Happy Gotcha Day Brownie!

Meet Brownie

Mr Brownie is the darker chocolate and he just had his freedom ride, with his siblings.  They estimate he is about 8 months old.
Thanks to his transporter today for giving them a ride to the vet.  All 4 are Owner surrenders. 

Foster update 05/14/22 Mr Brownie has really come out of his shell. He enjoys being around people now and allows us to pet him. He is currently learning to sit. He enjoys being with other dogs. He is very curious about cats. He is mainly housebroken with very few accidents and he sleeps through the night without getting into trouble and also doesn’t get into trouble when left free when we leave the house. He is very very gentle with little and old dogs. He is a wonderful dog and we are so happy to see him blossom and be happy.

Update:Brownie is adjusting to being in our home but given that he came from a hoarding situation he is still learning to trust people and feels most comfortable with the other dogs in our home. He is fearful of people but not at all aggressive. He will need a very patient and understanding adopter and a calm home with at least one other dog to make him feel secure and show him the ropes. He gets spooked by any and all sudden movements and is even fearful of being petted at this time. He does well because we have a large fenced in yard and he would probably do best in a home with a fenced in yard so he can go outside without someone having to put a leash on him constantly. He now feels comfortable at night sleeping in the floor of our bedroom in his own bed. He sometimes peeps over the side of our bed but doesn’t feel comfortable sleeping in the big bed with us right now. He has not had any accidents and is very well behaved just very very shy. He knows how to ask to go outside and politely knocks on the door when he wants to come back inside. He is patient and gentle with our senior, special needs dachshund , and plays well without aggression with the two other young dogs in the home. We are continuing to earn his trust and look forward to watching him continue to blossom. 

Update: Mr Brownie gets little zoomies and it’s the cutest thing! We know there is a goofy dog in there! He loves other dogs and must have one in the home. He will follow that dogs lead everywhere.

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