Happy Gotcha Day Boomer!

Meet Boomer

Mr Boomer just got his freedom ride more info to come soon.  Thanks to transporter.

Foster update on Mr Boomer :To be such a big boy Boomer is one of the sweetest, most gentle dogs I have ever encountered. He has a very relaxed demeanor and is never in a hurry. He enjoys sprawling out in the grass on a warm day, chewing sticks, and being scratched under his chin. He has a few accidents, but he has made great progress in learning to go outside when it is time. He also enjoys sleeping under a big ceiling fan. He waits patiently for his meals and treats. A true gentleman. Boomer likes to give kisses and wrestle with Snoopy. He is not aggressive in the least bit. He would be perfect for someone look for a loving, low maintenance member of the family.

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