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Trooper – Adopted 1/19/2013

Happy Gotcha Day Trooper.  Enjoy your new home.   Welcome to the land of chocolate labs. This is Mr Trooper. A sweet 2 years old also found roaming all alone. He is a little skinny so he is now on our high calories diet (yummy!). He is just a love bug.   He knows sit.

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Shea – Adopted 1/12/2013

Happy New Beginning Shea. Read on to learn Shea’ story.   Meet Shea, she is 8 weeks old. She is our fun and fearless puppy. She is very playful, loves stuffed toys and balls, but her favorite thing to do is sleep in your lap. We are working on a potty training and she is

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Little – Adopted 1/12/2013

Happy Gotcha Day Little. No more storm drains for you, just a warm comfy house! Meet our new puppy. We call him Little but really he is not little, just young, too young to be running around alone hiding in a storm drain. A good Samaritan rescued him and he is not getting used to

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Sassy Adopted 12/1/2012

Happy Gotcha Day!! Foster Flunkie!! Sassy is a 10-12 months old black lab. She is sweet and loving and a little shy. She is small and will probably not be larger than 40-45 pounds full grown. Sassy will get to your heart the moment you see her. She is just getting adjusted to her foster

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Christmas Puppies: Avalanche Adopted 12/1/2012

Happy Gotcha Day!! Meet Avalanche.  Avalanche along with her 3 other siblings were tossed aside and left to fend for themselves. They wandered into the yard of one of our Labrador Friends of the South Alumni and from then on out have been in good hands. Avalanche will make a great addition to any family that

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Christmas Puppies: Crystal Noel Adopted 12/1/2012

Happy Gotcha Day!! Meet Crystal Noel. Crystal along with her 3 other siblings were tossed aside and left to fend for themselves. They wandered into the yard of one of our Labrador Friends of the South Alumni and from then on out have been in good hands. Crystal and her siblings appear to be pure

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Frankie – Adopted 11/17/12

Happy Gotcha Day! Meet Frankie. He was adopted one year ago from us and he has now being returned because his mom had to move. He is a lab/beagle mix and just taller than a beagle. He is really cute and well behaved. He loves other dogs and people. He was living in an apartment

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Hailey Adopted 11/5/2012

Happy Gotcha Day!! Meet Hailey, a super puppy. She was found south of Atlanta and turned in to us. Hailey is 4 month and 25 pounds so she will be on the small side. She has the cutest ears ever and she is a lot of fun. She is sweet, outgoing and at such a

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Trout Adopted 10/19/2012

Happy Gotcha Day!! Meet Trout. He is a super sweet and wiggly 6 month old boy.  Trout is doing very well in his foster home. He is just a typical young lab: He loves to play with his foster brothers and hanging out with foster parents. He is just a overall happy dog.  

Gold Medal Puppy – Murray Adopted 10/6/2012

 Happy Gotcha Day!! Murray, one of our gold medal puppies, speak a thousand words. He is sweet and very cute. He is 5 months old. Murray is doing great in his foster home. He knows the doggie door and he follows his foster brothers outside. His favorite things to do if run around in the

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Mocha – Adopted 8/25/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Mocha!! Mocha is a 12 week old lab/ Aussie mix who is super sweet and playful. He is smart too, and already knows how to sit! He was found at a highway rest stop. Who could leave this sweet boy?! Mocha would be a great addition to any fun-loving home.

What’s Small, Sugar Free, & Deadly to your Lab?

Yesterday I received some very sad news that prompted me to remind everyone of the dangers hiding in our own home. Most everyone knows not to give chocolate, raisins, or grapes to their pets, but do you know that a common ingredient in sugar free gum can be deadly too?! , a common ingredient in

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Sandy – Adopted 7/24/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Sandy!! Meet Sandy, a 11 weeks old puppy. She was born from a stray dog on Easter Sunday. The person who found her took good care of her until it was time for her to find a  home of her own at which point they asked for our help in finding the

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Harriett – Adopted 7/14/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Harriett!! Update from Harriet’s (Aeryn)Foster Mom: Harriet is the sweetest, most loving dog in the world.  She loves giving kisses, is faster than a cheetah, and can jump higher than a kangaroo.  She loves chasing squirrels, going for runs, and playing with tennis balls.  She knows how to sit, stay, and go

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Custard – Adopted 6/26/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Custard!! Meet Custard.  This lovable 14 week old yellow Labrador puppy is cute, super sweet and gives shy kisses. He loves people, other dogs and life in general. He is very wiggly and incredibly soft. His favorite things to do are playing with four legged foster brother and snuggling with foster dad.   Custard and Bo

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Leo – Adopted 4/28/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Leo!! He never even made it to the website. Antonio, Karen and Brody fell in love with him… Brody and Leo look great together.  He is now called Saban. Leo was in an extremely high kill shelter in Elba, AL. A friend of the shelters is working down there as a police

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