New Beginnings 2007


December 29, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Copper!

And here I am giving Mom the first of many kisses to come!

January 20, 2008 – I just wanted to send you an email with another update on “little” Jake. I say “little” but we took Jake to the vet last week and he already weighs a whopping 32 lbs. He’s growing really quickly. The vet says he’s in great health. He is a great dog. We have enjoyed him so much the past couple of weeks. Tomorrow afternoon Travis and I have our first class with Susie Aga. We have enrolled Jake in the 7 week Basic Obedience class. We’re both really excited. Overall Jake is really well behaved but there are still some puppy tendancies he has that we would like some help working through…like walking on a leash for example. ๐Ÿ™‚ Jake had his first taste of snow this week and seemed to have a blast playing in it. I have attached a picture of our little outing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully once we’ve graduated from obedience school we can bring Jake by an adoption day to visit. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope all is well otherwise. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity with such a great dog. ๐Ÿ™‚


December 29, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Sally!

April 29, 2008 – Gracie (formerly known as Sally) is doing great!  She is a wonderful, sweet dog with lots of energy!  She is housebroken now and doing very well.  She is much loved by our whole family, and has been a wonderful new addition.  She is adorable!  Thanks so much for allowing her to become a part of our family!


December 29, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Woofie!


December 29, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Lovie!


December 26, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Dancer!

December 27, 2007 – She is doing great.  She’s eating well and has only pottied outside!  Loves her crate and slept all night without crying or having an accident.  I know that bragging is going to come back to haunt me but she is really doing well so far.  Zoe has adjusted well to her and vice versa.  I think Zoe just likes having a bunch of new toys in the house.  Sadie (Dancer’s new name) takes the toys and puts them all in Zoe’s bed.  No problem so far for either of them.

Loved her adoption photo.  Makes a good story to say that we adopted the furry one, not the red-head (Sassy, Bridget’s friend).

Thanks so much and Happy New Year!


December 25, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Hickory!

August 26, 2008- At almost a year Hickory (Hick) is almost grown into his paws.  He is Owen’s absolute best friend, if Owen is home Hickory by his side.  He loves tennis balls and hiking most of all.  He still sleeps on his UGA bed next to Owen.


December 25, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Fatima!

January 14, 2008 – Everything is going well.  My husband decided we needed to do several DIY projects around the house so we’ve been busy.  Once we finish with the painting we will be ready for another foster dog.

Tima is doing well.  So is Cooper.  Tima was declared the best Xmas gift ever.  I’ve attached a few pictures.


December 24, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Bear!

September 4, 2008 – Bear is doing fantastic!  When we adopted him it was obvious that he had not been walked very much and was actually a little taken back by walking in the woods, getting in water, etc.  Now, if you even look like you are going out for a walk he is insistent to be included!  He is now voice command trained, so, when we are out in a secure and secluded area he is able to go off leash and enjoy jumping into the lake and running back and forth to us!  He is a great joy and blessing – we call him our “Christmas Gift”.


December 23, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Skipper!

December 27, 2007 – She is doing just great and instantly made herself at home.  The kids renamed her Mia.  We let her on the furniture and beds and she loves it.  She was sleeping right next to our dog, Emily, yesterday.  I think dogs sense more than we know.  She’s been playing everyday with neighbors dogs and the kids take her on walks.  Honestly,  I think she’s exhausted in the evenings after all the commotion in our house.  She does seem a bit “skiddish” with various sounds but I can already see her getting used to it.  She is so loving, cuddly, and we just love her. She just made our Christmas this year!  Thanks for taking such good care of her.  We’ll come by to see you sometime, I’m sure she misses you.


December 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Noah!

December 26, 2007 – Coco (formerly known as Noah) had his first Christmas and it was wonderful.  Mike and I took several pictures, but unfortunately I don’t have a digital camera.  Anyway, what date would you expect is his birthday?  Sometime in Oct or Nov?  Thanks very much as we are having a great time with Coco.


December 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Peyton!

December 17, 2007 โ€“ Peyton has had his name has changed to Teton. He is doing well. He went to the vet yesterday and is doing well. Started on crate training on Saturday he misses his Mom and brothers but is adjusting well.

March 29, 2008 – Teton (formerly known as Peyton) is doing great!!  He is about 30-35 lbs and is loosing his teeth.  He is going to get fixed next week.  He loves to go to the dog park and plays well with the other dogs.

Updated picture 6/7/08


December 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Comet!


December 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Blondie!


December 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Cupid!

December 18, 2007 – Cupid now Cerys ( pronounced Kerris Welsh for love) is doing very well. She is still a little nervous but we are working hard to allay her fears. She is very bright and attentive and already goes to her Bed when told, comes when called and I am working on sit. She responds well and has been on a couple of short walks in the neighborhood. A big bad retriever barked and she scampered all the way home not stopping until she reached the turning past the garage.  She knew exactly where it was after doing it only once before. Pretty amazing little dog. She does not like it when Phil goes to work but seems to accept it now. She looks for him in the garden etc.
We are delighted and very happy to have her.

You know I’m beautiful………….


December 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Henry!

December 18, 2007 – Henry….who is now named Axxel is doing GREAT!  I named him Axxel because my last Lab’s name who I had for 13 years name was Lexxa.  So he is the opposite of her and thus his new name!  He has aclimated well, been getting more and more comfortable by the hour and is a fantastic dog.  He has not barked once!  I don’t think he ever had any training as he does’nt know sit etc.  But I will be working with him to begin to understand those commands.  I will send some photos of him soon.  He is in great hands and has gotten a TON of love and affection.  I am very glad to have Axxel!


December 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Vixen!

December 18, 2007 – Hi there.   Vixen or other wise known now as “Holly” is doing fantastic!  We all love her so much and she is fitting into our family perfectly.  We feel so blessed and grateful that we have her and will come back to future gatherings and share her with everyone.

Our heartfelt gratitude for all you do!   Merry Christmas from,  “Holly’s” new family


December 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Nina!

December 28, 2007 – As you can see the tag is still on the bed.  I think I have to go back and get another bed for Petunia.  Her bed just doesn’t seem to be good enough anymore.  She really likes Sally’s new bed that Santa brought. Anyway, there might be a better picture than the one I sent you last night. —  Thanks for everything.


December 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Dasher!

December 18, 2007 – Hi,   Dasher (who is now named Bailey) is doing fine.  He’s the cutest thing!  He is having accidents here and there in the house – but we are trying to take him out every hour on the hour.  He wants to chew things, of course.  But, his personality is coming out and we are enjoying him. Merry Christmas!


December 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Skippy!


December 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Lance!

December 18, 2007 –  Just wanted to let you know that Lance aka Duke, Dugan and Harley (all of which are in contention) is doing great. He is getting love around the clock. We could not have asked for a better family member. He is learning commands at a record speed and adjusting to the environment just fine. I take him for two long walks everyday and he has become my buddy. I love him sooooo much. The kids are just crazy about him. I will send you more info in the next few days with some pics as well. Thank you so much for this great gift.

January 2, 2008 – Lance has a new name we call him Dugan or Duke. He is the sweetest dog in the world. He is doing just great. We have had him to the Vet and he has a fine bill of health. He is friendly with the neighborhood dogs and we can play football in the front yard and he never leaves us. We are working on house training he has had a few accidents but I think that will work out in time. He goes for 2 long walks everyday and is very well trained on leash walking. He likes to cuddle up near the fire place and he follows me everywhere. He sleeps under my bed, he loves to take all his toys out of his basket and play with them. Most of all he just loves to be close to us. We never thought we could love a dog this much. The kids just lay down with him and use him as a pillow. They all actually fall asleep next to him , he will actually put his arm around the kids as though he was hugging them. He is never aggressive and always listens if you say no he just lays down as though he were sad to disappoint you. We love to run and play with him and give him plenty of healthy treats. I think he has been made very happy in a house full of people who can’t stop loving him. At dinner time he likes to lay by the table never asking for any food but always finding a small surprise in his bowl later on that night. He is eating the same food that Scott was feeding him it seems to work wonders for his coat. His favorite show is the Dog Whisperer he will actually look up at the tv and watch it. Hes such a riot we just adore him. Our pool will be finished shortly and we are looking forward to Duke and his swimming ability. He is also a very fine watch dog should someone come near the house he has a scary bark that just makes us laugh because he is undoubtedly the sweetest boy ever. I have been stopped by several people in the road while taking our walk and people just love him and will be coming to some of your adoption dates to view some lucky dogs. Right now I am in the basement office and Duke will just quietly come down and get up on the comfy chair and wait till I am ready to go back up stairs. I have to say this dog has been a God sent for me. I have been out walking and enjoying everything that I had been missing before. Thanks for Everything.


December 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Tonga!

June 12, 2008 – Thought you’d like to know that Gracie (formerly Tonga) had her final heartworm blood test last week, and passed with flying colors!  She can now go on just a regular maintenance program for heartworms.  She has been wonderful for Buddy, teaching him how to play and even getting him to learn to love the water.  Go figure, Buddy is a lab who heretofore did not like swimming or even getting his toes wet if he could help it.  Now he bounds into the river with Gracie and they chase each other up and down the shore.  I’ll send some photos of them at the Chattahoochee separately. Gracie’s refusal to leave Buddy alone and make him play has also helped Buddy shed a few unneeded pounds, which is also good.  Gracie and Buddy have adapted to having an Invisible Fence and now can stay outside as much as they want without wandering.  Our house is on a slight hill, so they love to sit or lie at the top of it and watch cars, walkers, runners go by.  They have been great dogs and great for each other, too.


December 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Stella!

December 27, 2007 – Thanks so much for checking in on Stella – she and I are having a wonderful time getting to know each other. She’s settling in very well in my little Virginia Highlands neighborhood. We’re enjoying lots of long, lazy walks as well as time with the many other dogs that are in the area. We’re planning to start a basics obedience class in January, and I’m also enrolling Stella in a local doggy daycare after the New Year so she can make lots of friends to play with. With the holidays this past week, Stella got to spend a lot of time with my family at my parents’ home in North Georgia. She quickly won over every single member of my family, especially my father’s 2-year-old yellow lab, Bud, who followed at her heels everywhere she went. I’ll be sure to forward lots of pictures as soon as I can upload them from my camera.

You are so right that Stella is a very special girl. She is such a joy and has just added so much light to my life in the last few weeks. Thank you all so much for letting me take her home and try to give her the wonderful life she deserves. Believe me, she is getting LOTS of love.  I promise I’ll send pictures in the next day or two!   Thanks again,


December 12, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Besty!


December 12, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Coco!


December 9, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Sydney!


December 9, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Phoebe!

March 8, 2008 – Just wanted to pass along some good news that I thought you and Mel might be interested in.  We had Phoebe in a training class with the K-9 Coach here in Atlanta for the past 6 weeks.  The class culminated today with the Canine Good Citizen test through the AKC.  I am happy to report that Phoebe passed with flying colors!  She picked up all of the commands so quickly and is really just a gem.  She’s still going to day care 2-3 days per week and is doing very well there.  We’re still running 2 days a week together and she seems to be very happy.

We are going to be moving into a bigger house hopefully in April, and I think we will be looking to get another dog to keep Phoebe company.  I’m not sure what kind of dog we are going to get, but if it’s another lab we will certainly be in touch about adopting through you all again.  Hope all is well.


December 8, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Sam!

December 10, 2007 – As you can see Sam is doing great, we are back in Florida he has had a couple of accidents in the house after he drank a lot of water.  I think he was just excited.  Sam and Sierra have been playing until they give each other out then they sleep and want to play again. Velma and Julie LOVE him.  I will let you know how his first day at work goes.  Doesn’t he look happy?

January 14, 2008 – Sam is doing GREAT.  He and Sierra are the best of buddies.  You do not see one without the other one.  I will send some pics in the near future.

September 19, 2008 – Just to let all of you know, Sam is still doing wonderful.  Right now he is laying at my feet taking a nap after shredding a toy.  He is weighing in at about 72 lbs.  He is so cute and healthy.  Last night I was watching some t.v and Sam decided to be a lap puppy and lay in my lap.  Talking about a lap full of Lab……….. He is sooooo sweet and loving.  Sierra was dreaming in her sleep and Sam jumped up to check on her.  Sam and Sierra are both assisting me with doing paperwork today.  I will send you an updated pic soon. I doubt that either one of you would know him he has filled out so much and he seems as though he is always smiling.  If he gets anymore rotten I am not sure what we are going to do. <LOL>And they are both looking forward to getting a new sister, Sanibel, and they both understand that they will not be allowed to play with her for a few weeks, but they promised to be gentle and loving.


December 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Elvis!

March 22, 2008 – I’ve attached a couple below. Unfortunately, my new digital camera has such a long delay between focus and shoot that the only way I get pictures of him is to take them when he is first waking up! Otherwise he is moving too fast for me to get a picture! He is doing really well. He sleeps nicely in his crate at night, he is walking pretty well on a leash without a lot of pulling, he is starting to learn sit. He fetches everything in sight but then doesn’t want to give it back! ; ) He weighs about 35 pounds now and has a really nice coat. He is a great addition to the family. The boys just love him so much. We have a trainer coming out next week to work with him on not going nuts every time the doorbell rings – he gets so excited that he can’t calm down!

April 20, 2008 – Elvis (now Wrigley) is doing well. He is starting to act more mature and calm and his training is going well. He went on Spring Break with us! Here are some photos of him with our boys – you can see they are pretty smitten with him. In fact, Andrew draws pictures of him EVERY day and Will kind of hangs on him all the time. We are surprised at how small he is and think he may be half spaniel or something. He is small but mighty – a very scrappy, muscular little guy.

August 24, 2008 – I’ve attached some pictures, below……. I am the world’s worst photographer so these aren’t too flattering but he is really cute! He looks like a miniature flat coated retriever from a distance but he is actually tri-tone – he’s got a lot of red/copper around his ears and neck and his belly and the backs of his legs are salt-and-pepper with tons of white!  He has calmed down so nicely in the last few weeks and is finally getting mellow. He loves to sit outside at the top of a hill in our backyard and survey his kingdom. He dug a huge hole back there but seems content with just the one so I have left it so he has a hiding place for his treasures. The boys are already planning his birthday, which we estimate to be next month. We really love our Wrigs!

December 12, 2009 – Wrigley came back to visit at the annual Christmas party.


December 2, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Autumn!

December 28, 2007 – Chauncey (now known as HAVOC) and Autumn (now known as ECHO) are doing well.  I’m amazed at how great they are.  Echo and I are about to begin training classes, Havoc seems to have adjusted tremendously well.  They both enjoyed Christmas in Macon where they met the rest of their new family, Grandmas loved her new Granddogs.  I can’t thank you all enough for both of them. We are going to be looking for a bigger house soon, we apparently need more room to run a play.

November 10. 2008 – I just wanted to say hello and give you an update on Maddie and Havoc.  They are both in training right now to become therapy dogs.  Since I work at a school, I thought it would be great to put them to work so that they weren’t sitting around the house all day.  Fulton County has a program called K-9 for Kids, it allows therapy dogs to come into the classroom to be used with special needs students and for regular Ed classes as reading dogs.  It’s really good for student to read aloud so that they can increase their fluency, inflection and tone.  If you know of anyone who would like to get involved in this program, please feel free to pass my information along to them.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that things were going well with the two of them and that thanks to Lab Friends these two will be helping kids in my school in the near future.

We are planning on attending the event on Nov. 15th so we will see you then.  I honestly can’t say thanks you enough.  I’m hoping to get a good pic of the kids with Santa!!!  It’s hard to believe Dec. 2 will be one year!!!


