Happy Gotcha Day Jessie!

Meet Jessie

The Dukes of Hazard pups (Bo, Luke, Jessie, and Daisy) had a fun filled weekend exploring their foster mom’s backyard. They enjoyed the warm weather, wrestling in the grass, and romping through the leaves. It was a big weekend for them. To top it off, they each learned to climb up and down stairs. Not bad for 5 weeks old.

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FOSTER UPDATE:  Hi, it’s Jessie from the 2022 Dukes of Hazard litter. It’s been a fun week full of many firsts. I learned that you cannot play outside when it’s cold. I love to play outdoors and wrestle with my siblings, so my foster mom made a place for us to wrestle in doors. I also climbed a full flight of stairs. I was so scared and cried the whole way, but I did it!  I was so proud of myself. I cannot believe I turn 8 wks old next week. That means I’ll be available for adoption. My time with my foster mom has gone by fast, and I’m ready to find my forever home. I continue to do well with my house training, but will need a home with patience. To meet me, please complete an application.


FOSTER UPDATE:  Hi, I’m Jessie from the 2022 Dukes of Hazard litter. I turned 6 wks old this week, and my foster mom says I’ll be available for adoption in two weeks.
I am chocolate brown with beautiful eyes and a patch of white on my chest. My foster mom calls me a little angel but I can be a bit mischievous. I shocked her when I climbed out of my puppy play pen and joined her for a zoom meeting. I love playing outside with my siblings and will do well with a family that had another dog. I’m also doing well with house training. I’m excited to meet my forever family.

FOSTER UPDATE:  Jessie is the cutest little thing. He loves his foster mom and gives her lots of kisses. Jessie’s a cuddle bug and enjoys napping with his siblings. 5 weeks old

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