Dear LFS,
 I wanted to inform you that our Sweet Betsy Belle passed away this past Friday on our way to the vet after becoming ill the night before.We adopted her in 2012 if I remember correctly. She was truly the best dog we have ever owned . When we came and picked her up she IMMEDIATELY gravitated to me for a reason that I didn’t  know until 2017. I started having health issues and was diagnosed with Multiple Schlerosis.  During a 3 week time frame of Neurologists trying to figure out what was going on I was practically bed-ridden 24hrs a day receiving infusions to help counteract the effects of M.S. I was experiencing.  Sweet Belle would not leave my side , Even to go outside to potty. She stayed with me the whole time and would only go outside or eat no matter what unless I did. Betsy Belle came to us for a reason , & I will ALWAYS be thankful for her just being her. She pulled me from some of the darkest days that I have ever experienced in my life to date. My family and myself want to say THANK YOU for doing what you do . LFS helped find Betsy Belle a good life and also helped our family see the light through rough times . I will NEVER be able to thank you for blessing us with such a Good, Loving , & Loyal furbaby as our Sweet Belle ! When the time is right we WILL adopt another from LFS.

               Mathew, Lisa, & Briggs 




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