Jake was one of the goofiest Labs I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. The first time he and I met, he shoved his nose into my hand and I just couldn’t resist loving all over him and those big, floppy, oversized ears. Jake, or Jakerman as Jenny liked to call him, was everything you could ask for in a Labrador retriever.  He was always happy, always smiling, always ready to fetch a ball whenever you threw it, and he would never hurt anyone. He helped teach so many fosters the benefits of life inside a home.

 Jakerman was a miraculous dog and will always and forever be Jenny’s special boy. He was a part of her family since he was a little puppy, when Jenny had to nurse him back to health after he became very ill. The vets didn’t think he would make it, but Jake was a fighter, and Jenny never gave up on him. She told me the story of how he used to lay his head on her chest as she tried to keep him alive, and it made my heart hurt greatly that she and Jake were in the same position once more.

 Jake’s life was cut way too short, but he was loved more than anyone can imagine. He fought hard the last few weeks of his life;

I knew he didn’t want to leave Jenny. He will surely be missed by all that had the privilege of knowing him, and by Jenny, Cloe, Fred, and Homer especially.

 Rest in peace dear boy, and run free with Tazzie up there in heaven.

 P.S. Don’t worry Jake, we’ll take care of your mommy for ya.

 -A friend


The Ingwersen to the Mirabella family

There was a beautiful Lab named Jake. He was a member of the Mirabella Family. The family lost Jake this week. Jake was very special to them and was very loved.

I’m not sure if Jake knew he was special to us. Several years ago, our dog, Brooke the Boxer suddenly went blind at the age of 5? Jake and Brooke were playmates! Jake knew immediately, that something was different with Brooke the Boxer. Jake…refused to let Brooke….not play! They ran as usually, wrestled, as usual, shared a water bowl, as usual. Jake was her seeing eye dog. Would guide her away from hitting trees, missing stairs. Jake lead her to her bed and to the door when play time was over.

Jake provided Brooke the Boxer with a “semi” regular dogs life until the day we lost her.

Jake was very special and we’re happy she was in our lives.

The Ingwersen’s



With a heavy heart and through the tears, we had to put our youngest son to sleep today. Abecrombie or Abby has blessed our lives here for 1 month shy of 15 years. He was probably the best dog I have had and he also has converted me into a life long Lab owner. Abecrombie has bought great joy into our lives. Today as I looked up on the wall of the Vet’s office, there was a sign that said “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. How fitting. For all who have known him, he was the gentlest dog and great with kids. He was a protector. Abecrombie was the only one of my Boys, who never minded me calling him,”mama’s boy. Here’s to my Abecrombie. There will never be another one like him. As the movie goes, “All dogs go to heaven. May you have a big lake there and plenty of young hot golden retrievers.


Porter Penland


We could never replace or forget you, you were and are loved and missed more than you know!!

We love you Porter!!!


January 7,1996 – March 10 2010

I got Bronte 3 Days before my dad passed away from Prostrate cancer at 61 years of age.I smuggled her in to the hospital twice so he could see her. The first time I was stopped by a nurse who knew the family and she said to me I didnt know you had a baby(yes ma’am as I quickly ran by her) The next day she stopped me again and said thats not a baby dear it has a tail!!!(OOPS)

Bronte was my rock after my dad passed and I always had the connection to my Dad.

We had to put her to sleep 14 years to the day March 10th that my father had died.

She is constantly in our thoughts..though sometimes our thoughts are a little distracted by a passing streak of yellow usually dragging an item of clothing the carpet or a blankie…our new adopted boy from LFS call Hinckley




Rooney was part of our family even at 3 weeks old before his eyes opened.  We knew Rooney was a fur ball of perfection joining our family as a Christmas gift.  He brought joy, laughter and loads of unselfish love to everyone he met.  At 85 pounds he still thought he was a lap dog.  Rooney played hard and loved hard … you will be missed and our hearts ache.

Thank you for giving our family a place to honor Rooney after his passing.


