Happy Gotcha Day Arya!

MEET ARYA!! Arya and Sansa are two precious Stark sisters. Arya is the black pup, and Sansa is the tan pup. Similar to their namesakes in the show (Game of Thrones), these sisters sadly became orphans after their mother was hit by a car and killed. They are about 3.5 to 4 weeks old at the moment, and were still nursing when they were found. We have been bottle feeding them and now have slowly started transitioning the girls to more solid food. Arya and Sansa have stuck together and shown us how strong Stark sisters can be. They won’t be available for adoption until they are about 8 weeks old, but we think they deserve an introduction to the world. Stay tuned for updates as these two adorable kids grow and develop their personalities!

5/18/19 Update:  Arya has had a fun filled weekend visiting her Foster’s Granddaughter & attending a neighborhood goodbye party. She didn’t realize she was not to be the center of attention. She loves activity & people. She knows what she wants. Approaching her 9th birthday week, she has enjoyed her garden tub but is out growing it & will spend more time in her room (crate).  She is demanding CABLE TV & X-Box for her new room!  She continues to “announce” when she wakes up telling us she needs to go out.

Arya Update 05/15/2019: Arya visited her vet yesterday for her 8 week checkup. She was found to be a healthy puppy weighing 6 pounds. She was happy to see her friends and rewarded them with kisses. We spent the rest of the day outside in her puppy enclosure next to me as I gardened and she played with her toys., ate her puppy food and drank water. Although she has blankets in her area she prefers to nap on the grass. We would play ball periodically and she loves to chase me and the ball. She has developed a vocabulary of speech letting us know exactly what she wants. She wins people and dogs over with her sweet, loving personality.

Arya Update  05/06/2019 :She is a 7 week “puff ball” with white “shoes,” white chin  and white chest.  She is very inquisitive and smart puppy who loves attention.  A real zest for live – really loves dog toys and even bones, the bigger the better.  Arya loves being outside in her puppy pen near people.  She is on puppy food and now has no trouble drinking from a bowl.  Arya will sleep thru the night IF she is on her schedule.  She will bark bark if she needs to do her bios.  

She loves to cuddle and nestle near your neck.  She has found our Lab and loves her as much as people – a happy puppy.  She is a real winner and will be a great addition to her “forever home” family.

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