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Bravo – Adopted 7/30/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Bravo!Here is little BRAVO, eight week female pup. Those sweet brown eyes deserve a bravo and a standing ovation for her bravery today. She is a little scared right now but in a couple of days she will be as brave as any other happy puppy. FOSTER UPDATE: We’ve had a big

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Big Cocoa – Adopted 06/15/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Big Cocoa! Meet BIG COCOA! This sweet 14 month old boy is super sweet and has basic obedience training. He is great with other dogs but is large and may knock over small children without meaning to. He is such a sweetie! Great with other dogs.  

Gator – Adopted 06/08/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Gator! Meet Gator. He is a handsome 6 months old lab. He is 110% lab: he loves water and he retrieves beautifully. He is very sweet. He gets along with my female dog but he is more into me than he is into her. We think he would do well as an

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Adonis – Adopted 05/08/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Adonis! MEET ADONIS! This 3-year-old male is super sweet and submissive and HW negative! UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM: Adonis is doing great. He gets along great with his foster sisters and our toddler. He is such a sweet boy. He medium to low energy and a very easy going fella.

Dolly – Adopted 05/02/2014

  Happy Gotcha Day Dolly! MEET DOLLY! Dolly is the other half of the “country pups!” She is a sweet puppy with a stylish blue eye. She is nothing but smiles as you can see! Dolly is around 12 weeks old, social and happy. She loves playing with other dogs, stuffed toys and snuggling.  

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Zoe – Adopted 04/19/2014

Happy Gotcha Day ZOE!! Meet ZOE! Zoe was adopted from us as a puppy about one year ago so she is just over one year old. Unfortunately her family situation has changed and Zoe finds herself looking for a new home. Here is what her mom says about Zoe: She is definitely still a puppy. 

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Sonya – Adopted 04/13/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Sonya! MEET SONYA! This 12 year old girl acts more like she’s half that age! Sonya is beautiful and has also been put on a diet to be in the best health; She already lost a few pounds. Sonya looks like a pure English Lab. Sonya is a very easy dog: she

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A resilient little puppy

Today I went to visit Ms Patty at her foster home. Ms Patty was found by animal control with a broken leg and we were asked to help her. After a consultation with the specialist, it was determined that the fracture was exposed and in a bad place and it would most likely not heal

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Ranger – Adopted 03/27/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Ranger! We are just as happy as you are that you found your forever family!! MEET RANGER! Ranger is a super sweet 1-2 year old boy who is very affectionate! Ranger is the perfect dog. He is great with people and kids, he loves other dogs and he is patient even with

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Chaco – Adopted 03/17/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Chaco! MEET CHACO. Foster Update: Chaco has great disposition and his tail never stops wagging. He seems pretty smart and understands “come” and “no”. He has one of the sweetest longest sighs I’ve ever heard making the cutest noises when dreaming. He takes treats very gently from your hand. He’s great on leash.  Chaco is completely house trained.

Rocco – Adopted 03/01/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Rocco! Meet Rocco. He is very handsome (show level) and he knows it.  He is around 5 years old. He is not high energy and he loves people. Rocco is also BIG, around 100 pounds.  Rocco is a dominant dog, and given his size he is looking for an expert owner. He

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Bashful Puppy – Adopted 02/07/2014

Happy Gotcha Lucky Bashful. You no longer have to be bashful because you have a forever home! Meet Bashful, one of our little male New Years Puppies! These puppies where found by animal control at about two weeks without their mom. We could not let them be out alone in the cold so we took

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