Trish & Scott Smith


Our Co-worker’s beloved yellow Lab, Buck, recently passed away due to lung cancer.  Buck was a rescue dog and was dearly loved by Mr. and Mrs. Byrne and their black La, Scout.  I am sending you this email because we collected $100 and would like to make a donation to Labrador Friends of the South in memory of Buck.

Lynn M. Donahey


May 1999-January-2012

Mocha was the best dog! We were there the day she was born and adopted her from a friend of ours. She loved to play ball, swim and go to the dog park. As she started getting older, her poor body began to fail her and her severe hip dysplasia eventually left her struggling to walk. We will miss her every day! We love you Mocha bean!

Kind Regards,
Jen Schroter

Maddie and Boo Bear

  A Tribute for Maddie and Boo Bear
The promise of a thousand tomorrows is gone.  One journey ended and another begun
This one just for you
For a lifetime my companion and best friend
Now you travel alone
I was left behind
A heart heavy with sadness
A mind full of memories
At times clouded by tears
I never wanted for you to take that journey alone
Or at least a journey without me
We were soul mates
Few words needed to be spoken
In order for our love for each other to be expressed
Knowing glances, loving touches
Conveyed all that words could not
We understood each other
Loved and respected
Trusted, honored and revered
I never wanted to say goodbye
I always thought there would be a thousand tomorrows and then some
Forever and one extra day
One lifetime together would never be enough
Not enough hours in any given day
I wanted my forevers to all be with youI was not ready to say goodbye
I do no think it is possible to ever be ready or prepared.
I never thought I could let you go
But even in your final moments you taught me one last lesson.
That when a love is as great and true as ours was
When you love someone more than you love yourself.  Then you can let them go
When staying isn’t fair or right
I wanted you to stay for me
I loved you too much to make you do that.
There were more angels in that room when we said goodbye
More angels than in those thousands of tomorrows and then some.
And then you were gone.
At first it seemed gone forever – no part of what we shared
Recoverable.  But in time I found your lasting gift
Your love remained in my heart.
Your legacy of life and love now intertwined with mine
You were never really gone.
You are the sunshine that peeks through the clouds on my darkest days
You are the warmth the surrounds me in the chill of the night
You accompany the smile that creeps across my face as the leaves crunch beneath my feet on a late Fall day.  You walk with me – sometimes sitting atop my shoulder, sometimes following in the shadows cast by the late day sun.
I find comfort in that
And I will love you forever and for always

written by Maddie & Boo Bear’s family



Although only with us for a short time, she will live forever in our hearts.

In loving memory of Schuyler, “Sky” 8/24/1997 – 9/8/2006

We just lost our Yellow Lab on 9/8/2006.  I would like to submit a photo of Sky and a little guy we found at our new home when we moved to Gainesville.  His right front leg was shattered when I found him. He now has a new home and a loving family to care for him.

WILL  –  A short life but lived to the fullest.  You will always be in our hearts.

FARLEY – a dog loved by all who had the privilege to be a part of his life.

ABBY – a wonderful girl who is truly missed.


10/25/99 to 4/2/07

Tazzie was a true fighter to the end, finally losing her battle with cancer at age 7. She was Jenny’s girl, and an inspiration to all of us at Labrador Friends. Tazzie will always live in our hearts through the rescue work that we do. Every time we place a dog in a forever home, we know that in some special way, Tazzie helped them find each other.

She will be greatly missed by Jenny, Fred, Cloe, Jake, and Homer, and all the volunteers of LFS.

Rest in peace, Tazzie. We will always love you!

“William” –   February 1996 – March 22, 2007

 William was the loving “fur” brother of the four Greenwood girls for 11 years. Our oldest daughter,  Caroline ,picked him out of the “unwanted” litter when she was only 6 weeks old. We brought him home when the youngest daughter was only 11 weeks old.  William grew up with all the girls.  He was there for first lost tooth, first date, first day at school, braces on, braces off, summer beach vacations…He was a gentle giant…all 125lbs of him!  He loved lounging on the leather sofa, and nudging your arm so you would pet him. He would not stop nudging until you did!!  We was a wonderful mentor to Jeb, our 6 year old chocolate lab.  We so miss our sweet William but feel very blessed and thankful for the 11 wonderful years we had with him.  William will be in our hearts forever!

