Meet Bart

He is 16 or 17 weeks old. He is Super sweet.  Miss Marge is his momma

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Foster update: We have had Bart several months now and he has been a sponge learning new things. Bart has learned commands like sit, stay, release, go potty and we are working on others. Bart is an active 8 month old who loves to play outside and fetch. He will fetch all day if you let him. Bart is potty trained and has been doing great with free roam in the house while we are not home. Bart is a typical older puppy and can get a little mouthy when excited or if food is involved, but he responds quickly to correction. He gets along great with other dogs and cats. This love bug loves to get in your lap and cuddle. Bart is a really smart dog and picks up on new things really fast. Bart would do best with an active family who likes to take their pup for runs, hikes, long walks and would enjoy tagging along to social activities like hanging out at a brewery, restaurant, etc. Bart just wants to be with you any time he can.

Foster Update: We’ve been fostering Bart for around 2 months now and he is so fun and totally full of personality. He is pretty well behaved, picks up quickly on new commands, and gets excited when he hears treats jingling and phrases like “let’s go outside”. This growing boy is about 6 months old and loves to play outside. We’d say his favorite activity right now is probably fetch. He is still learning to give the ball back to you, but will chase the ball every time you throw it (see video). He absolutely loves squeaky toys and runs around the house flipping them up in the air. When it is time for us to work during the day, he is good about napping entertaining himself with bones or chew toys. Bart loves to go on leash walks around the neighborhood and although he does pull a little, he responds well to correction. He is potty trained and sleeps in a crate in our room at night. He does not like being in the crate when we leave, so we give him free roam of the house while we are gone. He does well and pretty much just looks out the window until we het back. We’ve noticed one of his ears is “flopping” over more so lately while the other ear still stands straight up.  Who knows if they will stay that way long term, but we think it’s pretty darn cute! 

Foster Update: We have had Bart for almost 2 weeks and he has been great thus far. He is a handsome boy with precious ears and tons of personality. Bart absolutely loves to play, which is expected being 4.5 months old. He runs around the house with his favorite toys in his mouth, just squeaking away and it is too cute. He loves playing with balls, sunbathing in the yard, and hanging out with his foster fur siblings. We tried to get him in a kiddie pool over Memorial Day Weekend, but he wasn’t totally sure about it. We’ll give it another try though! Bart has only had a couple accidents in the house, both of which were when he first got here, so we’d say he is basically potty trained. He has learned how to “sit” and will do just about anything for a treat. We work from home so Bart has full range of the house while we work. He does well entertaining himself with toys and chews in between the occasional nap. Bart sleeps in a crate in our bedroom at night without a peep and when morning rolls around he is ready to go. He is also an excellent couch cuddle buddy, just FYI
Come meet him this Saturday at our event at Reformation Brewery in downtown Woodstock! 

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