New Beginnings 2013

Wendy – Adopted 12/29/2013

Happy Gotcha Day sweet Wendy. Meet Wendy our adorable small lab. She is only 47 pounds and very very cute. She is 1 and 1/2 and right now she is a little unsure and scared but she will come out of...

Jack Frost – Adopted 12/23/2012

Happy New Beginning sweet Jack Frost. The Holiday puppies are here! These 9 week old babies are very sweet but a bit shy. We can't wait to see them blossom in foster homes. This is Jack Frost!...

Gingerbread – Adopted 12/21/2013

Happy Gotcha Day Gingerbread. I will surely miss you but you have found a great family. Sweet little Gingerbread checked out great! Our vet thinks she's about 12 weeks old. She is adorable! This is...

Johnny Cash – Adopted 12/19/2013

Happy Gotcha Day Johnny Cash. Look what a great family you have now! Meet Johnny Cash and sister June. The man in black is wearing white. This sweet 10 week old boy is the brother of June. They were...

ADOPTED 12/16/13 Abby Senior

Happy Gotcha Day Abby! We all know we have a VERY soft spot for seniors and if we had enough foster homes we would take them all! Luckily for Abby, when we found out that Abby has been in boarding...

Tex – Adopted 12/14/2013

Happy Gotcha Day Tex Meet Tex. We called him Tex because the white spot on his chest looks like Texas. Tex is around 9-10 months. He was turned in to animal control sick with Parvo. He was put in...

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