December 2, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Chauncey!

December 28, 2007 – Chauncey (now known as HAVOC) and Autumn (now known as ECHO) are doing well.  I’m amazed at how great they are.  Echo and I are about to begin training classes, Havoc seems to have adjusted tremendously well.  They both enjoyed Christmas in Macon where they met the rest of their new family, Grandmas loved her new Granddogs.  I can’t thank you all enough for both of them. We are going to be looking for a bigger house soon, we apparently need more room to run a play.

November 10. 2008 – I just wanted to say hello and give you an update on Maddie and Havoc.  They are both in training right now to become therapy dogs.  Since I work at a school, I thought it would be great to put them to work so that they weren’t sitting around the house all day.  Fulton County has a program called K-9 for Kids, it allows therapy dogs to come into the classroom to be used with special needs students and for regular Ed classes as reading dogs.  It’s really good for student to read aloud so that they can increase their fluency, inflection and tone.  If you know of anyone who would like to get involved in this program, please feel free to pass my information along to them.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that things were going well with the two of them and that thanks to Lab Friends these two will be helping kids in my school in the near future.

We are planning on attending the event on Nov. 15th so we will see you then.  I honestly can’t say thanks you enough.  I’m hoping to get a good pic of the kids with Santa!!!  It’s hard to believe Dec. 2 will be one year!!!


December 1, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Abigal!


December 1, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Lacie!


December 1, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Ali!


December 1, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Rambler!


November 28, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Baron!


November 27, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Chestnut!


November 24, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Tankersley!


November 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Libby!


November 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Titus!

January 8, 2008 – Here is a picture of Titus.  He always sleeps half on and half off his bed.


November 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Chesney!


November 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Thunder!


November 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Hailey!


November 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Cassie!


November 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Ruby!


November 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Sage!


November 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Josie!

Angel Yellow

November 11, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Angel Yellow!


November 11, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Bonnie!


November 3, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Rocky!


November 3, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Harley!


November 3, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Tinkerbell!

November 14, 2007 – She is now called Lucy and  she is learning to respond to her new name. We think she is happy here and getting used to a  good healthy routine. We take many walks and she has much space outside. We are clearing the yard so she eventually can run freely once the fence goes up, for now she can only explore with one of us by her side.   She is a wonderful dog, good company, good manners and obedient. We just need to work a little more so that one can sit on the floor and she does not think is play time…ALL the time.   Her visit to the vet was great she is in good health. We would like to thank you for making sure she was well taken care of and for the opportunity we were given to have her with us.


November 3, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Peaches!

November 27, 2007:  I wanted to tell you that Stella (formerly known as Peaches) is doing splendidly.  She is growing like a weed – is very smart and has very sharp little teeth.  She has found a playmate in my brother’s dog Nellie and they wrestle and rough house and have a great time.  She is now sleeping through the night and is about to outgrow her first crate.  She is still looking very much like a Lab, but her bright yellow fur is now turning dirty blond.  She is still very affectionate and has learned to go in and out of the dog door.  She is still tormenting our 14 year old lab, Jack, but she is getting a little better with he and the cat.  She has brought much joy into our lives.  Thanks for bringing us together.  I’ll send some pictures soon.

Kayden and Dexter

November 2, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Kayden and Dexter!

February 27, 2008 – “Look at how handsome we are now!!”


October 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Lacey!

October 21, 2007 – Thought you and the gang would enjoy my first 24 adoption experience pictures. The first is me (then Lacey now Happy) in front of Lab Rescue sign with my new brother Nelson Rockefeller Roberts and Patty and Robin. The second is my new family at the Pensacola Airport on the way to the beach.  The third is me and Nelson and Patty on the beach.   Nelson taught me how to dig for crabs and do sand-angels.  The last is me and Nelson playing tug of war in my new backyard in Birmingham.  Whew…what a 24
hours!  Can’t wait for Christmas now.  Signed: Happy Rockefeller Roberts

February 13, 2009 – I thought you would like to see some updated pictures of me (formerly Lacy adopted last year).  Since being adopted last year I have spent many hours with my adopted brother Nelson (adopted from the Birmingham Humane Society) traveling back and forth from my home in Birmingham to the Florida Keys and the Florida Panhandle.  I have now logged thousands of miles with my brother in the backseat of our plane.  I love to fly (my brother Nelson doesn’t but he’s ok as long as I’m there to hold his paw and lick his ears).  We spend Christmas in the Keys, summers in Pensacola, and fall and spring in Birmingham.  I’m having the time of my life walking and swimming on the beach, barking at fish on the dock, and playing fetch in the backyard.  The first picture is of me and Nelson on the dock in the Keys.  That’s me Happy on the left in front of my favorite toy – the cheeseburger.  Yep, just like Jimmy Buffett said, “cheeseburger in paradise”, well the Keys are paradise playing with my cheeseburger.  The next picture is of me and Nelson on our first boat ride.  Cuba is just 80 miles directly in front of us. Can you believe that?   I’m in the yellow life-preserver on the left.  Sort of silly to make a Lab wear a life-vest I say but mom and dad insist on it.  So okay.     The last picture is of Nelson and me posing at home with a rawhide bone.  Thought you might like a close up.  I’m the lighter colored face.  We’re haming it up for the camera just after coming through the doggie door.  I can’t show you a picture of my dog house because I have never seen one.  I have never spent the night outside in my life.  I sleep on the sofa or on the bed with my brother – whichever is cooler.    Wishing you and my lab friends all the best.


October 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Crystal!


October 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Phoenix!

November 7, 2007 – Phoenix is doing quite well!  He’s made the adjustment to his new home without much difficulty at all.  He’s almost completely housebroken, though there is still the occasional slip-up.  The cats are finally starting to adjust now that they’ve realized Phoenix isn’t going anywhere.  He may just be what the doctor ordered for my 17 pound cat.  He really starts to run if Phoenix is behind him.  We put a contract on a house (actually a lovely patch of land), and hopefully they’ll start building soon.  I think Phoenix would love a backyard to run in.  His cute floppy ears decided they no longer wanted to hang down and are officially standing straight up.  I think he can hear much better now!  Thanks for checking in!

March 28, 2008 – I wanted to send an e-mail to let you know that Phoenix has a new home!  We closed on our new house in Canton two weeks ago!  Phoenix is absolutely loving the fact that he has a backyard to sprint back and forth throughout.  He also seems to enjoy getting his exercise running up and down the stairs.

We love getting your adoption/doggie updates and make sure to tell everyone about your organization.  Hopefully we’ll be adopting again in the next few years.  I think Phoenix wants a brother or sister! Have a great day!


October 19, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Chastain!

October 20, 2007 – Chastain is now known as Georgia!  Jenny always  wanted to name a big black lab “Georgia.”   She had a great night with us and we all went to Sweet Water Creek for a hike today.  She did great on the hike and great on the leash and loved seeing all the other dogs. We all think that this is a great match!   Thanks for all of your help!


October 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, China!


October 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Gabrielle!

October 18, 2007 – What a dollbaby!  She rode for an hour back to Duluth, had a potty break, and then made it to Seneca.  We’ve played fetch a couple times, and she walks beautifully on a leash.  I’ve let her off to play fetch and she’s so focused on that ball.  She discovered my skinny futon/cough/bed when first coming into the apartment.  Guess that fancy new dog bed goes back tomorrow OR I may be using it when Gabrielle stretches out!

Thank you, Sharon and Elena.  You’ve made my life whole again.


October 14, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Fergie!

(I’m the one whose tail is wagging so fast ’cause I’m so happy with my new labbie sisters!)

October 20, 2007 – Fergie is in the front (she’s a little ham!), Sophie then either Tia or Mocha in the rear.  Fergie did very well at the vet yesterday and received a clean bill of health and microchip.  Today was doggie spa day — all the girls got a bath and Fergie did much better than Tia who is the biggest baby when it comes to cleaning-up!  She’s fitting in very well, and both Tia and Fergie are the best additions to our family. (-:

May 16, 2009 – Just dropped by to say hello.


October 7, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Marta!

October 9, 2007 – Just wanted to say a heartfelt “thank you” and let you know what a blessing Tera is to our family!!  She has done fabulous in her adjustment here; Sunday afternoon we had a soccer team party (players and parents), and she was not crated at all.  She had a lovely time meeting everyone and some of the siblings had a great time walking her around the cul-de-sac with my daughters.   What’s really funny is that no one is more excited about this addition than John……………..He had his team at work all look at our picture of Tera’s going home on your website before they started working on a particular project.  At night she has woken up, but when I let her out I make her lie on the big pillow we got her, and she goes back to sleep ’til we get up for the morning, and then we go right out for potty.  A little bit of nighttime firmness will occur soon, John is out of town for three days and I can be a tad more firm about the nighttime crate (John never could stand to hear a baby cry…  : )   Today was the first day she had to stay home in the crate while I was teaching at preschool and she did fine; in the morning she gets out 2x before the last person leaves the house.  As soon as I got home, I called to her and she barked and was excited to get out.  I took her for potty and then an extensive “love you” session.   Will let you know more soon; thank you again for everything.  I also have talked about your group to everyone I can; you may have another teacher from my school inquiring about one of your adoptees.


October 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Lady!

October 10, 2007 –   So last night, Lady’s 4th day (3rd full day with me) was great. I think she has mastered sit, she finally understands that the doggy bed(s) is(are) hers to lay in, and she can lay in it even if I am on the couch (which is across the living room). She usually follows me where ever I go, even if I just get up for a second to get something and sit back down. Hopefully she will realize soon that she doesn’t have to get up every time ๐Ÿ˜› She seemed to tell me when she wanted to go out, although usually I walk her enough that she doesn’t even have to ask. When in the crate, she is the best little girl ever, although she does not like going in when she knows it is because I am leaving (she’s fine just lying in there at will, though).

I got tired of trying to put her in the crate upstairs when we go to bed, so I decided to take out the doggy bed that was in there and put it next to my bed. She lied down there at the beginning of the night and hadn’t budged until the morning! I had even left her alone for a little (out of the crate) when I went to the store to grab one or two things and she was wonderful! She is an extremely fast learned and pretty soon she’ won’t even need to be put in a crate when I leave.

Thanks again for my perfect dog ๐Ÿ™‚


October 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Rainey!


October 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Tebow!

October 15, 2007 – Just wanted to let you know that Tebow (renamed Erk) is doing great. He and his new brother, Leo got a clean bill of health and all prevention shots, heartguard and frontline required this past week. Erk is very happy and we are totally in love with him!!!!  Thanks for saving these great dogs.

November 28, 2007:  Tebow is doing great!  He has grown from 18 pounds to 35 pounds in just 5 weeks!  We named him Erskin “Erk” Russell Guy after the late great Georgia Southern football coach (my husband graduated from there and is a huge fan).  Erk and our Maltese, Leo, get along great.  I’ve attached a picture of the two of them in our back yard.  Erk has LOTS of toys, but he always sleeps with his favorite teddy bear (also pictured).  We are very happy to have Erk in our family.  He is happy, healthy and an absolute a joy.  We will begin obedience classes after the holidays just to give him a little more structure.  Thank you, Labrador Friends of the South!


September 30, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Sofia!


September 27, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Danielle!

October 18, 2007 – Sorry it took me so long to get back with you. I really wanted to send pictures and she just won’t sit still for one!!!!  Ok, here goes: Danielle, renamed Ella ( although my husband insists on calling her “Deuce”) is doing very well. She wasn’t too quick to examine the whole house, that took a few days, and really did not like being upstairs at all. Now, however, she is everywhere at once, and loving her new home.  She is getting along great with Sadie, our other lab, and the neighbor dogs as well. She’s very popular. She really likes to play…. with toys, other dogs, balls and clothing if you’re not quick enough.  We haven’t had but a couple accidents, she’s got the routine down now so we’re good there. She still like to wander off so we keep her on the leash mostly when we’re out. Oh yeah, she “thinks” she’s a lap dog, and tries to prove it often, and she is definitely an attention hound, it’s all about Ella!!!  All in all, she has adapted very well to her new home and new family. We haven’t taken her to the lake yet, so I’ll have to let you know how that goes later on, I think she’s gonna LOVE it! –  Take care, We’ll check in later.


September 22, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Lola!

November 7, 2007 – Dear Lab Friends,  Lola asked that she be renamd Lexi when she moved into her new home, so Lee and I, of course, supported her choice.  And we had no idea that Lexi was a Geological Engineer…. she has developed a talent for digging that goes far beyond “just” holes right into tunnels, as shown in her recent picture attached.  Lexi is keeping her big sister, Allie, on her toes and is a great addition to the family..

Thanks to everyone for helping send Lexi our way..

February 25, 2008 โ€“ This is a belated note to let you know that Lexi  (formerly known as Lola) has totally recovered from her “girl” surgery and is back to romping with her big sister, Allie.  Lexi asked that we give our refund to other Labs who might need some help in finding a home.  Allie sends a big black lab “Woof” to everyone.   Thanks for all you do for our wonderful furry friends.


September 22, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Bo!


September 22, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Giorgio!

February 21, 2008 – Wally (formerly known as Giorgio) is getting bigger all the time.  He is now 60 lbs.  He loves to play and chew, but does a good job laying around in his bed once he is tired out.  Here are a few pictures for you!  Thanks.


September 22, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Pistol!

September 27, 2007 – Bauer (Pistol) is doing great! He is learning very quickly and is already sleeping through the night without crying (I wake him up at 3:00 every morning for a potty break but he goes right back to sleep)! Riggs, our lab, is enamored with him. Riggs brings him toys of his to play with and helps him climb onto big brother’s bed. He has already gotten bigger and I have never seen a puppy chow down like this one can! I will attach a few pics that were taken the day we brought him home. I will send some recent ones soon… thanks for all you all do and for letting us adopt him!


September 22, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Asia!

Maddie Lou

September 22, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Maddie Lou!

October 7, 2007 – Just wanted to update you that the new fence is in so Molly now has the run of almost the entire backyard.  She’s doing incredibly well and loves my in-laws two dogs.  She’s about 90% house trained and is now sleeping through the night.  She loves everybody she meets and everybody loves her too.   She’s also decided she likes a game of fetch with tennis balls.


September 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Sergio!

September 19, 2007 – Sergio — renamed now to Magnum – is doing great.  Doug bought two large crates.  One is in our bedroom, and the other is at the gun range.  Our kids, and our dog and cat welcomed Magnum with lots of love — even the cat was curious about him, and they even rubbed noses this morning  ๐Ÿ™‚   Magnum slept through the night, and then went to the range with Doug.  They should be home any time now.  Doug said he did great at the range — sat in Doug’s lap when he was at his desk.  Come by anytime.  Thanks for checking on little Magnum.


September 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Houston!

September 16, 2007 – Thanks again Sharon.  Houston (who we have renamed Crawdad) is just a great addition to the family. He and Biscuit are just two peas in a pod and are having such fun wearing each other out.  He spent Saturday in Atlanta with us and today we came back to Savannah.   They slept the whole way back after spending all morning playing together. He is already doing a really good job walking on a leash and has conquered going up and down stairs.  He has also turned into a snuggle bunny — can’t imagine he was ever a little shy around people. We’ll send photos soon.

May 29, 2008 – Hi Lab Friends.  Just wanted to give an update on Crawdad (formerly known as Houston)  — we are so proud of him because he won the Richmond Hill, GA “See Spot Run 5K” in April.  Here is a photo of him with Scott (my husband who was his running mate), and him in the “winners circle”.  He won a silver looking food bowl with “See Spot Run 1st Place” .   The whole family ran the event and even though me and Biscuit didn’t win any prizes we still had fun — here’s the picture with Crawdad, Biscuit (still his best friend and me and Scott!

