How to Foster


Fostering (n): encouragement; aiding the development of something; to foster (v): To bring up; nurture; cherish.

Fostering is a way to help a dog in need.  A foster home is more than just a shelter for a homeless Lab.  Foster homes provide socialization as well as daily interaction with people and other pets.  In many cases, foster parents help their foster Lab adjust to the good life indoors and teach basic good manners to prepare the dog for a new home.

We have experienced volunteers who offer support to foster families should any questions or concerns arise.  Veterinary care for the foster dog is provide by LFS.

Fostering should not be used as a trial period to determine if you want to adopt a dog permanently.  Fostering is not a means for getting a dog for free.  Please keep in mind that the ultimate goal of a foster parent is to prepare their foster dog for their new life with a loving family in a forever home.  Fostering is a way to help a dog in need, not to help yourself go for a “test drive”.

Please consider the best interest of these wonderful Labs.  Yes, we miss our foster dogs when they are adopted, but the joy and excitement of finding a forever home with that perfect family far outweighs the goodbye.  If you are still not convinced, please read this article by Deb Carr:  You Too Can Foster!

For additional information on fostering, please check out this website: . For the answers to most fostering question, see our Foster Q&A page.

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  • -Up to twice a month on Saturdays and remain with your foster lab during the hours of 10am to 2pm.