Marshall (also known as Maxie) – March 1998 – May 14, 2007

From his foster mom:

When I got Maxie I was still trying to get over the loss of Lyza, my golden of 3 years. I was so afraid of going through the pain of loss again with Max but I also knew he needed love and a home. I loved him so much. I knew when I got him that God had sent him to me for a reason. I never shared these things with you because I didn’t think you would understand. Max was a gift to me and filled a place in my heart that I didn’t think could be filled again. I can’t tell you how overcome with sadness I am. I know I will get through this in time but right now I feel as if my heart is breaking and I can’t stop crying. Maxie went everywhere with me. He was my best friend. I don’t think there was one moment in the day that I didn’t think about getting home to him so we could go on our walks or he could run errands with me. He even slept with me. He was an angel, he was precious to me. I would give anything to have last Friday back when we had our last long walk together and he had a spring in step and tried to chase the squirrels like he always did.

Thanks for your thoughtful email. And thanks for your support while he was in my care. I wish I could have done more to keep him with me. I do believe he’s in heaven and knowing that I’ll see him again is a great comfort to me.

Marshall (also known as Maxie) –   March 1998 – May 14, 2007

From his foster mom:

When I got Maxie I was still trying to get over the loss of Lyza, my golden of 3 years.  I was so afraid of going through the pain of loss again with Max but I also knew he needed love and a home.  I loved him so much. I knew when I got him that God had sent him to me for a reason.  I never shared these things with you because I didn’t think you would understand. Max was a gift to me and filled a place in my heart that I didn’t think could be filled again.  I can’t tell you how overcome with sadness I am.  I know I will get through this in time but right now I feel as if my heart is breaking and I can’t stop crying.  Maxie went everywhere with me. He was my best friend.  I don’t think there was one moment in the day that I didn’t think about getting home to him so we could go on our walks or he could run errands with me.  He even slept with me.  He was an angel, he was precious to me.  I would give anything to have last Friday back when we had our last long walk together and he had a spring in step and tried to chase the squirrels like he always did.

Thanks for your thoughtful email.  And thanks for your support while he was in my care.  I wish I could have done more to keep him with me.  I do believe he’s in heaven and knowing that I’ll see him again is a great comfort to me.




Amber–   January 2001 – June 2007

Amber was a very sweet dog and she’ll be dearly missed by our family.


Maverick 12/6/02 – 8/3/07

In life, we occasionally come across some special creatures who touch our hearts. Maverick was one of them. He left a little mark in the heart of every person he met in his short and difficult life. He was a brave dog who fought until the end against something that was bigger than him and us. Rest in peace, Maverick, knowing that neither LFS, nor all the people that met you, or followed your story, will ever forget you. 

Ebony Caldwell  –   1994 – 2007



October 15, 1992 – November 9, 2007


Oh, little friend, do you recall,  When you made my house your home?

You were not even half grown. 

You learned to sit, and stay, and come, You learned to fetch and beg. 

You loved to play outside, You’d fetch a ball or stick,

Your favorite was chasing the squirrels. 

You sensed when I was sad, Or did not feel well,

You would put your head on my knee,  You’d always seem to know. 

You loved to go for rides, Sniffing the sniffs as we drove from place to place,

Going to work with me day after day, You never lost your pace. 

Going to the vet for shots, I guess you dreaded the most. 

You were afraid of lightening , too, And booming thunderstorms,

You’d curl up on the floor near me, Where it was safe and warm. 

I never felt lonely,  As long as you were here,

You have given to me many years of loyalty,

Love, and affection that no human is worthy of. 

Oh, I am going to miss you,  More than you know. 

There will not be any thunderstorms, No trips to the vet, No leash. 

The time has come that I must let you go,  Your pain and suffering must end,

My heart will be heavy,  But I know that this is best. 

You will live in the hearts of those you have touched,  And you were loved so much. 

See you later my little friend,  Until I see you again.




