Happy Gotcha Day Finn!

Meet Finn

He is 7 months old.  He’s crate trained and house broken.  He has normal training at home, like walking, sitting and playing ball. He’s in the tall and lanky giraffe stage  super sweet, excited for attention, he’s very playful putting both paws on floor like he’s gonna jump up and down but he rarely jumps up on anyone.

Foster    Adopt

Foster update on Mr Finn is settling in well to foster. He loves playing with his toys and his foster brothers. He is house trained, and sleeps in his crate at night without a peep. He is kind and loving and is just a big goofy dog who would love a home and family of his own. He is good with kids but is big and goofy so he might accidentally knock a smaller kid (toddler size) over on accident. We took him to a party on Saturday and he met lots of new people and did great and also met some new dog friends that he enjoyed.

Foster update: Mr Finn is loving doggie daycare! He gets along with all dogs and people, never had an accident in his kennel and knows his basic commands! He would love a fairly active home to keep him busy. He loves his ball!

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