Happy Gotcha Day Jaxon!

Meet Jaxson

Mr Jaxson is a very well mannered 6 year old boy. Sadly his home situation was not ideal for him and his family decided it was best for Jax to surrender him to LFS.  He knows his basic commands and walks amazing on a leash. He is a very big boy at 143lbs so his diet starts today! Until he finds his foster or forever home, Jax will be in doggie daycare daily at his boarding facility to help with his weight loss journey.

Jax is good with other dogs and young children, though with his large size he may unknowingly knock over a very young child. His new owners must realize his weight loss journey is critical to the longevity of his life. Extra weight on Jax makes him at a higher risk for arthritis and shortens life expectancy. In addition, obesity has been associated with numerous other problems in dogs, such as certain tumors, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Jaxon is THRIVING. He loves daycare so much.

Update: Jax might just have the cutest face we’ve ever seen! He is SUCH a well mannered boy and never has an accident in his kennel. He loves all of his friends at doggie daycare. Just like a typical lab…ball and treats are life! He’s still on his weight loss journey and doing wonderfully. 



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