LFS_AdoptedDog2014_AdeleHappy Gotcha Day Adele!
Adele was adopted by her foster mom this weekend and we are so happy for her as she obviously loves her foster mama!



I’m Adele. You probably already know that I was found in a parking lot withDallas.  I was so thin that you could count my ribs from a distance.  It’s amazing what a few groceries will do!  I look beautiful now. 

Moms (my foster mom) keeps trying to figure out where I came from.  I wish I could tell her, but we all know dogs can’t speak.  She’s figured out a few things from looking me over really good.  I have two scars on my neck where I can’t grow any fur.  She thinks it’s from a collar issue or maybe I was chained up.  They told her I had no teeth in the front of my mouth.  She figured out that I have spent so much time chewing on the bars of my cage that I have worn my front teeth down to the gums and even damaged my canine teeth.  I won’t take any dog chewies or treats from anyone.  But moms figured out that if she puts them down by my head when I’m laying down I’ll take my time chewing it.  I gotta keep working my back teeth to keep them bright and healthy!  But be careful when you’re in the kitchen.  The minute you open the refrigerator door, I’m there.  Good things come out of the refrigerator, especially chicken and cheese, my favorites.

Moms told her friend the other day that I’m not housebroken.  I’m doing my best to figure it out and think I’m making progress.  I guess I’m around 5 years old, so give me time.  I don’t think I’ve lived in an actual house before.  This is a whole new world for me.  I just love to rub my entire body along the corner of the wall cause it feels sooooo good.  It’s great not being cooped up in a cage any more.  I think I’ve had lots of puppies, I just don’t remember how many.   And boy dogs should keep their distance; it takes me a long time to trust them. 

 I’m looking for a very special home.  I don’t like to be left alone.  I want to be with my people.  I’m a professional attention hound and don’t give up easily.  I’ll come over and nudge your hand.  If that doesn’t work I’ll try to climb in your lap.  And if that doesn’t work I’ll roll over on my back and show you my tummy.  How could you resist!  If you find the right spot I’ll close my eyes and melt in to the floor.  Ah, that’s just heaven!

 I’m very loyal and follow moms around everywhere.  She thinks I’m so sweet but I need to find my confidence.  I came from a really bad place and am learning about new things every day.  If you’re looking for a true companion and will spend lots of time with me I’m your girl! 

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM: Adele is still a little shy but slowing she is coming out of her shell. Her and I just got back from a nice walk and she walks really well on the leash.  She is timid but oh so sweet.  My son and his girlfriend came over today and she coward a bit when they first walked in but was okay after they loved on her. So many things have changed in her life in the last few weeks so we are sure she just needs some stability and love and she will soon relax and gain confidence.

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