December 12, 2008 – Crawdad (formerly known as Houston) and his brother Biscuit celebrate their 2nd Christmas with us.


September 12, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Brady!


September 11, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Tucker!


September 8, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Drake!

September 12, 2007 – Hi! We renamed Drake to Milo. He’s is such a sweet boy! Here are some pictures of Milo playing with his sister Maggie. The last picture was taken after Milo came home from doggie daycare. He tried so hard to stay away to play with his duck (his favorite toy) but was just too sleepy.

We had him checked out at the vet and they said he’s a healthy pup!

Thank you for letting us adopt him!

August 5, 2008 – Milo is AWESOME. He loves to play with Maggie and is such a momma’s boy! He follows me everywhere, I nicknamed him my snuggle-bear! We’re prepping Milo and Maggie for the baby’s arrival and they’ve been really good and very gentle with me. He’s already 85lbs and is such a big boy… His favorite spot is in our bed, right in the middle on his back. We let him have morning-snuggle time with us and he seems to love it. His tail is always wagging and tapping on the floor. I call the sound the heartbeat of our house! ๐Ÿ™‚


September 8, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Dalton!

Jordan and Taylor

September 8, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Jordan and Taylor!

October 1, 2007 – Attached are pictures of our new babies.  As you will note, we renamed them “Roxy and Roo”.  They are both doing great and my beagle has finally befriended them.  They play constantly.  My daughter forwarded me these pictures.  I was hoping for some “action shots” to send you, but I figured you’d like these for now.

Marley Chocolate

September 2, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Marley!

September 5, 2007 – All is going great!  The dogs have adjusted well to their new home and family. We absolutely love them! They are doing well as far as listening to Rick and I, but as for the kids, they’re working on it. Marley is definitely a handful, but Hawkeye has learned to put her in check.  Marley has a vet appt for thiis Sat morning to get her next round of shots. It ought to be an interesting visit as we’re taking in all 3 to get their nails trimmed. We’re all covered with scratches. But these guys are worth it. They’ve not cried once. We bought the second crate Monday morning which has worked out much better thru the night. Thanks! We couldn’t be more thrilled!


September 1, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Hawkeye!

September 5, 2007 – All is going great!  The dogs have adjusted well to their new home and family. We absolutely love them! They are doing well as far as listening to Rick and I, but as for the kids, they’re working on it. Marley is definitely a handful, but Hawkeye has learned to put her in check.  Marley has a vet appt for thiis Sat morning to get her next round of shots. It ought to be an interesting visit as we’re taking in all 3 to get their nails trimmed. We’re all covered with scratches. But these guys are worth it. They’ve not cried once. We bought the second crate Monday morning which has worked out much better thru the night. Thanks! We couldn’t be more thrilled!


September 1, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Isis!


August 28, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Skipper!

September 6, 2007 – Hank (formerly known as Skipper) is doing great! On the car ride back he slept the whole way. We stopped three times and each time he would go to the bathroom. He sleeps right next to us at night on his bed and is being really good. I want to thank you for helping us get him.


August 25, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Hudson!

September 27, 2007 – Just wanted to give an update on Hudson Hodges! He has been a very good member of the family since day one! He’s very gentle and sweet, always wants to be petted. He gets along with the family cat, Sabrina, very well. Except she still hisses at him, but he pays her no attention! Hopefully they will be playing together one day. Hudson loves to fetch tennis balls and obeys his commands most of the time. And he loves to walk around the neighborhood. He’s been eating the dog food that we were suggest to feed him when we adopted him and he’s put on a little bit of weight. He’s doing great and we love him! Thanks for helping us adopt Hudson!


August 25, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Sunshine!

Rachel and Gilligan

August 25, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Rachel and Gilligan!


August 25, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Maggie!

September 4, 2007 – How are you?  We are all doing great here.  Maggi has settled in nicely.  We have a few accidents, but not many.  She is doing well.  We are starting to train her a little  now that she is settled in.  Just the easy stuff like “sit”  She is doing well.  The only thing that we have found that she is scared of and growls at is my mother.  I think old people scare her.  Who knows.  (It will be alright).  She is great with all the kids, friends and neighbors.


August 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Barnaby!

August 23, 2007 – The ride back was a quiet one we stopped of a few hours into the ride for the night. First thing in the morning we got home. Barnaby is adjusting very well to our home. Only a couple of potty mistakes, he is learning very quickly. We spend all day together in my shop the equipment doesn’t even bother him. Loretta just loves him as I. Thanks for what you do and finding Barnaby for us. If there is anything I can do just let me know.


August 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Baxter!

August 20, 2007 – I just wanted to send a quick update on our newest addition…Porter, formerly known as Baxter.  He is absolutely wonderful.  Brook and I are in love.  The first night he spent time getting acquainted with his new home.  He knows “outside” and where to go to get there.  He knows where his food and water dish are.  He knows where his bed is.  He is getting better with the “come” command and learning his name.  He loves to play and nap!!  He is so smart and fun and loving.  We are so happy to have him in our home with us.  I will send you another update in a few weeks– with some pictures too!!!  Take care and Thank you!!!

April 2, 2008 – As for Porter (formerly known as Baxter), he is doing great.  We couldn’t be happier.  He is such a good dog and he loves people.  We are taking him for a road trip to our home town up in WI this summer.  I think he will have fun exploring the countryside and the lakes and rivers near my parents place. I included one recent photo of him as well.  Hope all is well.


August 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Bebe!

October 30, 2007 – When BeBe was taken from the shelter in June, she was 91 lbs. Her coat was in such poor condition it had to be shaven all the way down. She has come along way since then.  With treatment for her thyroid condition, good diet, and exercise, she is now a lean 60 pounds with a silky, soft coat.  Miss B. used to waddle on our walks.  Now she races down the drive dragging me on the other end of the leash. Best of all, she no longer has to just watch those taunting squirrels, but now can actually give chase, much to their surprise. Thank you Labrador Friends for saving this girl. She is a wonderful and loving addition to our family. I am grateful there is someone like you all out there, who cares about these precious creatures.


August 16, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Reece!

August 23, 2007 – We definitely made the right decision with this little guy!!  He has been SO good at our house, traveling, and in New York.  Him and Bennie go to work with me every day at my mom’s office and just lay around like they’ve done it all their lives!  He’s getting real attached to me since I’ve been with him constantly since we left town.  It’s good though, since he’s learning to stick by me and the “come” command pretty easily.  I decided not to get sedatives for him for the 15 hour drive up.  He slept the entire way just like Bennie does, mostly on his back with his legs in the air!  He was the perfect little traveler.  He’s getting used to country life at my parents’ house, going for walks, swimming in the pond, and snuggling in at night.

He did get into my parents’ dog food twice and bloated up like a balloon, but was fine after a few hours!  Anyway…he’s doing great, enjoying himself, and is getting compliments from everyone.  Everyone thinks Bennie is his dad!

June 11, 2008 – Look at me now, I am an official Therapy Dog!


August 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Holly!

August 16, 2007 – Holly did great on the trip back home and has really had a good time. She got tocool offin Lake Hartwell at therest area today. She has responded very well to all of the commands from both Suzanne and Me.  She is really a sweet dog, I got a big kiss after she waded in the water this afternoon. She has not barked once today and seems to be settling in very quickly. We have been in the water, walked,run and played ball this afternoon. She let’s us know when she needs to go out as well as when she wants to eat.
I personally think Holly will do very well, she was well trained and is very smart girl. She is starting to listen to me now when I talk or give her a command. She is now lying with her head on my foot as I type this email….think she is tired?  Tell her foster mom not to worry Holly is doing great. I will send some pic’s soon. Oh Yeah! She met my Mom’s toy poodle “Pooh”, they played ball together for at least 20 minutes. Everyone love her!


August 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Denver!

October 11, 2007 โ€“ I will speak with “SAMSON” (previously known as Denver), or as he is also known “BUBBA DOG” to see if he can fit a photo session into his packed daily schedule.  I suspect he will most likely prefer the sleeping on his chair pose…!  He is also fond of the under my desk location.  I will get those out to you as soon as possible.


August 11, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Sebastian!

August 15, 2007 โ€“ Just wanted to let you know that things are going GREAT here!  Sebastian rode home like a champ…I mean I wouldn’t hesitate to take him to PA sometime.  Of course, I had the back of the minivan all done up for him – 2 comforters laid out, a dog bed, chew toy – and the only part of him back there was his tail and as the girls’ say..his caboose.  Sebastian quickly laid down between the two bucket seats where the girls could pet him and didn’t move until we stopped for lunch and a potty break.  The girls loved it!  He has explored every inch of our backyard and home, including checking out our cat, Ginger.  Sebastian pretty much ignors Ginger and Ginger has to put on a show of arching her back and hissing until he passes…she thinks she is Queen.  We are starting to get into a routine with feeding, potty time (No accidents so far!) , and walks.  I know we will get to spend more time outside as the weather cools and it isn’t so miserably hot.  Sebastian is very aware of where I am at all times.  He doesn’t like me out of his sight for too long, but I have seen him relaxing about this just in the last day.  He sleeps all night and has managed to accomplish in just two days what I have been trying for the last several years…the girls are finally cleaning up after themselves because any toy on the floor is fair game to Sebastian, especially stuffed animals/dolls.  We are truly enjoying are new family member and feel we made a great choice!  I think we are going to keep his name, but Brad has decided to call him Seabass – I think Sebastian is a little to ‘fluffy’ for him ๐Ÿ™‚

September 7, 2007 – I feel confident saying that Sebastian has settled in and feels right at home now.  We had a few potty accidents but I didn’t realize how much water he was drinking while the girls were bathing – he feels the need to supervize and participate in bath time…it’s pretty amusing!  No more crying when I leave.  He walks into his kennel, gets his milk bone and then lies down and starts playing with his toys…he knows I’ll be back now.  Sebastian is a vocal boy which makes us laugh.  Whenever someone gets home, he justs ‘talks’ and gives a great welcome.  He still enjoys chasing the cat and goes thru more toys than any dog I’ve known.  I think his mission is to see how quickly he can demolish his chew toys…usually 3-4 days.  I’m not complaining…I’m glad it’s his toys and not the furnit ure ๐Ÿ™‚  Sebastian and I have come to a compromise about where he sleeps.  He can sleep on the couch as long as he waits for me to put his blanket on it, which he knows is right after his last potty run.  He’s on the couch all night and doesn’t bother anyone.  Here are some pictures we took.  Hope you enjoy them!  It feels like Sebastian has been here his whole life and he is a perfect fit for our family.

December 3, 2007 – Just wanted to send you a few pictures from Sebastian’s first birthday yesterday.  He got to wear a hat, eat extra treats and open his presents – even some that came in the mail from Grandma’s house.  I feel sure he is close to 80 pounds by now and is truly living up to his nickname of ‘Big Boy’.  You can also see that even though he chases our cat, Ginger, during the day that at night they are the best of friends.  Hope all is well and I will email again soon.

December 14, 2008 – Just wanted to drop you a few pictures from Sebastian’s 2nd Birthday. He has grown into a handsome, 94 pound, big ‘baby’.  He plays great with the girls and our cat.  We our so blessed to have him as part of our family.


August 11, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Duke!

August 20, 2007 – I am sorry that I have not given you an up-date. My computer was having issues last week. HE IS WONDERFUL!  We still can’t believe that we aren’t dreaming!  The day we adopted him when it was time to go to bed, we took him to his crate. He went in fine, but when we left the room, he began to bark. After a few minutes we decided to let him sleep in the room with us. He slept at the foot of the bed the entire night and never even got up. He has done that since. No accidents in the house. When he met the grandchildren, they just hugged himโ€ฆHe wagged his tail. ..Been that way ever since! He won’t let you out of  his sight. He walks up and puts that big ole head in your lap and just waits for you to love him.  I took him to meet his vet last Monday. Dr. Katz thinks he is between 2 and 3 years old. His heart sounded good. He weighs 89 lbs. We thought Buddy was big! Dr. Katz said he could weigh a few more lbs. We think he is a “Labra-hound” โ€ฆnew breed! With all that skin around his neck, huge feet, and hound-like bark, there was definitely a hound in his genes. He is the sweetest dog we have ever known. We don’t think he ever had “dogie- toys”, but he has learned.

We couldn’t be happier with him. You guys picked a good one for us! We love him.

February 5, 2010 – Duke is great! We have had some really sweet dogs in our life, but Duke is the absolute sweetest one we have ever had. Had you known our first Lab “Bailey” you would know how complimentary that is. We lovingly call him a labra-hound. I think he may be more hound than lab—a really unique breed. Gary likes him because, like him self, Duke is so laid back. He always introduces Duke as “John Wayne but his friends call him Duke.”

In November 2008, our daughter ask Gary to transport a Golden from Birmingham to Atlanta and along the way he fell for Lucy. Long story short, Duke now has a sister. They make wonderful companions and play together quite a bit. She is a year younger, but he usually lets her rule, or so she thinks. They are exactly the same coloring. They are twins from other mothers.


August 8, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Caleb!

August 10, 2007 – We love Caleb!  He is doing great at our houseโ€ฆ. No accidents, no jumping on or licking the kids, and no chewing (I thought ALL labs chewed!).  He has definitely found his forever home.

 Thank you for helping us get a great pet for our family.  We sent an email with his pix to a bunch of friends, and referenced Labrador Friends.  Hope you get some referral business.

Thanks so much.


July 28, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Brandy!


July 28, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Mocha!

July 30, 2007 – We adopted a chocolate Lab named MOCHA from you on Saturday.  This is just to let you know that she is doing really well.  She is the sweetest, smartest, most loving thing and is working hard to learn the rules of the house.  She doesn’t seem nervous or unhappy (in fact the whole rear half of her is often wagging furiously).  Thanks for your time, and for helping us find this critical new family member.


July 28, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Bali!

July 30, 2007 – Miss Bali is wonderful!  She is such a sweet baby and has a very funny personality.  We went for our first walk yesterday and I will need to work with her a little on her pulling, but besides that she did great.  We are going to the doggie park at lunch today if the weather permits.  She really is adjusting nicely.

October 11, 2007 – I wanted to give you an update on Bali (now Coco). She is my precious baby and brings so much joy to my home. I know you were concerned about her being the only “child”, but she seems to love having all of the attention. I take her to the dog parks regularly and she does not seem interested in the other dogs, only playing ball. I have several friends with dogs and we often get together for cookouts and bring the dogs together to play. Coco does not meet a stranger and loves everyone. Thank you so much for giving her a foster home and allowing me to give her a forever home. We could not be happier!


July 28, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Augustus!

August 9, 2007 – Here are some pictures! Gus is so happy and is doing so well. I am talking with Jen to coordinate a time for his first training session. He continues to gain weight and is the most loving dog ever. We just adore him. On his walk last night, we rounded a corner and there was a small dog on a leash right in our path. I usually try to pull him away from other dogs in the neighborhood until he gets more used to them, but he just walked right up to the little Yorkie and exchanged some sniffs, wagging his tail the whole
time. I was so proud of him!
His new favorite pastime is overturning his toy basket in the living room and playing with all the toys at once! (You can see all the toys in the pictures where he is chewing on his bone!) If I am downstairs in our basement, I can hear him bounding around upstairs in the living room, playing with his toys. It’s hilarious! Thanks again for all your help.

June 17, 2009 – We are coming up on almost 2 years since we adopted Augustus, so I thought I would send you some (somewhat) recent pictures! Gus is doing very well and is the most lovable boy ever. He says hi to Sharon at Towne Lake Animal Hospital every now and then when he goes in. Thanks again for helping us find such a special guy!


