Happy Gotcha Day Stark!

MEET LADY STARK.  She is one of the Game of Throne puppies (3 girls and 3 boys).  
Jon Snow, Bronn, Tyrion, Cersei, Arya and Lady Stark are about 9 weeks old.  They are going into foster homes so stay tuned to learn more about them.  🙂


Foster update 08/31/21:

Reasons to Consider Adopting Lady Stark: #1 – Cuddle Buddy
If you are looking for a cuddle buddy then Lady Stark might be just for you. She LOVES to sit in your lap munch on a toy and just chill. Her cuddle schedule typically runs from mid-morning to late afternoon and then evenings after 7:30. Yup she has her own schedule. In between she loves to run and play, oh, and eat too!!

Watch LadyStark play: LadyStark1

Reasons to Consider Adopting Lady Stark: #2 – She’s Quite the Foodie
Little Lady Stark does love her (and everyone else’s) food. She is quite the foodie. Puppy food, treats, Bruster’s ice cream – you name if and she’ll eat it. She is pretty easy to train too. Already she has mastered sit and is making excellent progress on fetch and even started to come when called. She may be small but she has a huge personality.

Reasons to Consider Adopting Lady Stark: #3 – She Loves Everyone

Lady Stark loves everyone and provides an unlimited supply of puppy kisses to all takers. She adores her foster brother (LFS alum Alvin) – as the video shows. She’s never met a stranger. And she has quite the personality – she’s definitely not shy. She’ll play and play till she drops – aka goes into recharge/cuddle mode (see reason to adopt #1). She’ll make a wonderful companion to an active family, a family with children and even a family with a dog or three to play with.

Foster update 07/24/21: 
Lady Stark’s daily checklist:
–          Food?
–          Toys for tug of war?
–          Toys (leaves, sticks, grass that tickles her belly etc.) to chew and jump on?
–          Cuddles?
–          Frolicking in the yard with her foster sister and brother?
–          Food?
–          Treats?
–          Puppy Zoomies (sooo fun to watch)?
–          More cuddle time?
She is a fearless little girl who has mastered stairs (up and down) and is learning ‘sit’. It’s so fun to see how quickly she has adopted the family routine including sleeping in her crate at night with just occasional interruptions. While not completely housebroken, she is well on the way. A furever family who want a cuddly yet adventurous little pup would be perfect.

Foster update 08/09/21:We have a tradition that with each new foster, our first stop is at the pet store where they get to pick out a toy all their own. That toy of course goes with them to their new home. We still get pics of our past fosters with their toy. Here is Lady Stark with her toy – ok toys, she couldn’t decide which one to get so we ended up with both. She loves playing with each one and will jump from one to the other. So cute!!

Foster update 07/24/21: What a fun and entertaining little girl Lady Stark is. She has 2 modes – cuddle and full on puppy (with occasional puppy zoomies mixed in). She loves her foster brother and sister and wants to play all the time – unless she is in cuddle mode. She learned how to navigate stairs on her first day and is now a pro. ‘Lady’ is very smart, food driven, fearless and has an unlimited supply of puppy kisses with a side of puppy breath. She’d fit in with any family but would like another playmate – canine and/or kid(s).


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