Labrador Friends of the South - Megan AdoptedOur sweet old lady Megan is not doing well. She arrived to us a couple of years ago at the young age of 10 years old. She is now 12.  No dog should be without a permanent home at that age, so her foster parents have decided to officially adopt her. Even if it may be for a short time, Megan officially has a home.. Don’t tell her though as she knew two years ago that she had found the best possible family to spend her golden years with! If you want to know more about Megan’s sad story read below.

UPDATE:  Megan is doing great! She was running around the yard with her foster sisters the other day! Here she is begging for a rawhide 🙂

Meet Lady Megan. She is currently very sad and depressed but we are working on making her smile again. Here is her story: A boarding place where one of our volunteer work, emailed us. First she lost her home of 10 years when her parents lost their house. She was rescued but the rescue had dropped her off for long term boarding. Given that she is Heartworm positive and 10 years old, they had decided to just leave her there and not treat her for Heartworms. She is not only Heartworm positive, but also significantly overweight (which is causing some joint pain) and with some teeth disease. So, she is a mess right now, yet we decided that we could not let her complete the rest of her life in a boarding place without much human interaction. Seniors do not care about playing all day with other dogs, they want a comfy place to hang out. So we asked the other rescue to release her to us. She is a very sweet dog, now just sad and a little depress, understandably so. She is great with cats and did not even move when cats where climbing all over her. Our plan is to slowly make her better to let her enjoy the last few years of her life. Because she is a senior, treatment will take a while, and she will have to do this slower than younger dog. But in a few months she will be done. She will need to be on a diet (Miss Daisy lost more than 20 pounds so we a clearly pros at this). Finally, when she is better, we will extract any teeth that are hurting. Lady Megan as a few hard months ahead of her but we expect that in no time she will be wagging her tail again. We will be start doing some fundraising to help with her expenses and the hunt for a quite foster home for her is already started. We found a wonderful home for Daisy, I know there is the perfect home for Lady Megan as well. Stay posted for updates! Use the donation button if you want to help us raise the money we need for Lady Megan’s treatments.

UPDATE: The moment she got out of boarding Lady Megan started smiling again! She rides well in the car although she is too overweight to be able to get in on her own (the diet has started already!), she loves other dogs, she loves lying down outside in the shade and a soft dog bed. She is finally relaxed and happy and we like to keep our dogs happy.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM:  Megan is doing wonderful in her new foster home! She is slowly losing her extra weight and is loving her arthritis medications; She is now walking around easily and even playing with the other dogs. Megan is super affectionate and will follow us around the house with a big smile on her sweet face. She has had her first Heartworm treatment and is well on her way to enjoying her senior years!  

UPDATE: Megan has successfully completed heartworm treatment and is doing great! Her coat keeps getting softer and shinier thanks to her thyroid medications and new food, and she continues to do well even though we’ve decreased her arthritis medications! (Losing 15 lbs sure helps make walking around easier!) It’s amazing to see her run to the house with the other dogs when before she could barely even get up to go outside. She still has about 15-20 lbs to go but we are making great progress. The only downside to her new-found mobility is that she has started chasing the cat a bit, so she will need a tolerant cat or a dog only home. Megan is ready for her forever home.  

UPDATE:  We are down to 75 lbs!!! Thats 22 lbs of weight loss. She is doing great- running around, going on walks, getting along with everyone, not chasing the cat. Perfect companion for someone who wants a big old couch potato (who can’t get on the couch!).  


Our old lady can still hold her own at the party with our two party crashers Tucker and Buddy.

First Day we picked her up. Overweight and Disheveled but still full of LOVE.

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