July 21, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Ashley!

July 23, 2007 – Hi,  wanted to touch base with you about Ashley (renamed Ellijay).  She is really smart โ€“ only one accident.  Lets us know when she wants out.  She has learned the “come” command and will come to you when called and then stops and sits at your feet.  She loves feet.  She has attached herself to Joe and is his constant shadow. They go for a walk every day. She was off her feed until late yesterday afternoon.  Now she’s fine.  She slept well the first night in her crate but didn’t like the crate last night at all.  Cried until we moved her crate closer to our bed.   Forgot what it was like to have a baby in the house ha-ha.  We think she is part border collie.  Really intelligent.  Today she has been a little more confident and isn’t as clingy.  We are really enjoying her and can’t wait until our first camping trip with her.  The only concern I have is not getting her around kids and people as much as we would like, but we camp on a regular basis so that will help.  We are really glad we decided to adopt her โ€“ she’s a sweety.

October 5, 2007 – We are really enjoying her.  We don’t think she will get very big โ€“ she’s only 25 pounds now and is about 4-1/2 to 5 months old.  She has quite the personality, although a bit stubborn.  She is very smart and has learned most of the things she needs to know with the exception of “come”.  She just looks at you like “who are you anyway?”  She stays close to us and is still a little unsure about new things.  If she gets tired of hanging with you in the yard she just goes and lays on the front porch.  We are taking her camping again this weekend.  She is a great camp dog โ€“ doesn’t bark, etc.


July 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Molly!

July 21, 2007 – Thank you so much for meeting with us last night so that we could meet Molly!  Her microchip has been registered, so we have that taken care of. Molly eased right into the family.  She’s very curious about her surroundings, yet very laid back.  She’s taking her lead from the other dogs, and doing great.  No crying, so no apparent separation anxiety from Maggie (Who?  Smile.).  We are headed out for a walk, now.  We will send pictures and let you know how we are progressing, but I don’t think we could have met a better match. THANK YOU!!!


July 19, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Mickey!

July 21, 2007 – Just wanted to give you a quick update on Mickey.  No pics yet. Will work on that. He seems to be settling in very quickly. He seemed a little down on the ride home Thursday night, but has given us no problems since he got here. We have a crate for him and are getting him used to it. He has become very attached to Abby, my daughter, who is the main one responsible for him. We have enjoyed playing with him and loving on him. Our neighbors have given us permission to use their fenced in back yard until we can get ours fenced. There is also a dog park not far away that we went to last night to give him a chance to run free.  And we’ve had no accidents–he seems to be very well house trained.

Thanks for working with us on this. He is a very special little fellow, and we are loving him. Your organization was the most prompt in responding to our requests of all of the places we contacted, and we really appreciate that. It let me know that you really want your dogs to find good homes as quickly as possible.

September 13, 2007 – He’s doing great. We just had him fixed and microchipped last Friday, so he’s been recuperating, but you wouldn’t know it, because it hasn’t slowed him down any. Abby’s taken some new pictures, so if I can find them, I’ll send them to you.  He’s made friends with some of the dogs in the neighborhood, especially the one next door, Petey, who he plays with all of the time.  There are a couple of other dogs nearby that haven’t had obedience training yet, so we’re planning to go together to a class, soon I hope. He’s developed a shoe fetish, so I have to keep an eye on him :).   Bottom line, we love him to pieces!


July 14, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Bear!


July 14, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Coco!

July 20, 2007 – Hello Lab lovers and caretakers!   Just wanted to send an update on how our Coco #2 (now known as Coco Krispy) is doing after 1 week of being part of our family.  She is just a great dog!  She is so sweet and eager to please all of us. We have an 11 year old lab, Ayla, that has decided that Coco is a keeper.  The way they act, you’d think they’d been together since birth.  One of the ladies at the adoption center told us that Coco doesn’t really like toys, but every night after their eating/walking routine Ayla presents Coco with toys and they proceed to play and tear them up.  They play and play until Ayla gets too tired or I do, and have to put the toys up.  Coco has settled into Ayla’s routine without a hitch or accident.  We are pretty sure she was mainly a hunting dog because whenever we take her outside for play or walking she immediately wants to hunt.  However, she is so well trained that a simple “no” stops her in her tracks and she heals to the call. We’ve started to let her off leash the last couple of nights and she’s been great.  (baby steps though cause that dog can RUN)  We don’t have a fenced yard, but it’s a large yard and she is following Ayla’s lead, and our commands, very well.  I don’t know why we didn’t adopt sooner.  It has given Ayla a new lease on life and brought my husband and I some new joys. We think she’s pretty happy with us too.

 Thanks again for all you do.  We love our Coco!


July 14, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Chica!

August 23, 2007 – Chica is doing great.  She immediately warmed up to our son and considers him her buddy.  They literally play together.  As you will note in the pictures she is in the sand box with him.  She is one of the smartest and athletic dogs I have ever seen.

Thank you for allowing us to adopt her!

August 26, 2008 – Chica is still one of the most athletic and agile dogs we have ever seen.  She never stops amazing, whether she is swimming out to stand on a log in the lake or racing to catch a tennis ball.  She definitely rules the roost here and loves being princess.  She does hate camera though!


July 14, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Fungo!

July 30, 2007 – Just wanted to let you know that Cody and Fungo (now known as Divot) are doing really great.  I’m sorry that we couldn’t keep that name, but it was just too weird.    They are the best of friends already.  There have been no hiccups thus far; knock on wood.  He is scheduled for his neuter in 4 weeks and is more than we could ask for.  What a great little guy. Thanks for all you do.  We will recommend your organization whenever possible.   Have a great day.

Bella Linda

July 14, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Bella Linda!

July 18, 2007 – I just wanted to let you know that Bella is doing great!  She is so sweet.  She has adjusted wonderfully.  She only has had one accident in the house and that was on Saturday.  Otherwise, no problems.  She has been sleeping in her crate at night โ€“ the first night 11:00 to 6:00 but the last 2 nights she has gone in earlier and slept until 6:30.  Her crate is in Claire’s room so she is with someone all night.  Last night we put her in around 10:00 and Claire stayed in her room with the light on reading and Bella went right to sleep.  We are all taking turns walking her and taking her to the dog park so she can run and play.  The girls took her yesterday and she played with two other dogs and loved it.  I took her to Claire’s soccer practice last night and she loved running after the soccer ball.  I don’t think she will be able to go to soccer games until she gets a little more training.  We have talked to Pet Smart about their next training classes.  She just wants to be with us wherever we are.  The only issue we are having is our cats.  But, everyday is getting better.  Our two male cats are adjusting faster and approaching her more.  We have one small female cat that found us up in the mountains and we brought her home.  She was terrified at first, but she is slowing getting better.  All in all, I think we are doing great for just four and half days.   Take care and thanks.


July 12, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, May!


June 30, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Dale!

July 30, 2007 – He made is first trip to Doggie Day Care last week and loved it!  The owner of the facility knows us pretty well and we had prepared her for meeting Mack.  She didn’t have many dogs his first day, so she was able to give him lots of one on one attention and he played with her dog.  He is probably going to go twice this week.  We have pretty well mastered the “come” command and he responds really well when we are out in the yard together.  When we go out to play, we just take his leash to have it near by, but haven’t used it in over a week.

 The funniest thing he has done lately is in the pond.  When we are out in the yard playing or working he will just wonder off to the pond and ease down in the water and swim around.  No toy or stick or anything – just him enjoying the water.  Our terrier still can’t understand why anyone would do that willingly, so she just watches in wonderment.  Once he gets out of the pond, he rolls in the grass and lays in the sun to dry himself off.  We have been amazed at how fast his coat will dry, and surprisingly he does not really smell after being in the pond.  Depending on the amount of grass he has stuck to him, and what other interesting things they might find to roll in, we sometimes wash with the water hose and let him have dinner on the porch while he dries, or once or twice a week, we will just put him in the shower for a “real” bath.  He actually seems to like the water hose and the shower – again the terrier thinks he is crazy!

August 23, 2007 – Just some quick pictures of Mack. We finally caught him “in action” on his dock/ pond diving. Our lack of photography skills really wears him out because he has to jump so many times to actually get him on camera. The pictures in his “house” are taken only at night when he is ready for bed & his kong full of peanut butter…any other time – he is not nearly as happy about going in his house ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy

June 9, 2008 – We were talking about the fact that June 30th will be one year since Mack/ Dale became a Wilson, and I thought I would check in to let you know how we are doing.  We still work on meeting people, but Randall and I have just gotten used to the routine of introducing him and putting him situations routinely where he is exposed to new people, but we can control it….or the most part – if works pretty good.  As you can imagine – he is incredibly spoiled.  He is going to Puppy Day Care twice a week where he is definitely the “teacher’s pet.”  The owners are a fabulous couple that really work with him or at least one the wife does.  She is really great about having him follow all of our rules, but the husband is known as the “treat man” who lets him get all the toys out of the toy box when he is waiting to be picked up in the afternoon and loves to play and wrestle with him.  Mack loves them both and runs to his pet taxi on days he knows he is going to day care.

He has become such a sweet and obedient boy.  He virtually always comes when he is called the first time.  He waits for permission before going through a doorway or before getting in the pond.  He loves a bath and loves being brushed.  He has become my Dad’s farm buddy and routinely gets to ride in the back of the truck across the pasture to the barn.  He just lays in the back of the truck and watches Dad while he is working on fences or tractors or working with the cows. You would really be proud of him.  He is an absolute jewel and we wouldn’t trade him and the world.  I will send you some updated pictures.  Hopefully, this summer we will be able to make a trip over to Atlanta and visit for an adoption day.  Who knows, we may even get another labbie for Mack to have someone his own size to play with ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope all is well with you and the adoptions are going well so far this year.  I try to keep up with the web site and was glad to see Eddie got adopted.

August 5, 2008 – In early 2007 we lost our nine year old Labrador, Annie to cancer. Our family (my husband, our rat terrier, Jasmine, and I) were lost and devastated. I found Labrador Friends of the South (LFS) through an internet search as we began to talk about possibly rescuing a Labrador. Last June, we decided to attend a LFS adoption day in Atlanta. I had been feverously scanning their web site, and had noticed Mack. He didn’t have a foster family and had been kept in a kennel for several months. My husband wasn’t sure we were ready for another lab, so we really weren’t sure that attending the adoption day would result in finding a good match. Our rat terrier, Jasmine attended the adoption day with us. She has pretty discerning taste, and she immediately let us know that some of the labs did not feel right to her – then she met Mack – a 55lb (he was a little thin) Labrador with sweet submissive energy.

Like many rescue dogs, Mack came to us with his own set of issues. He was left in a shed in Atlanta with no food or water for over a week when a landlord found him and contacted LFS. He was obviously abused and while he bonded with us from the very beginning, we soon saw signs of him not trusting people, especially if they tried to approach him. We brought him home to our farm Hartselle, AL where he had 20 acres and a really big pond to explore, but despite the safety and comfort of a forever home, his struggles in meeting people continued. Not willing to give up on him, and with the help of LFS we took him back to Atlanta to meet with Susie Aga, the Atlanta Dog Trainer. We were complete novices in how to deal with a pooch who had not been well socialized. Since that time, we work with him constantly on being comfortable with people he doesn’t know and helping him understand that WE are the alphas and its our job it is to protect the pack. He has come such a long way. In December we took him back to Atlanta to LFS’s Christmas party and fundraiser. Outside of a very rainy and cold December day, we were thrilled at how he trusted us and that he was able to be around a large group of people (we think it helped that everyone smelled like wet dogs)As you can see from the photo, Mack loves the outdoors and would stay in the pond through all seasons, if we would let him. We chose this photo to reflect the calm silent strength and beauty of the Labrador retriever.


June 30, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Kingston!

July 1, 2007 – I just thought I would send an email to let you know how Kingston’s first night went. He is a super sweet dog that wants so much love and he  loves to give kisses constantly. He follows us everywhere and does not want us to go out of his sight. Kingston is a great dog and we could not be happier. I will keep you updated on him. Thanks so much.


June 30, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Simba!

July 5, 2007 – I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that Simba (now known as Reese) is doing really well!  He has been a doll baby and is so smart.  He has learned so many things in the last five days.  He is doing well with is crate training and he knows his name.  We are so happy to have him as a part of our family!  I have attached a few photos so that you can see him in action.  In the one he is laying on the air vent.  He has found every vent in the house and loves to “chill” out!  Thanks again for all of your help.

September 13, 2007 – I wanted to give you a late three month update.  Simba (now Reese) is doing much better.  He was only 5 weeks when we got him and we think that he had been through quite a bit.  We now have a trainer that comes to our home to work with all of us every week.  He is definitely smart, but very strong willed (which is probably why he survived!)   If you remember, Reese was only 5 pounds when we adopted him.  The vet thought that he would be 30 pounds total, because he was so small.  WELL, he is about 15-16 weeks and he is already 33 pounds.  They think that he will be 80-100 when he is done growing!  He is a great dog, and we are glad to have him as part of our family!


June 30, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Beau!

October 10, 2007 – Beau is doing great.  He has adjusted well.  He loves laying around the living room and just being a good old lazy dog and playing with the kids.   He loves long walks during the evenings.  He also is great as a guard dog with his really loud deep bark.  He is a Miller now and we love him to death.  Thanks so much.


June 29, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Skittles!


June 28, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, July!

June 29, 2007 – Miss July is doing great. She is such a pleasure to have around our house. We named her Shelby. Thanks for the contract and I will give you pics of her along the way.

April and June

June 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, April and June!

June 19, 2007 – The girls are doing GREAT, fast asleep right now after dinner and some outside time.  Of course everyone in the neighborhood had to come by and visit so I think it wore them out.  Rob is going to run by the vet tomorrow so we can get them in and on a schedule for shots etc.  I have attached a couple of pictures for you and more will follow.  We just love the girls!


              June 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Hoss!


June 16, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Knox!

June 25, 2007 – We renamed Knox, we call him Sid. He is a doll. I have attached some pictures for you guys. We took him to Lake Lainer last Sunday and he loves swimming and fetching. He is a super dog. Thanks!   Time to go play!

October 23, 2007 – Sid is doing great!  We love him so much.  He has really become a major part of the family.  He loves to go everywhere we do.  We did finally move to a house with a big backyard for Sid to run around in.

Goldie C

June 16, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Goldie C!

June 18, 2007 – It was great meeting you on Saturday. And Goldie – now known as Lainey is doing great. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion!!!  Thanks for putting the picture up on the
website. We sent it to everyone we know!!!

August 6, 2007 – Goldie โ€“ now known as Lainey is doing wonderful. We have had her for almost 2 months now and we couldn’t be happier. She has adjusted quite nicely to us and our house. She loves running in the backyard, giving kisses and hugs!!! She is a great addition to our family. She has already brought so much joy into our lives!  She if full of love and energy. We have actually enrolled her in doggie day care so that she can play with other dogs. You will be happy to know that she was the first dog ever to pass the day care temperament test with flying colors!!!

I think part of her forgets that she is a lab and in such loves water. She now likes it but takes a little coaxing to get her in. But once she does she loves to splash and play. She is definitely a quick learner and has already learned a few tricks. She loves going for long walks and playing “keep away” with us!

December 12, 2009 – Lainey and her brother Jax (adopted 7/26/08) came back to visit at the annual Christmas party.


June 14, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Millie!

