Happy Gotcha Day Heather! 

MEET HEATHER!! This sweet girl is one of the newest additions to LFS, along with her siblings Chess and Terra. Heather is about 9-10 months old and a sweetheart of a dog. She’s a little shy at first and a little wary of loud noises and sudden movements, but if you give her a chance to cuddle for a few minutes, her outgoing personality quickly starts to shine through! Heather is a happy girl who seems to get along with other dogs so far. She is a medium sized dog at 38.8 lbs, but she may grow just a little bit more. Heather appears to be a smart girl and gets the general idea of some commands like “sit” and “down,” though she could benefit from a refresher in basic obedience. Heather just got to our vet’s office where she will be spayed in the coming days and treated for an ear infection. Stay tuned for more updates as we get her all taken care of and moved to a foster home! 

Foster update 10/06:  Miss Heather is Housebroken and went pretty willingly into the crate this morning. Slept on a dog bed in my  room last night without incident. Very affectionate. Wants to crawl into my lap constantly. She Very sweet.

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