Happy Gotcha Day!!

Meet Crystal Noel. Crystal along with her 3 other siblings were tossed aside and left to fend for themselves. They wandered into the yard of one of our Labrador Friends of the South Alumni and from then on out have been in good hands.

Crystal and her siblings appear to be pure Labrador. She is medium size compared to her to bigger brothers. She is super sweet and loves to take naps in your lap. Crystal is a chow hound and is having a great time putting on the weight that they all lost while trying to survive.  Crystal has a great demeanor and enjoys play time with her foster brothers, Brody and Saban. She is smart and picks up on things very quickly, like knowing where the treats are.

Crystal is recovering from a minor UTI (urinary tract infection) so she is having to pee a little more than the usual puppy. She is on medication and getting better by the day.

Crystal will make a great addition to any family that completely understands the expectations of raising a puppy.

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