Happy Gotcha Day Cain!

Meet Cain

Cain is a sweet, sweet boy and estimated to be around 3 years old.  He’s been in a foster home for about 3 weeks and we are excited to share with you what we’ve learned about him thus far!  Cain has a very loving personality and wants nothing more than to lay around with you, especially if you’re scratching his head. Cain is pretty easy going, but will occasionally get a spurt of energy in the yard and run around with his foster (fur) brothers and sisters.

He is very dog and people friendly!  For the most part, he just wants to be by your side and soak up as much attention as possible. While he did have a few accidents in the house at the beginning, he seems to have learned that outside is the appropriate place to potty and he’s been accident free for at least a week now Cain has been around several kids on multiple occasions and has loved them all!  He especially enjoys licking their faces. We really think he would make a great addition to any household.


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