October 2007 – February 2008

Your life was short but you lived it with such fullness.  You taught us how much compassion we really had.  That sometimes being held really does make it all better.  Perhaps most importantly how high a vertical leap can be and that dogs can go down the slide.  Run free and safe until we see you again…. Mom, Dad, Colby, Chica and Hickory

Your hugs were the best – Owen



October 2004 – November 2007

We truly miss our big buddy, Cole, who died of cancer at the very young age of three.  He was a gentle, loving, shiny boy who stopped people in their tracks.  We feel so fortunate to have had him in our family.  His love kept us all connected.


June 2006 – July 2008



July 2006 – August 17, 2008

When you get involved with rescue and fostering, you learn early on of the mixed emotions about letting a dog go to a home away from yours.  In our case, our toughest was letting Ronde go after raising him from a six week old pup to a mature full of life make you laugh knuckle head six months later. We miss him every day, yet, he has a great life in a great home and is loved tremendously.  However when one leaves you tragically “on your watch” it’s a totally different pain.  It  makes you appreciate so much more the gift we give these special beings.  Jessie was rescued in so many ways.  I feel we at LFS were called upon to rescue her in a not so traditional way. Not to find her the perfect home, but to carry her lovingly to her “forever home.”  Had it not been for LFS her demise would have been so much more tragic.  She is in her forever home pain free and unencumbered by her sickness.  Further, her physical remains  will reside on our shelf between Coach and Bailey who will look after her as long as needed.  She couldn’t have two better brothers.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life Jessie.  We are so much more blessed by it.

Rick and Trish Carpenter in loving memory of Jessie Carpenter



1994 – 2008

Happiness to you was a walk, a back rub & a plastic water bottle to chew on; you made every day count. Thanks for being such a part of our family for over 14 years.



1998 – 2008




October 2008 – December 2008

48 hours with Buddy

Buddy was part of our family for only 2 days before Parvo took him.  But in those 2 days he received and gave much Love.  He got play in the sun with 3 children who adored him.  He “ran with his pack” in the yard with Maddy, our 2 yr. old Yellow Lab.  He chased a ball and practiced his “pouncing” technique on it!  He even went for an unintentional swim in the pool, which as a Lab he loved.  He enjoyed being part of our family and we were glad to bring joy and love to his brief life.  We know he’s over the Bridge now and in God’s Good Hands.



October 8, 2004 (rescued) – February 2, 2009

Sad to announce my best buddy Sarah has passed away today.  She will be missed by me, Sammy and all her friends.


June 21, 2006 (rescued) – February 16, 2009

Our Mr. Fred that came into the program 6/21/06 from Fayette County animal control has past away.  At that time we estimated him to be somewhere between 6 to 8 years old.

He was our boy….

I know everyone loved Fred…  Even though he wouldn’t fit into most of our homes since he wanted to be the only Lab in the house…

I know everyone loved him.  He will be missed….

He was treated extra special from all the volunteers and anyone that ever met him. Rest in peace dear boy.



December 22, 2006 (rescued) – April 2, 2009

Shockingly Sammy passed away today. I’m between very shocked and very sad. She was my best friend!



2000 – 2009

  It’s with great sadness I share with you that our Sweet Magnolia  (Maggie) passed away this morning from cancer.  She was with us for about 7-8 short years, and brought incredible joy to our lives and hearts.  We have so many sweet memories of how she made us laugh and how she showed us her love.  She taught us a lot about how to love and be loved.   Our hearts are so sad.



January 6, 2007 (rescued) – May 5, 2009

“Our Dear Sadie…Thank you for all the wonderful memories and for being such a great doggie…you will always be in our hearts and you will always be missed!”




Some souls are too good for this world; such was the soul of Cheri who was with us all too briefly.  In her eclipsed life, Cheri saw much of the ugliness that this world can present.  Yet, through all of this and her physical discomforts from a less than blessed life, Cheri continued to be a loving and, more importantly, a forgiving and trusting soul.

Once again, LFS was there to provide a peaceful and loving transition for her to her forever home.  I have no doubts that she was called home for greater things as no creature could have given so much while asking for so little.  From the time I pulled from the shelter until her demise she was full of love and life due to her commitment to serve.  After leaving our home she spent several blessed days with Matt and Christa where I know she felt safe and loved.  There can be no greater gift.

