Meet Charlie Brown

Charlie (Charlie Brown because we already had Charlie) is 9 months old weighing 47lbs. His home life has been inconsistent for the last 4 months to no fault of his own. His latest home was very allergic and they tried so hard. Charlie is a very energetic puppy who will need a very active home. He LOVES other dogs so a sibling to rough house with is ideal. Since he has had so much change he struggles with anxiety when left alone. He is potty trained but needs to learn to ask to go potty instead of just running to the door. Stay tuned as we learn more about Charlie.

Update 01/03: Mr. Charlie Brown continues to be the bestest boy and is loving all of the staff and new furry friends he makes at doggie daycare.
We have no idea how this amazing boy hasn’t found his family yet! He loves life so much and is always happy!

Update:  Mr Charlie Brown is doing wonderfully! He’s still waiting for his family and we can’t believe it! He’s such a fun loving dog who is down for any adventure. He could spruce up on his training and would prefer another dog as a playmate. He’s a very active boy! He is looking for his forever home.


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