Happy Gotcha Day Abigail!

Meet ABIGAIL!! This super sweet 12 year old senior gal is looking for her forever home. Miss Abigail ended up at the shelter somehow, and we think she may have previously lived as an outside dog her whole life. She is currently very skinny, so we are working on getting her back up to a healthy weight. When Abigail first got to LFS, she did not care for other dogs at all, but now that she’s been in a foster home, she has become more comfortable and has done well with other dogs. She was likely never socialized with any others before, so now she’s had the chance to learn what other dogs are all about. Abigail is a super sweet dog who enjoys the company of people. She just needs someone to love her for the remainder of her golden years. Will that be you? Keep checking back for more updates on Abigail.  If you interested in adopting or fostering Abigail, please contact us here

FOSTER UPDATE 9/23/16: Abigail sleeps in our room with us at night on her bed.  She loves to go on a walk and we take her quite often. We also have a golf cart and live near a lake so when we go to the lake on our golf cart she hops in immediately and wants to go too.  Of course we take her.  She loves getting treats and when the grand kids come over they love giving them to her. They don’t call her Abigal, they have named her Lucky as they said she is lucky we took her as a foster last Thanksgiving. She is hard of hearing so we need to make sure she sees us and to get her attention.  She is very sweet and likes to sleep a lot.  She loves to have her belly rubbed too and will lay down on the floor and roll over so you can scratch it for her.


FOSTER UPDATE 9/23/16: New photos!
lfs_availabledog_abigail_0923_4 lfs_availabledog_abigail_0923_2

FOSTER UPDATE 4/12/16: Abigail has been with her foster family since December and does great with kids and has been fine with other dogs. She has plumped up and is no longer the skin and bones she was when LFS first saved her. Abigail does have a bit of a hearing problem but does well and can be left in the house alone with no issues. She is looking for a forever home to live out the rest of her golden years! Please consider giving Abigail a home!




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