June 29, 2007 – Thanks for checking on us.  I will have to attach some pics tonight.  She has settled down a good bit but she is still very energetic.  We trained her on the fence and that helps alot b/c they can take their rough housing outside instead of in my living room!  She has a sweet personality, just wants lots of attention (Mitus isn’t so sure of all that but he is learning).  I have an appointment for next Saturday to meet with one of Susie’s people to help us get some of her manners in check.  She will be starting obedience classes on July 14th down here.  The girls love her and my youngest has gotten over being afraid of all her energy.  I am so glad we decided to give her some time.  Thank you for your understanding when things were so crazy for us!  I sent a friend of mine to your web site.  She is looking for a puppy and has already gone and checked it out.  She is buying a house in a few weeks so after that she may be contacting you.  Thanks again for everything.

Star Y

June 11, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Star Y!


June 2, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Paris!

June 3, 2007 – I just wanted to send you an e-mail and let you know how things are going.  First, I wanted to let you know that we renamed Paris as Shelby.  We also made sure to christen her with an Auburn dog collar!   Shelby has been great so far.  We have been spending a lot of time with her and are amazed at her demeanor and discipline.  There have been no accidents and she seems to love being around us.  She is taking to the crate already actually going to sleep in the middle of the day while Becca and I took a nap.  She definitely likes to talk, especially if we leave the house without her.  We discovered her true bark during our first experiment with the crate.  She definitely knows how to open up the pipes, but she is pretty easy to quiet down.  We also discovered her energy a few times with one of her new toys.  It’s a complete change in personality which was interesting.  A good thing was that she got to spend time with out neighbor’s dog and then carried on for about 30 minutes without a break.  With that said, she crashed as soon as we got home and is still sleeping in the living room.   Its obvious that she has been well loved and trained.  Thank you for that!  She has been a joy to be around and we can’t wait to introduce her to our families.  They are going to be amazed.


May 19, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Jacob!

June 29, 2007 – Jake (formerly known as Jacob) is doing well.  My cat, Angie, finally got over and get used to have Jake around now.  In fact, she scares Jake, and he will not go too close to her any longer.

So, we basically leave Jake and Angie running around the house all alone when we are at work now.  Jake seems to have some allergies (he has been very itchy) and we are getting some medication.  But, besides that, he is doing really well.  He is really a sweet boy.

We will be out of town next week, and for the first time, he will be staying at our regular pet sitter’s house for a week.   We will try to send you some pictures  – – Hope you are doing well.

Ray and Clarissa

May 12, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Ray and Clarissa!

May 17, 2007 – They are doing GREAT!!!!!  We ended up spending time in Atlanta till Monday and got back late Monday.  Traveled real well.  It was so funny Saturday night, I was spending a lot of attention to Abby (Clarissa) and all at once Luke (Ray) came over and laid down a foot or so away.  He seemed really unsettled.  I looked at him and said,” Luke, its OK, you sister is in good hands, relax”.  All at once he lifted his, looked at us, let out a BIG sigh and went to sleep.  It was so funny. It was like a heavy load was removed from his shoulders.  They now respond very well to there new names.  They are healing on walks really good, improving on their Sit, Wait and Leave commands If I (KC) go to any room and no one else is around, they follow me like a shadow and sleep at my feet.  Luke is still whimpering when Abby cannot be seen but if we get him focused on something else, he improves a lot.   They are sleeping on their beds in our room at nights and no problems.  We put them in separate kennels when we are away; near each other and initially Luke would be upset but each time he improves.  It seems to be helping with the separation issue.  Oh, little Rusty has been really good with them and find them chewing bones together.  We even had our daughter bring over her small border/collie/corgie mix.  She can be very active.  Luke at first actually growled at her several times but after a few hours we were able to trust Luke and her and now they run around with each other.   We took them into vet Wed morning for a check up and get heart worm meds.  Dr. said they both seemed in real good health.  Luke’s weight was good but felt Abby could put on a few pounds.  Dr. also checked the micro-chips and found real easy so we will send info to AKC this week.   We will send more info and pictures either this weekend or 1st of next week.   WE LOVE THEM VERY MUCH!


May 12, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Keifer!

May 15, 2007 – Keifer has had a great weekend.  Ebie has become the big sister that shows him what to do.  To reach our backyard they must go down a set of stairs – this was a novel idea to him!!  Also, she leads the way, does her pee stop, and he immediately pees also.  If they go out and she doesn’t pee, neither does he!!  Of course he needs to go more often, so we have learned to watch his habits and have succeeded in only having two accidents – both on ceramic tile and easy to clean up.  We left him on our screened in porch on Sunday morning to attend church.  We gave him a couple of toys and one of the balls that you stuff small treats in.  He was still so tired, he apparently slept the whole time.  We had removed all the cushions to prevent them from being chewed up, but he was just resting.  He learned how to manipulate the ball later that afternoon and had loads of fun.   He certainly loves to chew!!  We have toys that have been well chewed by the two labs before, that were still around.  He has dispatched them to the trash heap in pieces!!  Henry went to the store today and got him a Kong ball.  He also got Ebie a Kong Frisbee.  This afternoon they were in the backyard, each chasing their toys.  Ebie hasn’t quite gotten where she wants to play fully yet, but it is getting close.

We are really loving having him with us.  He has the same loving personality of our lab we lost to cancer, Casey.  He actually will snuggle with you.  I have attached a picture from Sunday afternoon.  We worked in the front yard and the two dogs lay on the porch and watched us – and laughed at the silly humans getting all hot in the sun while they just rested.  We promise to keep on playing with him and keeping him happy.  I’ll share some photos of them playing in the back yard soon.  I didn’t get home early enough today to get to see them and by the time I was home they were too tired for any more games !!

June 11, 2007 – Wanted to update you on Keifer.  He is doing wonderful!!  Within less than 2 weeks, Ebony had begun to play with him, even initiating the play.  Now they are playing all the time — in fact we have to remind them it is bedtime.  It is so wonderful to see Ebony playing again.    Keifer has learned to sit up for his treats.  He hasn’t figured out “shake” yet.  He also likes to sit up to encourage you to come down to his level for a hug – or to scratch his chest.  Henry’s mom takes Keifer and Ebony out every afternoon to play ball.  They each have their own ball to retrieve, and when play time is over, she instructs them to “bring the balls inside.”  Each dog picks up their ball and carries it up the hill and into the house.  We really have been enjoying him so much.  He is such a very sweet doggie and has fit right in with our family.


May 12, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Uno!

May 17, 2007 – Just wanted to send in an update regarding Uno and meโ€ฆ  Life is fabulous! We are loving every minuteโ€ฆ   Uno has adjusted quite nicely to our family and to our home! He sniffed his way around the house, loves his food dish, is very well behaved in the house, hasn’t had an accident in the house yet, and is simply the most loving puppy we could have asked for!!!   He loves to take napsโ€ฆespecially in the bed with youโ€ฆhe loves to be the center of attention and is bound to be in between your feet when you are on the moveโ€ฆand is very playful โ€“ wanting to play tug a war or fetch.  I am incredibly happy with Uno and I can only imagine and assume by his actions that he is quite happy to be here with me too!  Thanks for all that you do and we’ll send another update soon!

June 25, 2007 – I was just writing to inform you that Uno and I are doing wonderfully! Uno has adjusted very well and I feel like we are a match made in heaven! I’m working on some new pictures, but I can’t believe how fast he is growing up…he’s still my puppy though!

Thanks so much for your assistance and for helping match great dogs with great people!


May 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Joe!

July 18, 2007 –  I just wanted you to know that Joe is the best dog I’ve ever met.  I LOVE him!!  He has a million friends in y neighborhood.  All kinds of people take him for walks now.  He’s so charming.

Hope you are well and that the work with Labrador Friends is going great.  Happy summer.

December 15, 2007


May 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Tracker!

May 9, 2007 – Yes things are still going great. He is an absolute love. He loves everybody and wants to lie on your lap at all times. We have taken him for a few long walks and he is good on the leash. He doesn’t seem too interested in running off. I have not taken him off the leash , but he doesn’t really seem to want to take off. He is sleeping with Cooper in his bed. I think sometimes he jumps down in the night because he is hot.  I think we will wait to take him to a trainer to give him a chance to settle in. He doesn’t really seem afraid or even apprehensive about anything. He just looks out at the boats and jet skis with the cutest curiosity on his face. He chased some geese into the water yesterday and seems a little into the squirrels but not too much. I think he is learning to bark from my other dogs. They bark at the boats if they get too close and they always bark when someone comes to the door. He would just sit there quietly the first several times, until he looked over at them and figured he was supposed to bark too. It was hilarious. He has lifted his leg again, so we will keep an eagle eye on him and continue to show him where the doggy run is. I’ve been feeding him more than my other guys because I think he definitely has some filling out to do. And oh yes, we changed his name. Cooper has named him MOOSE. Hopefully he won’t get as big as a real Moose. Ha. We thought it was cute. Thanks again Trish, for giving up Moose. He really is a wonderful addition to our family. We all just look at him and want to squeeze him. He is so soft and sweet.

June 26,2007 – I just wanted to touch base about Moose.  He is doing great.  He loves going on the boat and running on the beach.  He doesn’t quite swim, he just wades in the water.  He doesn’t like it when his feet don’t touch.  He actually jumped in the water after one of our neighbors’ dogs and didn’t realize it was deep, and he started to kind of sink.  We all joke that he is the Labrador that can’t swim.  We are thinking he will gain confidence and maybe swim with our Chocolate lab one day.  Until then he will have to stick to wading into the water from the beach.

He seems very healthy and happy.  He is up to 85 pounds an the vet thinks he should probably get up to 95 when he is all filled out.  He loves everybody and loves to go fro rides in the car.  He actually loves all vehicles.  He even rides in my neighbors Gator which is kind of like a big ATV thing.  He has his special spot on the boat and he would sit in your lap in the car if you let him.  He is probably the most affectionate dog I have ever had.  He is just a big love.  He has found the perfect home.  We wouldn’t trade him for the world.  I will keep you posted on all the latest.  Thank you for everything and all you do.  Your organization is wonderful.  Have a great summer.


May 3, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Minnie!

October 29, 2007 – Maggie Rey (that’s how sometimes people call her) is a very happy dog.  She is such a smart dog, she is also very sweet but has the spirit of a leader.  I think it’s call submissive controller…where she is very submissive with other dogs when she first meet them, but after getting to know them, she is on top of them.  She knows a bunch of dogs and of course everyone knows her. I walk down the street and once in a while someone yells “Hey Maggie!!!” because people around here remember the names of the dogs better than their owner.

Maggie hair is always shining and she hardly sheds.  She has thin short hair.  She can jump really high and right now is into chasing squirrels.  I took her to Stone Mountain Park for a hike around the lake and she was leaping like a deer thought the mountain.  I’m going to do a DNA test (I’m not sure if you heard about this new test) that tells you what breeds the dog has.

We all love Maggie.  Everyone that meets her fall in love with her.  Once in a while she goes to Ray’s house to play. Ray is a 8 months old chocolate Lab. This is what Ray’s mom said about Maggie: “Maggie is very smart… una fiera….en el sentido de todo…she is kind of the perfect dog….strong, independent, sweet, very smart.”

I can write you a book about her and how much she is loved.  Know that she has the best life. She is never alone for too long. I take her everywhere and if I need to do stuff I leave her at a doggie day care for a couple of hours and she plays hard there.

By the way, I did spayed her.  You guys can keep that $100. I will love to see those x-mass cards. I will make a donation by the end of the year.

April 12, 2008 – She is the most elegant, beautiful dog.  And she lives like a princess.


April 29, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Meg!

June 14, 2007 – Maggie (formerly known as Meg) is fine – FULL of energy,  She continues to tire out our other dog Harley.  Maggie is learning many of the rules and follows all the “basic” dog commands – sit, down, heel etc…we are working hard on stay and come.  She is very smart – she knows that when we open the pantry, she may get a treat if she sits and then goes down on command – so now whenever we open the pantry she sits – she lies down (long before we tell her too)!  Thanks for asking.


April 28, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Virgil!

October 10, 2007 – Got your e-mail about Virgil aka Rocket.  He’s doing great and we are enjoying him.  I do not have a digital camera, but am attempting to get my hands on to take a few pictures of Rocket.  When I do, I’ll forward to the e-mail you sent.


April 28, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Jewel!

April 30, 2007 – I cannot tell you how happy we are with Jewel.  She is a real Jewel.  She has been so good.  She does not seem afraid.  She is glued to my hip most of the time, but will just lay at my feet while I am cooking or working.  She walks well on a leash.  She has not jumped on anyone, had any accidents in the house, chewed on anything or done anything less than perfect.  We are so happy to have her.  We will keep you posted!

October 18, 2007 – As you can see from these pictures, she is VERY well loved.  We changed her name to Prissy, which suits her very well.  She only had the  name Jewel from her foster family for a day before we adopted her so we felt OK about changing it.   If we knew what she was a mix of, we would breed more.  She is the perfect dog.  I was not thrilled with the idea of getting a dog, but my boys talked me into it.  God must have known my reservations so he gave me the best possible dog.  She is so sweet and good.  I have become the most attached to her of the whole family.  Everywhere we go, people comment on her beauty and amazing disposition.  Thank you!!!!

Sheba C

April 22, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Sheba C!

April 23, 2007 – I think we are going to name her “Claire”.  Our other 2 labs were Clementine, Clydie, so we thought we would carry on the “CL” thing.   In less than 24 hrs. we all KNOW that she is the right dog for us!  You won’t believe this, but last night she slept on the dog bed in our bedroom, never woke us up.  Chip woke HER up at 5:00am & I took her out to potty, which she did.  Then we came back in & she went right back to her bed & curled up & fell back asleep.  We got up about 7:15 and went to Zach’s room to wake him.  She was so happy to see him!    Her tail never stops wagging.  Then she sat outside the shower door & watched Chip take his shower!   I fed her, she ate it right up, then I took her for a long walk.  She was very good.  She’ll figure out this is her forever home! I will keep you updated.   Thanks again.

May 7, 2007 – We have named her “Chessie Clare” and she clearly responds to her new name.  It definitely suits her, as she is our “southern girl.”  We’ve had her 2 weeks now and not a single accident in the house.  She sleeps through the night and has adjusted to our schedule so well.  It’s obvious that she belonged to someone that spent some time training her.  She is so well behaved and SWEET!  Thanks to your organization, she was saved.  All of us have bonded with her and she has bonded with us.  We already lover her so much!


April 22, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Tre!

May 2, 2007 – Tre is doing well!


April 21, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Quattro!

August 24, 2007 – Lady (formerly known as Quattro) is fantastic!  She is so smart.  Some of her tricks are ๐Ÿ™‚ sit, lay, come, go to bed (crate), release and ๐Ÿ™ open doors.  Maybe a little to smart!
She has stopped the puppy biting and is playing much better with the Erik and Emma.  The kids will lay on her dog bed with her and pretend they are all puppies.  The kids really like when Lady lays on them.  Lady will even grab a bone when playing with Erik and Emma so that she will not bite them.  Lady is a perfect dog for our family!


April 21, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Spenser!

April 23, 2007 –  Update on Murphy (formerly known as Spencer) – he’s a great dog…had one accident inside but we now know the signs and he has been very good about letting  us know when he needs to do his business. He walks well and doesn’t strain at the leash (except for birds and squirrels)…first night went all right..he was a little confused but he slept pretty well…But he’s a loving, smart dog..already starting to understand sit, down, heel, come and responding to his new name.. So all is going well – first thing after we got him yesterday we were at my brother’s in Cumming. He’s great with kids and wasn’t a nuisance while we ate lunch. So we are very happy with him and we think he’s liking his new home.


April 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Prince!

