Happy Gotcha Day Gus!

Meet Gus

He was found as a stray and a lovely family took him to get vetted.  Now it is time to find his forever home.  Vet estimates him to be a year old.  Loves to play.   Plays to hard for senior dogs.  Thanks to Mark for transporting him in.

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Update: Gus is always smiling and never lets anything get him down! The beetles puppies follow him around all day at doggie daycare and he loves playing with each and every dog .

Update: Gus is doing so much better! He got to enjoy the outdoors today at doggie daycare making all new friends! Gus is ready to find his forever family, but they must know, he needs to be on a special food for life and may have a little wobble in his backend when he walks. He never lets anything he’s been through dull his spirit. He is always smiling, loving and the happiest boy. He truly is special.



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