Happy Gotcha Day King!

MEET MR KING!  He is 2 Years old. Sadly we found out that he was a very strong Heartworm Positive. He got his vetting updated and he just finished his Heartworm treatment.  More info to come soon.

To foster check out https://labradorfriends.com/how-to-foster/
To adopt check out https://labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt/



Updated 09/20/21: King finished his heartworm treatment.  This good boy is  just waiting for his forever home.

Updated 07/27/21: King has made himself at home here. He very sweet, playful, loving, as well as being very handsome. I don’t crate him at all anymore. He sleeps in my room at night and stays with my other two dogs during the day when I am at work. He is ecstatic when I come in the house, whether I have been gone 20 minutes or 8 hours. He enjoyed wrestling with Jenny when she was here before her adoption.  He craves attention from anything with two legs or four. I think he would love to be in a forever home with kids to play with. If not kids, at least an active family that could burn off some of his energy. He is a very good boy.

Watch_King 1

Updated 07/06/21: King is doing great. He is housebroken, knows sit, and his good on the leash. He did escape his crate early on and chew on some of the door frame, but I don’t crate him at all anymore. He is very, very friendly and likes to cuddle. King enjoys curling up at my feet when I sit at the computer.  If he starts to get close to another dog’s food at meal time, of if he seems too curious about what is on the counter, a firm “No” is enough to stop any potential trouble. He sleeps on the floor in my room at night, and was obviously used to sleeping on someone’s bed in his earlier life. He does perk up if there is a siren on tv, or when there were fireworks last night, but he didn’t bark at all.  He is a very good boy.



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