April 27, 2007 – My little mini Moose (formerly known as Prince) is such a sweetie.  He has been getting along great with Scouse.  They play all over each other all the time.  And I mean ALL the time.  Scouse still needs to learn that he is about 5 times the size of his little brother, but he is really gentle with him.

Funny you should mention the hill …. he rolled down the hill (sort of) today.  His older sister, Stoli, was down near the leaves and he just thought he’d pounce down there.  It was a good thing I was close by because he tumbled twice before I caught him.  He’s so cute.

He is definitely a chewer.  So we’ve given him every toy imaginable plus some empty water bottles.  He has only had a few accidents in the house.  I think I need to take him out separately from Scouse since Scouse just plays with him and goes after him when we are outside.  So when Moose gets outside, he immediately runs for cover.  They are such a mess!

I really think he is happy.  He is GREAT at night, never cries in his crate and he just about literally tells us when it is his bedtime.  At 9pm or very close to it, he starts to whimper.  So we either put him in his crate or pick him up and put him on our chest (my favorite thing to do) and he is out for the night.  I’ve never seen anything like it before!

September 11, 2007 – Hello!  My little boy Moose, formerly known as Prince, was neutered and chipped today.  He is doing really well, just a little groggy.  He is the greatest dog and I couldn’t be any luckier to have him. ๐Ÿ™‚

Emmy and Winnie

April 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Emmy and Winnie!


April 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Mulan!


April 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Belle!

April 28, 2007 – Here are some photos of little Buckley (formerly “Belle”).  She is the perfect addition to our little family and we can’t get  enough of her!

Tinkerbell and Sahara

April 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Tinkerbell and Sahara!!

April 24, 2007 – Life is good!  The girls are doing very well. They seemed to settle into their new surroundings quickly. Tinker is definitely the more outgoing for things like that. Sahara (re-named) Abby is the squeaker at night, but it hasn’t lasted longer than 10 minutes. With a few kind words she slips off to sleep too.

it seems the new toys are going down a treat! although, having gone today to petsmart for more, apparently I didn’t have quite enough….
additionally, they have taken a strong liking to my yard shoes, so when we come back indoors they often drag one shoe around to chew on. a small price I am willing to pay to help them fit in.

They are a hoot to watch play. they also hold their own alone too. Tinker gives lots of puppy kisses, while Abby prefers to sit close by, she likes to sit on my foot.

Thanks again for all you do as Labrador Friends of the South!!!

Mommy’s shoes are the best!!!!

December 12, 2009 – Abby and Tinker came back to visit at the annual Christmas party.


April 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Rosebud!

Jake B

April 14, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Jake B!

May 3, 2007 – Jake is great and was right at home the minute he stepped in the car. We got Jake for our 8 year old son, but he and our three year-old have really taken to each other. Jake follows him around step for step and Will walks around hugging Jake saying “I love Jake!” In the morning, when I am in the shower, Will gets Jake up on my bed and they watch cartoons. At night, Jake goes to his bed in John Hardin’s room. But as soon as it is safe – when I am out of the room, Jake gets on the bed with John Hardin to the delight of both! In the morning, I use Jake as an alarm clock for John Hardin; he gets on the bed and licks John Hardin’s face and nips at his feet and legs until John Hardin gets up…makes my job much easier!
Jake enjoys going to carpool with me in the afternoon and I wish I knew what he was thinking as he hangs his head out the window and frantically sniffs the air as we get closer and closer to the kids! He also enjoys going to the kids’ baseball games. He does so well with all the other small children and other people.
Jake has two good friends in the neighborhood. He has regular playdates with Sonny, a labradoodle across the street and Hannah, a yellow lab next door. They run, chase, play tug-of-war and carry on like kids and are so much fun to watch! Then he comes home and does the same thing with the boys in the neighborhood. Plus he runs with me every morning! He is getting plenty of exercise!!
This past weekend, we went to my parents’ who live on a small farm. Jake swam, well waded, in the pond, chased rabbits and birds, and ran all over the pasture. He wasn’t sure what to think about the horses but he learned very, very quick to stay away from the electric fence! He loved the little billy goats and tried to play with them like they were little dogs, but they were feinting goats and when scared or startled they just freeze and fall over so we had to remove Jake! The kids thought that was hilarious!! On the way home, Jake wanted to sit in the lap of a friend who went with us -again, the kids thought that was so funny!
Jake is a great dog and gets along so well with all other dogs and kids. He has fallen right in with our family and has been a great addition. Thank you for helping us find him.


April 9, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Due!

April 27, 2007 – Due (now know as Kiya) is doing well. She has so much fun in our family. Unfortunately she developed some mange but we are treating it. She is definitely a little escape artist and I have to keep my eye on her. But she is housetrained (pretty much) and she is such a quick learner, she has learned how to sit and lay down and come (but she also learned how to run into the bushes and get all muddy!) She is so sweet and we love her so very much. I am including some pics.

Max A

April 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Max A!

April 9, 2007 – As I am sure you heard, we picked up Max on Saturday.  He is the BEST boy!  After all he has been through, he is still the sweetest, funniest boy you could imagine!  We are in love already!  He and our other dog Khloe have had no problems, they are getting along great.  Our oldest female cat let him know she is the boss of the house, so now he makes a huge circle to get around her!  She is such the drama queen! My boys are over the moon!  Max was on my little guy Kade’s “team” for the neighborhood egg hunt yesterday.  They did great.  My oldest has already taken him on a long hike in the woods, and my son was worn out before Max.  My husband can’t wait to take him fishing on the boat!  I am just happy he is such a cuddle bug! So far he likes sleeping on the love seat.  He has his own bed, and is welcome to any other, but that seems to be the place he likes to relax.  Right now he is resting at my feet as I type this.  I will have my son help me download some pictures to send on to you and Trish.

Thank you so much for helping Max and the Sweeneys find each other!  It was meant to be!


April 5, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Chocolate!


March 31, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, India!


March 31, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Agatha!

April 27, 2007 – We are truly blessed to have Agatha (AKA ‘Maggie’) as our pet.  Our whole family adores her, and she has been a wonderful addition to our foursome.  She has wonderful house ‘manners,’ is sweet to all humans, and is warming up to the other dogs in our neighborhood.  I’ve had a one-on-one obedience lesson with a nice teacher from Highland Pet Store (Ian), and his tips have really helped us with the leash and meeting other dogs.  We are really
happy!  I’ll forward a photo to you soon – the only one I have makes her eyes look scary from the flash!
Thanks for all your organization did to bring us together.  Please tell
Elena how well things are working out.


March 31, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Goldilocks!

Duke Y

March 27, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Duke Y!

March 30, 2007 – A quick note. Duke had a fabulous night last night. It turns out he knows some basic commands.  He also was very happy next to Ebony at the foot of the bed last night. He did not wake until 5am which is more than I expected from him! The only small problems we have had is his picking up the kids toys- he cannot distinguish his from theirs โ€“ a learning process. And also, my cat decided to make himself very interesting, by spitting and puffing up his white hair.  So now that pure white “Gary the Cat” has tripled in size every time Duke enters, Duke is enthralled by this new toy!  He gave chase once last night, but not in an ugly way. More like in a”kitty come back” toddler way.  He is just a rather large toddler.  What a hoot!  Gary will learn, and Duke will get bored I predict. They will be fine in a couple of weeks.  Thanks again!  I am working on a way to get some things you may need for your group, that can also promote my business as well.  I will keep you posted.  Good luck on adoption day! I hope every baby finds a home!

Oh! Mission accomplished. Ebony’ s attitude/mood has been raised already. She was tired last night, but a happy girl with a friend. So happy, that she let me bathe her today without a fuss.  She was covered in pollen, so we had to hit the tub!

April 19, 2007 – Duke is doing great, and so is Ebony.  The cat thing has been reduced to playing on both their parts. The cat is enjoying a playmate that pays this much attention at times. Sometimes they stand in a standoff, but then he cows down to the cat! Too funny. The cat is definitely in control. The chewing of kid ‘s toys and other has diminished. As well, it has given my children high motivation to keep their toys picked up and in their room.  He will still grab something, but I have him a chew bone every time he picks something up. I have taught him to bring me a toy whenever I come home, or when he comes in.  He has learned to sit and shake hands immediately on command. He is still a little slow on lay down, just because he does not want to.  He is more relaxed and has always slept through the night. Ebony is very happy. She is old and a bit lazy.  She loves having a youngster to “pre-chew” her chewy bones. She does not like them until they have been worked a little.  He is more that happy to oblige. Thanks for what you do. These dogs are so precious.  They really are man ‘s best friend.

Lucy Y

March 24, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Lucy Y!

March 26, 2007 – Hey there.  Lucy is doing wonderful.  She acts so
comfortable with us and Dash.  Thank you so much for
all of your help and time.


March 24, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Champ!

April 23, 2007 – Went camping this weekend at the beach in SC, Sam had a ball and so did I!


March 21, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Angus!

Buffy and Buster

March 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Buffy and Buster!

April 29, 2007 – Finnigan and Murphy (formerly known as Buster and Buffy) are doing great….  We were at the vet Thursday and Finnigan weighs 25 lbs and Murphy weighs 21 lbs….They are so much fun…..I am so glad that we took both of them…..there is no fussing when they are in the crate at night….and a great playmate to get all their energy out. Jack is getting used to the puppy energy and is like a father hen to them.


March 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Bailey!

March 22, 2007 – They LOVE each other!  He is doing great, they play and take naps all day!   He is behaving very well, and loves to snuggle up with people.  The only thing we are working on is him using the restroom wherever he wants!   It is not a big deal though, he is learning already!   I will take some pictures and send them to you!
Thank you for all your help!

May 16, 2007 – I just wanted to give you all an update on Maggie and Beau (Gaia’s puppies)…well they are great!!  We have started training them both, which can be tricky with two of them!  They love to distract each other, and are inseparable!  They definitely have two very different personalities as well!  Beau is very calm, and would rather chew on a bone or eat ice cubes than bother with anything else.  Maggie on the other hand is all over the place…she is very
nosey and doesn’t like to miss out on anything.  They really balance each other out!  A perfect match!

Thank you again!  I have attached some pictures…the last picture is how they like to sleep in the den…with Maggie’s paw on Beau!!


March 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Armani!

March 19, 2007 – As for Mr. Armani, he is terrific!  He seems to be settling in very well.  He has been to Piedmont Park every day, running around with the other doggies, retrieving his ball, and he even jumped into the lake after a duck!!  He’s a very happy and well behaved puppy.  I attached a pic of him retrieving his favorite toy.  We will definitely keep you guys up to date.  Little Armani is great plugging for Labfriends, as everyone in the park stops us and asks where we found him.  Thanks again to you all for your hard work.


March 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Mimi!

April 30, 2007 – Wanted to let you know that Brandy is Mimi’s name now. We renamed her the second day we had her and she responds to it excellent. She is a great addition to our family. She is so smart, friendly and loveable. She is now 14 weeks old and getting bigger. She high five’s you, can sit, stay, and is doing wonderful on barking when has to go outside. I will send you some pictures soon. Thank you for checking on her and we love her.


March 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Lindsey!

March 26, 2007 – She is doing great!  Our only challenge is keeping her calm when we get home.  She gets so excited to see us.  Other than that, all we have to do is keep petting her to keep her happy and mellow.  You were right… she is a great dog!!!  We feel very lucky!!

Sebastian Y

March 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Sebastian Y!

March 27, 2007 – Did just want to tell you that Sebastian (he’s now called Dudley) is the love of my life!  He is just so sweet and calm and just wants to be loved (and he’s getting a lot of that).


March 15, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Beckham!

March 18, 2007 -Thanks for a copy of the contract and the pic. He’s doing really well. He is such a sweetie. He is still adjusting some though but it will take time. He had two accidents in the house. I think he is embarrassed to poop in the yard. He poops when we take him on walks and we take him outside regularly through the same door but he pooped twice inside. We’re working with him on not jumping up and on getting in to things/chewing (his recent adventure is pulling all of the toilet paper off the roll!) It will just take some time to adjust…we take him on two walks a day to burn off his energy and gave him a tennis ball to play with. I’ll send pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚

September 12, 2007 – He’s great. He is such a sweet, happy boy full of energy. He loves swimming (the first picture is him all wet after swimming) and going to see “all of his friends” at Petsmart ๐Ÿ™‚  He gets along great with other people and other dogs. He has such a sweet disposition.  He has been to the vet twice and is healthy (as you can see from the pics he has plumped up a little bit and is not as skinny!) We have had some problems with him chewing things even
though we try to keep everything out of his reach and give him toys to chew on.  I’m sure that this is from boredom so we have started giving him more daily exercise. I took him to obedience school at petsmart and that helped a little. Part of the problem is also that he has a little separation anxiety when we have to leave him at home- he is so happy and relaxed when I’m with him but he gets anxious when I have to go somewhere and I don’t take him with me (even if it is just for a short time).  He chewed up part of the flooring in our bathroom :/  Any helpful hints??  But I love him so much and know that we can work out these issues.  He is such a cutie…we just crack
up at how big is feet are!  ๐Ÿ™‚


March 12, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Bodie!


March 10, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Topaz!

April 17, 2007 – She is doing great.  She and my other dog, Gus, have learned to play tug-a-war together and wrestle.  My husband and I call them the “Galapagos Labradors” when they really get going.  They enjoy each other a lot.  We go for walks almost every day and she is doing much better with the pulling.  She is very affectionate and will follow me around the house where ever I go.  We have also introduced her to the wonders of the Dog Park and she loves it.  It’s fun to watch her run and play.  Shortly after she arrived to be part of our family, she received a package from her new Grandma in Virginia with a new woobie.  She doesn’t know what to make of it when it squeaks.  It’s funny.

We love having her as part of our pack.  She’s a wonderful addition.

December 7, 2007 – Freya (formerly known as Topaz) is doing GREAT!!  Every day she either lays in the office with me and keeps me company or she is laying in the flower bed in the sun.  It’s the cutest thingโ€ฆ. She does really well at the Dog Park and at Doggie Daycare when she goes.  Everyone loves her.  Several neighbors have got to know her and when they walk past and stop to say hello and get some puppy love.   She did open the latch of the gate one time while chasing a squirrel and got out.  We got her back quickly unharmed and now we have a lock on the gate and she has been micro-chipped.   Other than that, she has been a great dog.  Still pulls a little on the lease when we first head out for a walk, but is really good towards the end.  I think she is learning.

We just made a donation to the organization a few weeks ago.  We got a hand written thank you note!  Impressive!  You are all doing a great job.  If you have dogs in boarding near Decatur, I’d be happy to check on them or take them for a walk.


March 9, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Maggie!

May 2, 2007 – Maggie is doing just fine.  She is such a sweet personality and for the most part mild mannered (it’s hard for me to comprehend why a breeder was going to “put her down” because of the bump on her nose).  She LOVES TO PLAY…her favorite is to run up & down the stairs retrieving tennis balls!  We walk daily and she is doing very well on a leash.  She (and we also) can’t wait until the back yard is fenced in so she can run free out there.  She loves to lay on the deck in the evening and watch the birds on the feeder.  She is a riot in the rain… head up and mouth open to catch all those drops!  We hope to discover her swimming skills at the lake in the near future.   Maggie is a sock thief!  Any sock left on the floor is stolen and sometimes she tries while they are still on your feet (ouch!).  She will give them up without too much fuss if you trade for one of her toys.  At seven months she is now about 50 lbs and still growing.

After nearly two and a half years it is a joy to have a lovable lab back in our lives!  And I do believe that if you asked Maggie if she has found her forever home she would respond with a resounding WOOF!

