Happy Gotcha Day Jessica!

Meet Jessica

Meet Jessica.  She is part of the Bunny Litter. There are 7 boys and 4 girls born 02/05/2024.  Daddy is a 13 year old full black lab. Stand by while we find out more about them.

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Hi Lab Friends,

Greetings from Camp Carter. 

I’m setting into my new bunk and am having so much fun. 
I made friends with my new camp counselors Max & Ruby. They’re named after bunny rabbits too. But they eat so much they’re like pigs.
Yesterday we had a show for our camp counselors and our foster family and I got to be the Lion King. 
My foster brother and sister give me lots of cuddles. I like being rocked to sleep. I slept for 6 hours in my bunk-crate. It’s cozy.
My foster mom gave me a bath and guess what- my brother Peter was in the tub too! We had fun splashing. But I was the bravest in the water. Peter cried a little bit. 
I’ll send another letter and more pictures. 
Jessica Rabbit 


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