Meet Laramie

Meet Miss Laramie on her freedom ride from the shelter to the vet.  She is about 11 months, we will know more soon.  She is very sweet and a ball of energy.  Thank you to transporter Miss Trish for giving her freedom ride today.

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Foster update 07/04 : on Miss Laramie is doing great. She is incredibly sweet. She is housebroken. I do crate her when I go to work, but not at night. She sleeps on a blanket next to my bed. Laramie enjoys snuggling of all kinds, climbing in my lap, and running around the backyard. Her tail wags constantly. she is just a happy, happy girl. She got her stitches removed from getting fixed earlier this week. Like all Labs, Laramie loves attention. Belly rubs are a favorite. She is energetic, but not to an extreme. After a good run around the backyard she will curl up on a cushion in the den and take a snooze. I think an active family would love Laramie. I don’t have kids, but I believe she would love kids and they would love her. Just a great dog!

Update: Miss Laramie is all vetted and heading into foster home soon.  



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