Cindy Lou Who

March 9, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Cindy Lou Who!

March 11, 2007 – Thanks for your help.  She is doing well and tormenting Petey constantly, but I think he likes the attention.


March 3, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Fargo!

April 16, 2007 – We renamed Fargo, his new name is Sampson. He is a big baby; we had his nails clipped last week and he cried the whole time and after the Vet finished, Sampson raised his paw for a treat. Today he got his shots and didn’t even feel them. He is
current on all his medical stuff for a year. Sampson is probably the
smartest dog I have ever owned, he is picking up commands and tricks all the time. He is a riot!


March 3, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Josh!

May 2, 2007 – Munson (aka Josh) is  AWESOME!!!!! He was very skinny when we got him and has gained some weight and is now about 80 lbs or so and his coat has improved and he is the most beautiful chocolate lab!  He has settled into our home and is the perfect addition to our family. We all absolutely adore Munson and I believe the feeling is mutual. Munson has an awesome disposition, very friendly but also very protective. Munson is still very much a puppy and acts just like my 2 1/2 year old son. They are very much like brothers. They wrestle around with each other, chase each other around the house and play keep away with balls and toys, pick on each other and completely adore each other.  Munson is very amused when it is Sean’s bath time and I have a hard time keeping Munson out of the tub!!!! Munson is completely housebroken and we have has no issues on that front except lately he has developed an affinity for books. I told my husband it is because he likes to read and since he has no thumbs he has no other choice but to turn the pages with his mouth!!!!! Instead of running after work, Munson and I have been running in the morning which has curtailed the mid afternoon reading sessions! The day we adopted Munson we had waited for about an hour of so for him to show up at the adoptions. The moment I saw him jump out of the car when he arrived, I knew he was the perfect fit for our family and have never second guessed that decision. It was hard losing my 15 1/2 year old before we got Munson but it has been wonderful since he has entered our lives.

I wish I had a bigger home so I could rescue another lab. I look at your web site periodically and it makes me really sad to see so many forgotten and abused lab’s. I wish I could give them all a home and the life they all deserve.

Please let me know what I can donate to your organization (what yall need the most). I can not thank you enough for introducing us to Munson.


February 25, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Baby!

February 26, 2007 – We are doing well. She is very, very sweet and loves the attention. We rolled in the grass before bedtime, chased a tennis ball and she had her fill of Kibbles ‘n Bits.  She and I slept out on our screened in porch together last night. No mishaps. We had fixed her a shavings bed and she cuddled right up and slept until 7am when she did her business, and enjoyed breakfast. We will try and put some meat on her bones.


February 22, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Tucker!

Lady Y

February 21, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Lady Y!

April 1, 2007 –  All is well here.  Lady was washed and shaved last Friday and she looks like a Puppy. We did this in anticipation of very hot weather (it promptly turned to 50 degrees!!). She is doing really well and so happy. Got into her own habits almost instantly.  Though we took her upstairs for night time, she decided that the library was her night time spot, so we put one of her beds in there (the other bed is in the kitchen and that is her “day bed”!)

She loves to garden with me and her favorite pastime is chewing on her marrow bones. They are now littering the yard and I have to have a weekly scoop up before lawn mowing. It took her a week before she first barked and scared the … out or me as I was not expecting it.

Regarding food and weight.  I had her weighted 10 days after we adopted her and she had lost nothing.  I think her body was still preserving (in primitive state) in case she did not get “enough”! I will have her weighted again this week and see. She looks trimmer around her belly (not much around the chest). She eats well but is very finicky (how she got so fat is beyond me). She actually refuses to eat the R/d food unless she is fed by hand (will not eat it out of her dish). Of course we give her home made food in the am with raw chicken and she loves that and at night, we are now in a quandary as Hill’s food have been on the recall list. We give her Iam for less active dogs.  The recall is very scary and shows how little control we have over our foods, prepared or not.

Anyway, thanks for asking. She is very sweet, very good on the leash and so loving (and insistent if you don’t give her enough love!!).


February 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Calvin!

May 1, 2007 – We have renamed Calvin – Mr. Bean and he is doing great. He has got a mind of his own and loves to wake up bright and early….. Keeping us on our toes… His last vet visit this past week showed that he is 32 pounds of luvin…..  the cutest little jumping Bean and our other rescue Sahtki has been showing him the ropes.  Thanks  for everything.


February 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Falcon!


February 18, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Finn!

February 20, 2007 – Ira (formerly known as Finn) is doing great.  His first evening with us was a real challenge for him and he passed with flying colors.  My daughter and her husband and their 2 dogs came over for dinner for turkey!  When I have turkey, they all go a little crazy.  Ira was so good with all the dogs and they all liked him.  After dinner, I had 5 dogs in the kitchen giving them each little bits of turkey.  They all just sat there waiting their turn.  It was great.  Ira was the most gentle taking the turkey from me.  What a nice, nice dog.  He doesn’t bother Alice at all except to give her kisses – Bolton too.  He is doing real well with the cats too.  My older, bolder cat did whack him one yesterday because he was following her around, and she didn’t appreciate that too much.  Poor Ira stopped that real fast.  We are so grateful to you and all the volunteers for helping us find this wonderful guy.  We are in love.  Thank you!!!!


February 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Mack!

April 11, 2007 – Mack is a prince of a dog.  Couldn’t ask for more beautiful baby boy.   Perfect as perfect can be.  I love him dearly, as does Honey.  Buddy and Mack get along well too.  The three of them “live” together now as I am selling my townhouse so I can find a home with a backyard to throw Macky the ball on occasion.  He walks really well in the neighborhood and has not met a dog that he does not win over.


February 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Memphis!

February 21, 2007 – Miss Memphis was renamed Madison (After the river in Yellowstone) and she is doing outstanding!!  She does very well on a leash and is doing just as well with the potty training.  She loves her frisbee and tennis ball already and is also very affectionate.  We just got home from a nice walk at Central Park and she is tuckered out. We will keep in touch.  Thanks.

February 25, 2007 – Madison is doing very well!  She is learning her name, continuing to do well with potty training and she started sleeping through the night.  She loves to play fetch already and loves all her toys as well.  We are going to the vet tomorrow for her first visit with us.  She also love her cousin Maggie a Boston terrier and gets along great with the other dogs in the neighborhood that we encounter on our daily walks.  We are so happy we got her and she is such a joy to us!!

“Look at how beautiful I am today!”


February 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Wylie!

February 20, 2007 – He is really doing great.  He has a pretty docile nature.  The boys can run around the house and if he doesn’t want to play, he’ll curl up and watch.  He does have his spirited spurts, though.  We’re working on the crate which he isn’t too keen on but having his own pillow has helped.

We had our vet visit yesterday and he checked out fine and healthy, started heartworm medicine and everything looks just fine.    Thank you so much, we enjoyed our experience with you all and we will keep you posted and send pictures soon.

April 2, 2007 – Wylie is doing really good.  He was a quick study in obedience training.  We just got back from the beach and he likes riding in the car.  He doesn’t really like the water too much, I think he’s more beagle than lab.  He and the boys are getting along great and he’s been a good addition to the family.  He’s really adjusted well.  I don’t have new pictures but we’ll take some this week and I’ll forward them on.

Midnight F

February 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Midnight F!

February 26, 2007 – Midnight is doing great with everyone. She is such a pleasure to have around. Lola, our other dog, and her are just the best of friends. I think as a family we made the best choice, we couldn’t have found a better family pet and companion. We just love her so much, now our family is complete.  Thanks again!!!!!!!


February 17, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Danny!

February 20, 2007 – Hello.  Danny is doing great.  He seems to be adjusting very well to his new home, to us, and to our other dog Buddy.  They love to play together and are both very snuggly.  We haven’t had any tense moments yet, no marking around the house yet, so all seems to be great.  I will email some pictures when I get a chance.  Thanks so much!


February 11, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Maddox!

February 22, 2007 – We loved our long weekend together โ€“ Maddox is doing great and we’ve fallen for him completely!  He’s adapted to his new home with ease and already seems comfortable with the new weekday routine.  We get up early to spend at least 20-30 minutes visiting/playing in the morning and he’s done very well sleeping through most of the night.  He’s got such a good temperament!  For example, we were both amazed with how relaxed and confident he was during our visit to the vet yesterday โ€“ he didn’t even flinch when the doc gave him a shot.

We begin group obedience training this weekend and are excited to begin classes.  As always, don’t hesitate to drop by for a visit as we’d all be happy to see you.

December 10, 2007 – Here are a few shots of our beloved, Maddox.  He’s almost 70lbs now, enjoys a walk (sometimes two) everyday and even gets to play with friends at day care once a week.  Even though he’s full of spirit, he graduated 1st in his obedience class.  He’s doing great and we’re head over heels in love with him!

Charlie Y

February 11, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Charlie Y!

February 12, 2007 – The first afternoon and night went GREAT!!!  On the way home Charlie sat in my lap in the front seat.  He is such a lover boy, all he wants is hugs.  Ashley is sharing the home as long as Charlie continues playing with her.  He loves the back yard, he is slowly starting to play with toys, Ashley is helping him along by bringing Charlie the toy’s so that they both can play with them.  Last night he watched a movie with us.  He is so smart!!  During the night if he had to go out he would claw the bedroom door.  He is eating and drinking just fine.  We are so happy to have him as our new addition to the family.  Thank you Elena.


February 11, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Zack!

February 20, 2007 – Here are some pictures of Zack that we took so far.  We’ve decided to change his name to Shadow and he’s learning it.  He and Rusty are getting along much better now and they’re turning into good playmates.  I can’t wait till it’s warmer and they can run outside!

 He’s not afraid of loud noises at all–he’s so brave.  I thought he’d be frightened by my commercial embroidery machines–especially the noise they make– but he’s not.  He takes a nap under my table a couple times a day.  He’s only had 2 accidents in the house since Sunday–wow!

Pam and her husband did a great job with him!  He’s very good on the leash also.  We’re still working on the crate training.  Thanks again for all of your help!


February 5, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Annabel!

February 26, 2007 – She’s better at Potty training.  Loves to go on long walks.  She can open the basement door and loves to drop her tennis ball down the steps pick it up and open the basement door while still holding on the ball.  She sleeps with either Devon or John and I.  She’s not snoring anymore, thank goodness.  She no longer barks when I go up the stairs to get her from Devon’s room.  Even I thought there was an intruder based on her bark.  She no longer barks when we are eating something so I think she’s figured out that she’s only getting her dog food.  She is trying very hard to open round doorknobs.  She rides pretty well in the car and loves to go with us.  I can’t leave her in the car because she chews on the leather seats and arm rests.  I tried leaving an empty water bottle for her to chew on that.  She loves those!  When she sees you drink from a water bottle, she wants some too.  She’s very cute.  Nice fur too.  I think the cold weather was giving her dandruff.  She’s added so much joy and laughter but  she’s work.  She loves to run down the steps in the morning and run across the sofa!  A definite NO, no!  The other morning we overslept and of course when she jumped on the sofa she couldn’t hold it in and let loose on the sofa.  The cushions are at the dry cleaners, hope they get the stain out!  Now she does it just to defy me!  We’re getting there.  I must remind myself, I AM ALPHA!  But she’s so CUTE! And those puppy dog eyes, I AM ALPHA! Like John says, next week she’ll be on top of the kitchen cabinets, now is the time to tell her No.  But she just wants to see what’s on the counter. I AM ALPHA, She liked my breakfast cereal, I guess the bowl confused her and she thought it was her breakfast.  She’s so quick but she only got one bite I got the rest! One for me.  I forgot that I was ALPHA.  I should have said more than  NO.  She’s so big we can’t carry her much anymore. Maybe the last week.


January 29, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Winter!

April 17, 2007 – Winter is now Aspen.  She is doing wonderful and fitting right in with our family.  My 2 1/2 year old son and Aspen are two peas in a pod!!!!  They have become the best of friends. They roll around in the backyard and he gets into her crate with her,  he is also very possessive about feeding her “I do it”.  The other 2 kids love her as well but are in school full time and cant wait to get home to play ball with her. She has grown quite a bit, when we got her she was 6lbs 7oz and now she is 27 1/2 pounds.  She is just like the kids, gets into trouble.  Your typical puppy.  WE LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!


January 27, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Priscilla!

January 29, 2007 – She is adjusting gradually- after a bit of regression the first day.  She is now eating and drinking again and identifying the places in the house she likes best.  She went to work with Joe today and enjoyed a day in his truck.  We are taking it very slowly to make sure she feels safe here.  She actually wagged her tail for me this morning!

May 3, 2007 – Priscilla is great- she is still very skittish but comfortable here so she knows she is safe. It is unfamiliar places that upset her. I will try to send a recent picture tomorrow.

Max Y

January 27, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Max Y!

February 3, 2007 – Just an update on Max who we adopted last Saturday from Cumming Ga. He’s really unbelievable. He’s adjusted very quickly to his new home. He loves to play and be around people. We’ve been going on long walks and he listens very well. He sleeps all night and there have been no housebreaking issues. It amazes me that someone could have given up a dog who is so well behaved and has obviously been so well taken care of in the past. Well, that’s our gain I guess.

November 12, 2008 – We adopted Max almost two years ago. He is doing well and looking forward to seeing everyone at the party.

Buddy G

January 24, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Buddy G!

March 1, 2007 – I wanted you to know Buddy is doing great, he likes to play with his ropes, and his football. He loves our walks and our nap time. He and I love to lay on the couch together. He is doing so great with the cats/ He has a lot of the same personality that our old dog Jackson has which we had to put to sleep last year when he was 13 years old. Buddy is a mommies boy. But he loves dad when he comes home too. Thank you so much.


January 23, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Vegas!

April 16, 2007 – Vegas is great. Karen did give me grief for not sending pictures, so I’ll send you some this week. They will be strictly of him, though, I can’t seem to teach him the fine points of taking pictures of me. He always seems to leave the lens cap on.


January 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Mona!

February 22, 2007 – We appreciate your care and concern for all of the dogs.  We quickly came to love Mona. It is so endearing each day to watch the girls cuddling with her on the floor or tossing the tennis balls in the back yard or Mona with her head in someone’s lap who is sitting on the couch.  Even Molly has recently tolerated a lick or 2 on the face from Mona.


January 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Dixie!

January 23, 2007 – Dixie is doing great…at least I think she is doing great.  She is definitely not scared of the cat; however, he is a little confused by her.  He mistaken her for Zoey her first night with us, and she jumped up in the air, throwing him for a loop.  He sneaks around the house still, but I can tell that he is not afraid of her which is good.  I’ve left her food out with Zoey’s all day and night, and she has yet to overeat.  We have been jogging around the neighborhood every evening after work, and she is doing great on a leash.  She and Zoey have established a routine for going out to the bathroom in the backyard.  It is very entertaining to watch them run around the yard exploring every shrub, tree, and squirrel repeatedly.  Dixie has learned from Zoey how to jump up on the beds and the sofa and she absolutely loves it.  I think that they must play all day long, because by 9pm they are both tuckered out and sleeping on the bed.  They share each other’s beds, toys, and raw hide bones.  I’ve attached a photo of them hanging out on our bed.  Zoey was chewing on a rawhide bone that Dixie left up there, and Dixie was cuddling up.  She seems as though she has not had a lot of attention with her previous owner, but she gets a lot now.


January 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Carol!

January 24, 2007 – She is doing very well. We have renamed her to “GiGi” for Georgia Girl (long story to that name).  She has been a great addition to our home.


January 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Suri!

