Happy Gotcha Day Bart!

Meet Bart

Bart is about a year and a half old and hoping to find his forever home soon! He loves people of all ages and other dogs. He’s even been around a cat on several occasions and done well.
Bart is an active boy and loves to run around outside and play fetch. He absolutely loves balls and any type of squeaky toy. His favorite toy is a “squawking” rubber chicken that he runs around the house with every single morning like clockwork. Don’t worry, the cuteness and thrill it gives him far outweighs the obnoxious sound .

Bart is completely house trained and has free roam of the house when we are out. He does enjoy sleeping in his crate in our bedroom at night, so we’ve kept that part consistent. Although he’s an active boy in general, he does know how to cuddle up on the couch and relax with you. He’s very sweet and just wants to please.

Does he have a hard time containing his excitement when we come home from an errand or guests visit? Sure, but he’s learning and responds to correction most of the time. He is also very treat motivated, which always helps!

In certain new situations, like an adoption event unfortunately, he can be a little shy or standoffish, but please give him a chance! We promise his personality will shine through in no time!
Come say hello to Bart and the other adoptable LFS pups at the event this coming Saturday!

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