Happy Gotcha Day Cooper!
MEET COOPER! This is Cooper!! Cooper is a handsome gentleman around 7-8 years old. Don’t let the little bit of grey on his face fool you. He’s a very active and healthy boy with a whole lot of life left to live. Cooper was adopted from LFS as a young dog and was a loving, loyal companion to his human for 6 years. Unfortunately, Cooper’s owner passed away after a long battle with cancer, and we made it our mission to find Cooper a forever home where he can find that loving bond again. Cooper loves cuddling, fetching balls, walks, hiking, and swimming. He does best with calmer medium to large dogs, and would do best in a home without small dogs or cats. He and Coco (another adoptable LFS lab) have become best buddies at doggie daycare and would love to be adopted together, though they are not a bonded pair. Cooper is housetrained and crate trained, and he knows a few commands (heel, sit, stay, leave it, etc). He is perfect for anyone looking for a calmer, mature dog that is past the crazy puppy stage.

UPDATE 10/13/19: If you’re looking for a very loyal best friend, Cooper is the one for you! He loves to follow you around wherever you go and will curl up for a nap at your feet, or snuggle on the couch with you when invited. He absolutely loves to swim! He does best with dogs that are around his size and likes dogs with a calm demeanor. He loves everyone at the vet’s office, but he is definitely ready to find his forever home!

Please email Labfriendinfo@gmail.com if you are able to foster this sweet boy, or click
Labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt if you are interested in adopting. Let’s get this guy into another home that will love him just as that special young man did.

Update 05/31/19: He is such a happy loving boy. He is doing great with dogs of all sizes, sometimes puppy energy gets too much for him if they are constantly in his face. He likes to bark at cats, but if you tell him leave it he avoids them and doesn’t mess with them again. He is obsessed with the pool and loves to swim. He would love to have a dog friend to play with but would also love to snuggle on the couch. Cooper knows how to heel, sit and stay. He knows leave it and we are working on down. 



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