Happy Gotcha Day Eddie!

Meet Eddie

MEET THE STRANGER THINGS LITTER! These adorable babies are about 6 weeks old and were just rescued from a shelter.  There are 4 boys (Eddie, Dustin, and Lucas) and 4 girls (Eleven, Nancy, Robin, and Maxine). They definitely have not had the easiest start to life. It appears that somebody attempted to crop the tails of 5 of them, which have become mildly infected, and they are all riddled with intestinal parasites and fleas. The smallest pup, Maxine, is the runt of the litter and about a quarter of the size of everybody else. She has some evidence of possible hydrocephalus, so we will be watching her closely the next few days. Our veterinary team is working hard to get them all nursed back to health and feeling better. Stay tuned for updates as we learn more! 

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Foster update 11/1: Eddie and Eleven have been in a foster home for almost 2 weeks now.  Eddie has the short tail and Eleven has the long tail, which is the quickest way to tell them apart. Or blue collar for Eddie and pink for Eleven.Both puppies are outgoing, sweet, and affectionate so you can’t go wrong with either. Or better yet, consider adopting both because they provide excellent entertainment for each other . As they get older their individual personalities will shine through a lot more but right now we are still learning. We can say that both pups LOVE to eat! So much so that we have to keep coming up with creative ways to slow them down. They are also great nap takers throughout the day like most puppies.  Potty training is going pretty well. They have each had a few accidents, but not nearly what we would have expected for their age.  We are able to take them outside to potty often, so that definitely helps. They don’t mind sleeping in a crate at night and only cry one time in the middle of the night to go out. Once they’ve been out though, they go right back in their crate and sleep until it’s officially time to start the day. They enjoy playing with their much larger fur foster brother and sister (when the big dogs say it is OK, of course). These 2 cuties have been so much fun to have around and needless to say have been a huge hit with our family and friends that have stopped by to meet them. Don’t miss out your chance to adopt one (or more!) of these adorable puppies!! They are part of the “Stranger Things” litter.

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