Happy Gotcha Day Dustin!

Meet Dustin

MEET THE STRANGER THINGS LITTER! These adorable babies are about 6 weeks old and were just rescued from a shelter.  There are 4 boys (Eddie, Dustin, and Lucas) and 4 girls (Eleven, Nancy, Robin, and Maxine). They definitely have not had the easiest start to life. It appears that somebody attempted to crop the tails of 5 of them, which have become mildly infected, and they are all riddled with intestinal parasites and fleas. The smallest pup, Maxine, is the runt of the litter and about a quarter of the size of everybody else. She has some evidence of possible hydrocephalus, so we will be watching her closely the next few days. Our veterinary team is working hard to get them all nursed back to health and feeling better. Stay tuned for updates as we learn more! 

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FOSTER UPDATE: on Mr Dustin and Miss Robin These two are smart happy puppies.
With a treat they kennel up and sometimes go there to just to get a treat.
They don’t have accidents in the kennel.
They don’t miss a meal and are happy to play tug a war. They retrieve the ball until one steals it for a game.
They love to play outside.
They are cuddly after a play session. And sleep through the night!!
These two will make a great addition to your family. 

FOSTER UPDATE: Mr Dustin asking everyone to come out and rub my belly. Dustin is a handsome boy. He does not miss a meal and this makes it easy to get him in his Kennel for a treat and a nap after a fun day of running and chasing leaves. He loves to chew on his bone. Look at that cute face!  He is ready to meet his forever family.  

FOSTER UPDATE:  Dustin is a playful, cuddle muffin.  He maybe smaller than his sister but still enjoys chasing her around.   Robin is growing taller by the minute.  She is the prankster of the two. She never misses a meal and is happy to sit for a treat. They love to play outside and run through the grass to find a good leaf or stick.
They both love to get in the kennel for an afternoon nap.  They are so smart and can get up and down the front steps to go potty on their own. 
These two are so adorable. They are happy to share their love with everyone.They will make a great addition to any family.


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