Happy Gotcha Day Goofy!

Meet Goofy

Meet Mr Goofy, Miss Daisy, Miss Minnie, Mr Mickey and Miss Donna just got their freedom ride from the shelter to the vet.  They are 3 to 4 months old.  If you all remember Care Bear.  This is Care Bears puppies.  Owner surrendered her months back. Then the owner just now surrendered the pups.  We found their mom a great forever home. Now we have to find her babies an awesome just like their mommy.

Foster    Adopt

Foster update 10/31: Mr Goofy is continuing to grow like a weed and is 95% house trained. The only accidents he has had are when he tried to tell us he needed to go out and we were busy or misunderstood him. He enjoys taking naps in the sun, cuddling his people, and enjoying the company of other dogs. He is one of the most cuddly and affectionate fosters we have had. He definitely needs a home that will allow him to be his affectionate self and he is going to want to sleep in the bed with you at night. Since he is part hound and his nose can get him into trouble we crate him when we aren’t home and he does well. He is great with kids and loves everyone he meets. He is a high energy dude and would love to go on walks/runs with his new person and would also enjoy the dog park or doggie daycare. Even though he gets bigger every day he still sees himself as a lap dog because he just wants to love on his people and his love language is definitely physical touch. He is currently learning to “bay” like a hound and we have thoroughly enjoyed listening to him learn. He has the outgoing lab personality with the perfect mix of hound.

Foster update 10/07: Goofy is growing like a weed and is such a playful, affectionate puppy. He attended his first day of doggie daycare and had a blast. He loves playing with toys and is doing very well with his house training because he is very smart. Goofy plays hard and he crashes hard. He goes in a crate when we have to go places to keep him out of trouble. He likes his crate and even takes his treats in there. He loves all dogs and plays with his foster brothers. He loves people and sleeps in the big bed at night and likes to snuggle. I think he is perfect for someone who is looking for a dog that is going to absolutely lavish them in affection. He is a joy and would likely do well in a family with kids.

Foster update 09/17:  on Mr Goofy has settled into being in a foster home well. He has enjoyed playing with his two foster brothers and all the toys we have. He has even done us a favor and collected all his toys into the bed. He has been a good boy and hasn’t had any accidents. He is a little confused by what cats are but has been gentle with them.

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