Happy Gotcha Day Abigail!

Meet Abigail

Meet Abigail (and brother Amos – chocolate lab in pictures).  These two are 6 months old brother and sister.  Unfortunately their owner passed away in a car accident.  Abigail must be adopted with Amos or have another young dog to play with.

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Foster Update 6/30/22: They sleep in a 10×10 kennel in our barn at night. I get them out at 6:30 and let them play in the yard 30-40 minutes. Then they come in for breakfast and hang out with everyone else for the day. I take them out every couple hours. If I have to run to town or am doing something at the house where I can’t keep an eye on them they stay in the crate inside. I feed them dinner around 6-7 and they go back to the kennel in the barn around 8:30. We take them to swim in the pond a couple times a week. They are becoming more fond of swimming. We take them on short car rides a couple times a week. They really haven’t been out to the park or anywhere to socialize but do well and are friendly with anyone who comes to our house and our other dogs. They both love treats and will work hard to get them. They love a soft spot to lay. We have a toddler bed they use. Neither are super fond of baths but are getting better. At first they didn’t want to swim when we went to the pond but are liking it more each time. Amos likes to stick close to me in the yard and is pretty laid back. He is also more confident in new situations. While Abigail is more timid in new situation she tends to explore further when we go out so I have to keep a closer eye on her to call her back.  Abigail will chase the cats that run.  She is getting much better at leaving them alone when I call her back and tell her to stop. So with some more work I feel she could be fine.  Abbie is about 32 pounds and Amos weighs around 44. I really don’t feel like either of them have any major issues. They’re just getting a late start on  their training. We have three teenage boys and two nieces ages 2 and 9 that the pups are around daily. They do well with the kids although we have to watch the 2 year old when they are playing since they get a bit rowdy and don’t watch where they’re going during play and will run her over. I can walk them through my goat and chicken pen and they do fine under supervision. Overall they are great pups. Both are very sweet. If we didn’t already have three dogs in the home I’d absolutely keep them. 

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