Happy Gotcha Day Bantam!

Meet Bantam

Ms Bantam is 5 years old and wants nothing but your love. We believe she had a little or two of puppies and she is ready to be the only dog in the house. She doesn’t mind being around other dogs but she doesn’t want to play with them and treats them like annoying puppies. Which we can’t fault her for! Puppies can be annoying and make dogs not want to be around playful dogs!!

She’s very goofy and loves giving hugs and snuggling. She’s beautiful and has the staff at the boarding facility wrapped around her paws. She doesn’t have any accidents and doesn’t mind our kennels here but has anxiety when placed in a smaller kennel so she needs a home where she can hang out with her humans and not be crated.

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Update: Miss Bantam updated It’s not too often we see Ms Bantam without a big smile on her face. Today she got to hang out with her calm friends at doggie daycare and was loving it! As long as they don’t try and play with her, she will run around with them and chase a ball.
Bantam is such a happy and well behaved dog. She never has accidents in her kennel and just wants to hang out with people all the time. She’s very good motivated too!
Bantam does have separation anxiety so someone who works from home is right up her alley!
Scoop this girl up! You won’t regret the love she will give you .

Update 3/30/23:  Bantam can’t believe she still hasn’t been adopted! Everyday she sits in boarding hoping and wishing she gets adopted. She loves people and does well with calm dogs but needs to be the only dog in her home so she can relax and get all the love


Foster update 2/28/23: Ms. Bantam is ready to find her forever family!  All she wants to do is be with humans and do everything that you do.  She doesn’t mind being around other dogs and gets excited seeing them, but she’s not down to play with them and prefers to be the only dog in your life.  Bantam doesn’t have any accidents and knows how to sit and give paw.  She has amazing manners and just wants all of your love.  Plus, she is absolutely beautiful.  


Foster update 02/06: Miss Bantam is doing great! She is settling in nicely to her foster home and is extremely friendly with other humans and dogs. She is learning the new schedule and that takes some time.

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