Happy Gotcha Day Buckaroo!

Meet Buckaroo

Introducing Buckaroo! He recently got his freedom ride from the shelter where we were told he was a staff favorite.️ He’s estimated to be around 4 months old and just as cute as he can be! The volunteers that transported him reported that he did well in the car and enjoyed looking out the window. It doesn’t appear that he has had much experience walking on a leash and could use some work on manners in general, such as not jumping up on new people. Just like a typical Lab, he is very food motivated and eager to please, so we feel sure he would respond well to some basic training. Overall he is just a happy, energetic pup that is looking for family to call his own. Can you find it in your heart to give Buckaroo the happily ever after he deserves? Stay tuned as we learn more about this sweet boy.
Foster    Adopt

Mr Buckaroo just went into a foster home.  More Foster updates on the little guy coming soon.

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