So Cheri, thanks for stopping by to tell us that love overcomes all and bless you in your new life which is far more important than what we could offer you.  For I know you were called home to serve a more important purpose; sharing your love of all things to those who will appreciate it.

We love you and thank you for showing us what love and forgiveness truly are.

Rick and Trish Carpenter in loving memory of Cheri



 Some time our bodies give up on us before our souls, this was the case for our Mr. Trapper who crossed the rainbow bridge on Sunday. He left happy and content after 8 wonderful months of fetching, snuggling, and swimming with Lauren and Woody. Keep running Mr. Trapper!



“Sequoia”, she lived only a short life of one year, and that time on this earth was dealt with a disability. However, she brought more joy and happiness to our family’s life before she ever even thought about her own pain. She was a true friend and will forever be remembered in our hearts. We love you Sequoia!



In Loving Memory of : RIVERS HENDERSON (Jan. 24, 2000-May 25, 2010)

For all of you who knew Rivers and for all of you who didn’t, but sent prayers her way:

THANK YOU for sharing a part of your lives with us.. Rivers lost her battle with cancer today and went on to be with God in “doggie heaven”. She was my best friend, my protector, and my soulmate for the past ten years..  I cannot imagine life without her.  But I will find peace in knowing that she is no longer sick and in pain.  And I know that we will find each other again one day.  So remember that each day is a blessing with our canine best friends and let them know how special they are.




In memory of Sam 2/19/98-5/27/10.


The world’s friendliest lab. No dog ever swam in more streams, chased more squirrels, chewed more sticks, and took more naps in the sunshine than Sam did. He had an incredibly big heart, and he never had a bad day in his life. He was the best dog anyone ever had, and he was my best friend.



10/2007 – 5/7/10

Peyton (Baron) was only with us for 2.5 short years before he went over the rainbow bridge.  He was a wonderful family member to us and we miss him dearly.  Missing our Pey Pey.



Adopted 11/5/06  – 10/1/10

Scotty went to heaven today. He will always be with me in spirit, he was such a good boy. He taught me so much since the day I seat-belted him in the front seat and brought him home all skin and bones but full of pure love. He will be sorely missed.

Please keep Scotty in your thoughts and prayers that his last little bit of time can be as comfortable as possible.  He has brought me so much joy and I want to ensure that the end of his life is as peaceful as I can make it. I attached my favorite picture of Scotty being the big dog in the little chair.




Take a good old belly rub, a couple of yummy bones to chew on, add lots of love and attention and you have the perfect recipe for contentment. And that is exactly what our dear old friend Mason had over the last several months.

We can’t thank Lab Friends and especially Mason’s foster dad – Mark – enough for saving this wonderful gentle soul. What personality Mason had and he touched so many people with his gentle nature and of course his never ending need for that ultimate belly rub.

You saved him from a not so fortunate life, gave him the care, love and attention that he needed and deserved and then allowed us to accept him into our lives. What a wonderful companion and stoic gentleman he was.

Goodbye Mason – we love you and will forever miss you but you will live on in our hearts and memories.


Big Daddy

Adopted November 2005 – March 19. 2011

Friends and family…

On Saturday, March 19th, we said goodbye to Big Daddy.   Many of you have posted sweet messages to the City Dog Market and Big Daddy Facebook pages-thank you.  Some of you have made donations in his honor to his three favorite organizations…Labrador Friends of the South, Doggie Harmony and READing Paws-thank you.  All of you held a warm place in your heart for Big Daddy-he loved all of you too. Listed below is his last posting on Facebook; also listed below is Big Daddy’s Story.

Much love,  Renee and Patsy

Thank you for visiting me at City Dog Market. My mission has been to spread happiness and love wherever I go. Even though I am no longer with you, please remember that my spirit lives in your heart. Let every kind word you say and every good deed you do be a reminder of my love for you.

Here is Big Daddy’s story….

