Mynx at start of transport

Lets talk about “Transporters”. Transporters fill a very important role in any rescue. They are the one who donate their time and cars to pick up and move dogs. They are the ones willing to drop everything to run get a dog who has hours left to live out of animal control. Yes, sometimes you get stuck in traffic but being a transporter probably intense and immediate rewards, and traffic is quickly forgotten. When you are the one giving a dog his “freedom ride” you are also one of the first friendly faces the dogs see. Dogs come out of the shelter all scared and not sure of what to expect. They get in the car, possibly their first or second (after animal control track) car ride… and they sit, and they wait, and they look out of the window… and they slowly realize you are taking them away from the shelter and that this is indeed their freedom ride.


Mynx relaxing as transport goes on

Their start smiling and they start relaxing and they never forget you.  I have done transports where the dog was with me no more than one hour, yet when I met them again they went completely crazy recognizing me. If you have ever been a “freedom ride” driver, you know what I am talking about.

There is a huge network of volunteers around Atlanta and in many states. Some drive a few miles, some drive across state lines. Some can only drive on weekends, or when the kids are in school, or after work. No matter what you can do, even 30 minutes of your time can make a huge difference.  This is job that leaves a mark in your heart and the heart of whoever you are transporting that day.

Have you ever done a rescue transport? A freedom ride? Share our experience and your pictures with us. If you dont and you are interested, just email the closest rescue and offer them your availability. I promise you will never forget it.

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