Today I went to visit Ms Patty at her foster home. Ms Patty was found by animal control with a broken leg and we were asked to help her. After a consultation with the specialist, it was determined that the fracture was exposed and in a bad place and it would most likely not heal very well. Dogs do so well on three legs we decided her life would be better with three legs than with a badly healed fracture.  Ms Patty is only 8 months old and she took this new adventure in life with the attitude of young dog we love so much.

Patty collage 1

We are about one week after surgery and she is starting to jump on the couch, go up stairs and even run. Going down the stairs is a little harder but we are almost there.  In only a few days the stitches will come out and she will be even happier.  Ms Patty loves her foster mom and her foster sisters who are taking great care of her.


As I said goodbye Ms Patty was getting ready to go on her daily two miles walk: soon she will be able to walk two miles but for now she is following along in her blue wagon.  She is one happy, resilient little dog indeed!


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