My beautiful, bonded pair, Dexter (lab) and Darby (honorary lab!) have left me all too soon, and barely a month apart.  My heart is broken and I’ve been crying for what seems like forever.  I trust they have found one another over the rainbow bridge and are reunited.  Dexter came into my life as a rescue who had been abused.  He was scared of everything and everyone but luckily I had the great fortune to have many wonderful people who helped me help him to come out of his shell.  He was so brave as he learned to dock dive and run an agility course.  He was never as happy as when he was in the water or running as fast as he could.  Dexter was very in tune to my moods and emotions and quickly became my heart and soul.  Darby was born to a feral pack and came into our lives a year later.  As graceful and athletic as Dexter was, Darby was the complete opposite – clumsy and awkward.  Darby had no interest in any activity unless it involved some sort of snack – she excelled at nose work and finding the last piece of hotdog.  But Darby was a clown who made me laugh every day with some antic – small things like falling off the couch while sleeping, waking up startled from her own snoring, or stomping her foot for attention (or more likely a snack).  One thing for sure, Darby and Dexter were inseparable.  Darby completed our pack.  Darby passed very unexpectedly on 2/28.  Dexter, who had survived cancer and was beating IMHA, also passed very unexpectedly on 3/31.  Dexter was never the same after Darby passed – he wasn’t interested in the things he used to love and would just lay and stare into space.  I truly believe he was grieving and needed to be with Darby.  Dexter and Darby will forever be in my heart and though our time together was entirely too short, I’m thankful and blessed for the time we had. 
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