Meet Antic

Meet Mr Antic is a 3 month old guy who found himself homeless in a rural area. A kind person took him in to keep him safe until he could become an LFS pup. He was a little shy of people at first but warmed up pretty quickly. He loves other dogs! For being so young, he’s doing well with potty training and is adjusting to a crate. Antic is a sweet pup looking for his forever family!

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Foste updater 08/28:Mr. Antic is thriving in just the short time he’s been in his foster home but we would really love to see him in his forever home already! He is a sweet boy and we can totally see why he was a staff favorite at our vet’s office. Being a typical puppy, he of course loves to play with toys, chase balls, and nap in random places. He also likes to sleep on his back, which we think is just adorable  Potty training is going surprisingly well and accidents in the house have been few and far between. And we have to brag that there have been ZERO accidents in his crate. Good boy, Antic! He was hesitant about the staircase at first but he quickly became a pro in no time. Introducing him to walking on a leash was rather comical and we hope any neighbor who happened to catch a glimpse out their window enjoyed some laughs. His 3rd attempt was flawless though and we feel sure he could learn to do just about anything. Don’t miss out on all the fun, puppy milestones! Submit an application today or if you’re already approved to adopt, request an appointment with Antic now. What are you waiting for?!

Foste updater 08/20: The adorable Mr. Antic just went into a foster home last night. He is settling in well so far and soaking up all the attention he can possibly get.  He’s very curious about everything, including the other 3 dogs in his foster home, which are all much larger than him (at least for the moment ). Stay tuned for more updates as we learn about his personality!


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