February 13, 2007 – You have occasionally asked me for updates on Suri whom we adopted on January  20 this year.  We renamed her Daisy and are enjoying her very much.  She is extremely intelligent and catches on quickly to most things.  She is friendly and good with humans and other dogs ( she’s a bit hit at the bus stop).  Of course there’ s room for improvement since she’s a puppy, but she is a good dog.


January 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Elena!

January 21, 2007 – We are SO glad to get this photo….it is now the screensaver on our laptop!  You can’t imagine how well “Lawson” is doing!!!  She is the DREAM of a dog, and we are all having a love affair with her!  She is our first dog ever, and exactly what we wanted, yet far more than we thought we would actually get.  God truly answered our prayers…..
She is adjusting to her new home beautifully, and has gone only an hour or two without someone’s hand on her loving her.  Even sleep time!  All 3 of my boys slept together with her on the floor, cuddled up with the dog.  She goes with us in the car and loves to ride!   Apparently she was very well taken care of and disciplined.  She has yet to jump on anything, get in the trash, claw the back door or yelp…all the things we expected a new dog to do.  We can’t get enough of her.  We have sat for great lengths of time together as a family just in awe of how much we love her already, and we’ve only had her about 30 hours!
Please enjoy the photos we have taken (we need someone to take one of all of us together) and I’ll keep your e-mail to send more later.  Please tell Tammy how much I am indebted to her for the great counsel, encouragement and patience she gave us yesterday.  She was such a blessing to me and really led me to make a decision I had no idea how to make.  She was right, Lawson and the Boone’s are a match made in heaven!
Thank you so much…..your organization was fabulous to work with!

March 13, 2007 – I wanted to just update you by telling you that “Lawson” is the daughter/sister we never had!  She is a God-send, and we adore this girl.  She has put on about 8 pounds, and has filled out beautifully.  I cook regularly for her because she is more human than she is dog.  Her favorite spot is the captain’s chair in our SUV because she loves to ride everywhere with us.  We take her everywhere except for church! My 3 boys care for her so sweetly, and I often find her snuggled up beside them in their beds, though the only “NONO” I demand.  They constantly break that rule because she loves to cuddle with them.  We just absolutely love this girl, and we thank God that she lost her way so that she could be found by you and us.  I promise to send pictures when I learn how to download from my camera!!  Maybe we’ll bring her by someday at one of your adoption days.

October 10, 2007 – I wish I could tell you I have photos to forward you….we moved a month ago (still in Alpharetta) and lost the cord to our digital camera, so I can’t e-mail photos yet.  We will do our best to work through that because I would love for you to see just how beautiful our Lawson is, and how healthy she is, and most of all, how much she is adored by our family.  My 3 boys are smitted with her, and she has been the most unbelievable gift to our family.  She goes everywhere with us….loves the car, so given that we have a condo in Destin  and a family retreat in the mountains, she has the life!  She loves the mountains, especially, and enjoys chasing the wildlife there! I will give you a more thorough report of her when I can send photos.  In the meantime, just know she is so loved and doted on by all of us, and we couldn’t love her more!  She was definitely the answer to my children’s prayers!


January 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Amber!

March 13, 2007 – She has definitely found the stairs and made herself at home but is very respectable of furniture, toys, etc. and no chewing surprises yet.   For a big athletic dog she is very gentle. I think she has only barked once.  She is also very affectionate and loves her evening walks. Amber has been great around the kids also. She doesn’t especially enjoy riding in the car though.   Her appetite fluctuates from week to week but she has been to vet for a check up and they say everything is fine. Her coat has darkened with better nutrition also. I think she is happy and healthy and we’re glad to have her.  Thank you and everyone at Labrador Friends of the South.


January 20, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Gaia!

January 22, 2007 – Just wanted to let you know we are in love with our new girl — Gabby!!  You really did good!  Our grandchildren are in love too!  One of our granddaughters said she wanted to spend the rest of the weekend with us and sleep in Gabby’s bed..   Gabby is only in the crate when we are away from the house.  She is definitely house-trained.   She is sleeping in a dog bed next to our bed a tonight and she instinctively knew that it was for her.  She is really smart!!  I trust her perfectly to run loose in the house.

Again, thanks for all your help.  You really matched us up perfectly.  She is just what I wanted!!


January 14, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Tonka!

January 17, 2007 – So much has happened since I left. First of all, my name has changed from Tonka to Tebow. I like it so much that I am responding to it. Then, I have a new home, I love it, I love everyone… well, there is only one little furry thing that I am getting used to little by little, I think it is a cat (they call him Pongo and he looks like he did not know about me). I am feeling so comfortable now that I even bark! but not too much. Everything has been great but there was that one experience…. going to the vet! She said I looked great and I need to put on weight which I am eagerly working on. I am eating well! I like the new food but I love the treats! I can smell them from a mile away! Well, I gotta go now, it is time for another walk, then hopefully, we can play a little before bed time.
Thanks for taking good care of me and for recommending me to my new family!

February 17, 2007 – Well, I have been doing great… at least, that’s what my family tells me… and yes, I do feel the same.  We went back to the vet  a few weeks ago and I have put on weight… I am now 54 pounds! I have turned into a beautiful family dog. Not that I was not beautiful before, but now I am more beautiful. See the pictures?? and you know what??? I am not scared of the hair brush any more!!! I actually  enjoy being brushed because I get lots of treats!!! and boy, smelling and looking good is not bad after all!!! and how are we doing with the cat?? Well…. I am still learning how to behave in front of my “brother” (I cannot believe I have to admit it!!), Pongo…. and I promise, Elena, I have made a lot of progress!!!!! Though it has been hard to ignore him when he is around, I do most of the times!!!! However, for some strange reason, he freaks out when we are close by. I have even heard my parents say that the cat is the silly one now, and HE IS!!! Hee, hee, hee!!! Ah! My cool brother, Cristian, and I play baseball!!! … ok, ok, ok, ok, Cristian does! Actually, he’ll start next week and I have been told I am coming too!! I am so looking forward to this baseball season!! Anyhow, I wanted to give an update about my new (not so new now) life and send you the pictures so that you and the lab friends can see how more beautiful I am now. My mom is a teacher, and I stay with her and take naps in the family room while she grades her students’ papers. I am such a good company to her and she is to me!

June 10, 2008 – I have been doing great!! I just wanted to give you another update… I have a sister!!!! Her name is Maya and she is the sweetest sister I could ever have. We went to Pet Smart one day and there she was with a rescue organization, ready to be adopted by another family that ended up not taking her because she was heart worm positive. But my parents decided it was not fair to her!! We took her to our vet to be treated; she is now doing great, and I am having so much fun with her. I have learned so much from her and she has learned so much from me… good… and ok, bad… but not too bad!!! I just like to bark at the dogs that pass by our house…. Maya does it now too!! See? Not too bad!! Though she is not a lab, I just love my sister! Until next time,  Tebow (ex-Tonka)


January 12, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Tina!

January 15, 2007 – We actually renamed Tina โ€“ she is now Brandy and we think she is doing great!  The kids love her and are adjusting pretty well. They each get some one on one time with her.  We have her crate in with us at night and in the kitchen area during the day so she is always in with the group.   I will send pictures soon!   Thanks again!

Maggie May

January 12, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Maggie May!

January 16, 2007 – Our family could never thank you enough for the little bundle of joy you have given us!  Maggie May brings a smile to all or faces, and we can’t imagine our family without her.  We could never say thank you enough!  We will send pictures and updates often!


January 7, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Luna!


January 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Wesley!


January 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Blondie!

January 8, 2007 – We have been calling her Lucy, and even had a tag made with that name and our phone number on it in case she gets away from us.  She is doing great.  A very sweet dog, as you know, and has not barked yet!  She is house broken and has spells where she is good on a leash.  We have not left her alone yet, so we don’t know how she will do in that situation.  We have a large sun room that is all windows, and surrounded by woods and a visiting cat, and Lucy loves that room.  There are always squirrels running around and she would just love to go at one, but we have her on a leash when she is outside until we know she won’t run away.  She sleeps with our youngest, Savanna, who is 12, and is starting to get playful with her toys, although she is still very mellow.  She doesn’t mooch at the dinner table either!  Amazing. Her appetite is not very big yet, but she has a lot of extra fat on her, so we aren’t worried.

October 24, 2007 –  So sorry for the delay in our response about Blondie, now called Lucy.   We have been fooling with a camera trying to get a great shot but haven’t liked the pictures so far.
Lucy is a joy to have around and a member of our family now.  My husband is absolutely crazy about her!  She gets 3 or 4 walks a day and has lost the pudginess that she had when we first adopted her.  She is an extremely friendly dog, loves every person she meets. There are a few funny things about her; she snores like a bear in hibernation when she sleeps, actually snorts/purrs when you pet her head, doesn’t ever bark!
(unless she is talking to you and wagging her tail, then you better take her out quick). She loves chew bones but has not destroyed anything in the house by chewing, we do have to have the garbage can in a cabinet or she gets into it.  She doesn’t jump on people or mooch at the table, how nice!  She does not like other dogs and would love to chase the friendly cat that comes to visit, but we are working on better manners with her and she is slightly better about these things.  She follows me around the house wherever I go, she has to be around people or she gets lonely.
When she is alone, she lays in our sun room and watches the driveway for our car to return.  She is a most beautiful yellow lab and knows how to pose to look really cute when she is in a room with us all.
We are lucky to have such a nice dog, thanks for all you do in your rescue organization.


January 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Tess!

March 8, 2007 – Tess is doing great.  She is very active, has been to a puppy class, and we are anxious to enroll her in big girl training.  She was easy for us to housebreak.  Her active spirit are a bit much for her older sister and our Cat, but they are doing fine together. She is being spayed today, and did just fine in surgery.  Her favorite thing to do is howl at the phone when I am talking (especially on business calls).  Everyone I work with thought I was saying No Shoe, but it was actually No Chew (she was chewing on my arm).  She is losing her puppy teeth, and on her first visit to the vet they concluded that she was likely a few weeks younger then what you had thought (she had not lost any teeth yet at that visit).

I will try to send you some updated photos soon.


January 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Gumbo!

January 10, 2007 – Gumbo is doing great!!   His tail is wagging all the time!  Sat night I got up every 3hours and took him out to go potty.  Sunday I got up every 3-4 hours and Monday he was on his own.  He actually woke me up that night to take him out!   He sits and lies down and even stays most of the time.  I will be working with him on walking with a leash.  He loves stuffed animals and raw hide bones!   I take him with me to pick up the kids and he rides well in the truck.    We play with him outside quite a bit.  Oh, and he doesn’t run away when I go outside (front yard).  He goes with me to get the mail.   He is great when left in the house by himself, usually just sleeps on his bed.

  He is learning all the rules and doing well!  I could not be happier with him!  He is so loved!


January 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Andrea!

January 17, 2007 – Thank you so much for the e-card – very sweet of y’all!  Andrea who is now known as “Sadie” is doing great.  She has a great temperament and is very well behaved and loving.  We took her camping with us to Chattooga River this weekend to spread our doggy’s ashes in the river that past away recently as that was her favorite place – she used to love to swim there and we were wishing she was around so she could teach Sadie how to do it.  So Sadie went with us with our other dog and she stayed right by the campground the whole time and was mesmerized by the sounds of
nature, the roaring waters of the Chattooga and the camp fire – I’m sure she’ll be swimming there by summer – she fell in the water a couple of times but got out as fast as she could – it was so comical!.  We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to make her a member of our family – we are just crazy about her and from the looks of it…I think she’s crazy about us too!


January 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Cody!

January 8, 2007 – He’s doing wonderful.  He’s doing a great job of pottying outside and has been great with the kids and cats.  He’s already suckered us into letting him sleep with us!  J   I’m sure you miss him.  He’s so sweet.   Thanks for all you did for him.

March 28, 2007 – Here’s a recent picture of Cody. He’s sure grown a lot since you saw him! We couldn’t be happier. Thanks!


January 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Patsy!

January 8, 2007 – Just wanted to let you know we that we have adopted Gaia’s light yellow female. She has been renamed Casey Mae, and is adjusting well. My family is in love with her…even our border collie Zoe is coming around. She is a beautiful girl, she’s very active…but tires quickly, and she LOVES to eat! When I get around to getting the pictures online to email family and friends, I’ll be sure to copy you too. Thanks you so much for telling me about her and Lab Friends.


January 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Casey!

January 8, 2007 – Casey is doing great so far!!! We changed his name to Jack and he appears to already know his name quit well.  On Sat when we took him home, he slept for the majority of the day and seemed pretty sad.  But Sat night and all day Sunday he showed a lot of personality and appeared very happy!! Actually he has really been the perfect puppy and we could not be happier.  I am a little concerned about his eating but he does drink water all day.  We have been feeding him Neutra large breed puppy food and the first feeding he ate the whole portion.  But since then he appears to never be hungry.  He will only eats little bits here and thereโ€ฆ.Is there something we are doing wrong?  The only hard part has been at night.  We are kennel training right now and he cries for hours.  It is so hard not to take him out.  Do you know how many days it will take before he get used to the kennel?  Or do you know any tricks to ease the crying?  Thanks for bringing this wonderful puppy into our lives!!!!!!


January 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Prisca!

March 7, 2007 – Hi Sharon!  Oh yes….she’s just wonderful.  We’ve renamed her Savannah (she even has a middle name, “Jo”!).  We have just completed week #5 of an 8 week basic obedience class, and I’m going to sign us up for intermediate obedience/trick class.  So far she sits, lays down, is learning to come when called (and doing very well with that), and shakes hands, gives a high five, and can spin and rewind!  She’s learning “leave it” and we get in a lot of practice with that one since she thinks one of our cats is a play toy! She weighs about 24 pounds now, and is due to be spayed in about a month.

                   The best of friends!


January 6, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Salem!

April 7, 2007 – Hi!   Bear (formerly known as Salem) is doing great.  He is all settled into his new home.  He is being spoiled rotten as the newest baby in the family.  He has gotten all of his shots and and is doing quite well in his puppy training classes which he takes every Sunday.  We have had a few accidents, but Bear is a good baby and he is very smart.  We all love him to death.


January 5, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Fraser!

April 16, 2007 – Murphy (previously known as Frasier) is doing just great. He has adjusted to our family just fine and has become a “second brother” to our boys. He seems to be constantly growing and is already on his second collar with only one notch left. Our next door neighbor has a lab puppy who is the same age as Murphy so they have become best buds. I actually downloaded a bunch of photos this past weekend, so I be able to send you some updated pictures this week.

May 8, 2007 – Here are some pictures of Murphy (formerly known as Fraser).  The first is the photo of our boys who finally have their “2nd brother”.  Here you can see that Murphy has adapted to his beds quite well. He has one upstairs in our bedroom and one in the living room. And here Murphy is being Murphy, just hanging out and enjoying the nice amenities of his new home. Here he is 5 months old and weighs about 25 pounds. The boys can’t keep their hands off of him since he is still very soft and really likes to be touched.  Murphy is about to grow out of his 2nd collar and seems to be getting larger every day. He is a great size for us, as we think he will be between 40-45 pounds full grown. He loves to eat, so we have to watch what falls on the floor between meals. Murphy has learned to walk on a leash quite well and has been on many 2-3 mile walks so far. The only “bad behavior” has been his affinity for shoe laces… he has chewed through 7 or 8 pairs and counting.

Murphy is a very loving and gentle, great with our boys, and plays
well with other dogs. We hope he’ll be with us for a long time to come.


January 1, 2007 – Happy Gotcha Day, Annie!

January 17, 2007 –  We absolutely LOVE our new baby!  Thank you for all that you do, and for allowing us to be Annie’s forever family.  We’ll keep you posted and send updated pics when we have them!!!!

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