Our dear Goldie has been having health problems over these last months which intensified over the last few weeks. Her legs had  become very weak and a few months ago the vet thought she was starting with dementia as she paced about many times though the night all round the downstairs area. This got much worse the last couple of weeks and at times she didn’t seem to quite where she was bless her. With great sadness after consulting the vet on Monday we said goodbye to her today. 

She has been a great joy to us and her sweet nature won over so many people. Cerys was her protector from day one and treated her a bit like a naughty little sister. They were hardly ever apart. 

This is an end of an era for us and we are so grateful for Labfriends of the south giving us the opportunity to have both Cerys from 2007 until 2020 and Goldie from 2020 until today . We loved them both dearly. 


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