Happy Gotcha Day Hops!

Meet Hops

This adorable guy is appropriately named, as he loves to hop around and play. His ears are also quite bouncy when he gets going! Hops just came in with his brother Ale. Hops has the lighter face in pictures. They are both about 4 months old and will be big boys when full grown. Hops is currently 40lbs and Ale is 37lbs. Both boys are very sweet and seem to be your typical curious puppies. Hops is the more outgoing of the two, and both seem a bit unsure with new situations, but they seem to learn quickly. They both will need some obedience training and some time to understand walking on a leash. They just came in to the rescue so we are working on getting them into foster homes to learn more about their personalities. Stay tuned for updates!

Foster    Adopt

Foster Update: Ale and Hops enjoyed meeting several visitors and the other pups at our adoption event today.  These sweet playful boys are hoping to meet their forever families soon.

FOSTER UPDATE 2/15/23: Mr Hops is doing great. He is sweet, loving, and playful. I truly believe he is happy. He still looks thin, but he has gained 16 pounds since he has been with Lab Friends. Hops has a lot of energy and enjoys running around the backyard. He enjoys playing with Yogi and Mistletoe. Sometimes they have a three way bout worthy of WWF. Hops would really enjoy an active family. He has a ton of love to give and he deserves to be loved in return for the rest of his days.
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