In November of 2005, a big, burly, black lab came home to enjoy his first Thanksgiving with us, his new family.  His name had been Max and in his early years, he enjoyed growing up with twin boys.  We sensed his intense love for children, really his love and admiration for all living things, and changed his name to Big Daddy.  Like a well worn collar, his name fit him just right.

We owned a dog daycare and boarding facility and saw that same love he had for children translate to puppies…rolling on his big back with all fours in the air.  He weighed a whopping 147 lbs and even then his stiff, knobby legs were already showing signs of bone disease.  In 2006 we sold our business, took a mid life retirement for two years, and Big Daddy went on a diet!

During those two years we noticed that wherever Big Daddy went, he had a knack for making people feel better.  We turned his love into action and began his pet therapy training.  Big Daddy earned his Good Canine Citizenship Certification, his Delta Society Pet Therapy certification, and became a READing Paws dog.  Wearing his green pet therapy vest, Big Daddy visited the young at school, and those more wise at assisted living homes.  Wheelchairs, canes, and walkers never bothered Big Daddy…neither did pulling his tail, his ear or even climbing onto his back as some very young children were inclined to do. A visit with Big Daddy always, always, brought a smile or a kind word.  Sometimes a patient would not come out of their room for a visit…until they found out the visitor was Big Daddy.

In April of 2008, Big Daddy became our store mascot when we opened City Dog Market.  Eager to greet customers, Big Daddy happily laid around waiting for the staff and customers to give him a belly rub, a pat on the head, or sneak him a treat!  His pet therapy work continued as many folks stopped in grumpy from a long day at the office, and after spending time with Big Daddy, left just a bit happier.  Children never have bad days and Big Daddy’s kids flocked to him-eager to get and give a sloppy kiss.  Big Daddy really enjoyed sharing his sweet spirit with mentally and physically disabled children…speaking to Big Daddy in a language only he could understand.

By 2010 Big Daddy weighed in at a sleek 85 lbs.  He had begun swimming for physical therapy in 2009 and that form of exercise coupled with the right food combination worked to get his weight off.  The pool was one of his favorite places…He hammed it up-smiling for the many pictures we took and even floating on his back.  His bone disease had advanced, so along with swim therapy, pain medication, anti-inflammatories, and supplements, we began acupuncture treatments.  In 2011 his pain medications became more and more ineffective-his good days were only good because of the amount of pain pills he was on.  In his special way, Big Daddy told us he was tired and ready for a new body.

During Big Daddy’s last two days at the store, over one hundred customers and friends came to say goodbye….thanking him for the gifts of happiness and unconditional love he so generously gave to them.  We are honored that we were chosen to love and care for such an exceptional dog as Big Daddy.  It is our hope that you share that same extraordinary relationship with your pet.  Thank you for loving Big Daddy.



January 21, 1997 – February 26, 2011

Petey was a rescue by me when he was 4-1/2 years old.  He was in a back yard with no dog house and had been put back there as a puppy.  His owners moved into a new house around the corner and left him there, because he would dig in the yard and jump the fence.  The first time I met him, I sat down on a dirty, muddy deck and he licked my face from cheek to cheek.  It would be the ONLY time he ever did that in our 9 wonderful years together.  He had me from the beginning!  I picked him up one early Saturday morning so that I could get him to the vet right when they opened to have him cleaned up and checked out.  He was covered in huge fleas and filthy dirty.  In came the vet with the bad news, that he was heartworm positive.  The vet said it was treatable and so we treated him and it was the longest week of my life while the vet and all the wonderful people took care of my baby.  He was a breeze to housebreak, I guess he was so appreciative to be inside a home instead of out in a backyard by himself. He was my shadow and the joy in my every day upon wakening, I lived to come home every day from work just to see him.  After a few years together, most people could not even tell he was a rescue dog!  Every day that he’s been gone, it’s been one ‘breath’ at a time.  He lives forever in my heart and in my memories.  He was a once in a lifetime, special boy.


Ben Grant

July 1999  –  April 28, 2011

We will miss the “Thump, Thump” of Ben’s happy tail forever.  – The Grant Family, Buford, GA

If you would like to post a tribute to your beloved pet, please send an email to Labrador Friends of the South at labfriendinfo@gmail.com.